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  1. Posting for the 143d AW UPT hiring board (C-130J in North Kingstown, RI) posted on the jobs board today. Contact me with any questions. GW 143d AW Careers
  2. Short answer: no. Your training and experience points to your ability to successfully complete any training program you start. Longer answer: maybe. The name of the game (stop me if you've heard this one) is seniority and if Southwest is what you're looking for (honestly don't know who is requiring Bus types to attend training) than do everything you can to make you hire date as soon as possible. If that means diverting some real cash and a few days of your time in a simulator then only you can really answer your question. Not a definitive answer I know, but obviously nothing in this industry is. GW Edit: to c-21's point a good buddy in my new hire class went a got his 737 type and hewas hired into the airbus. So my advice: don't overthink it
  3. If this is what they're teaching at AIS now (and I only graduated two years ago) than the AF has completely lost sight of the intent of this course.
  4. Guard Question: Is this course a unit funded school or an ANG funded school? Trying to find the answer to this question while 9+30 ahead of EST is getting somewhat infuriating. Thanks. GW
  5. Better question: Why do tanker toads need log-in pop ups to read this post? GW
  6. F that noise, it's my hearing and vision that I'm purposefully destroying in the defense of this country. If somebody has a problem with that I probably don't want to work for them anyway.... GW
  7. We did a Kangaroo Court last year: Best Party Seen to Date GW
  8. I'm not a Doctor, but I'll take a look... Still not enough info, unless FFDO doesn't mean what I think it means. Stop being coy, spill it and let the collective experience chime in with their opinions. GW
  9. Here's the bitch of it: I'm in the guard.
  10. Where did this AF go? Because that's not the AF I know now... GW
  11. It also gives us something to laugh at after sitting in that stuffy room for 8+ hours and we're trying to remember who the F that second guy after lunch was.
  12. Hydraulic failure? or sleeping pilot(s)/wing walker(s)?
  13. Thread revival/hijack. Does anyone here have any experience using the scheduling output function from GDSS2? I'm looking to import the G2 schedule into a squadron calender on a intranet web page and I'm hopping to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Note: I'm not taking about a simple static HTML page here, I'm looking to keep the information in a database. GW
  14. Sigh. You both had my hopes up for a second, but no luck. The installer gives me an error when I attempt to load. As far as I know there was a software update from Apple a while ago (at least since 08) that for some reason prevents the installer from loading the reader on an Intel Mac. How's that paperless Air Force working out for everyone? GW
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