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  1. DT might think he "negotiated" a decrease in the price, but it coincides conveniently with one of the many scheduled price reductions along the LRIP road to full production...
  2. Been reading through relevant posts, but haven't seen much. What's the word on SUPT -46 drops? I know they were on some lists as early as 2014, but I haven't heard much about them since. How often do they drop, how competitive are the slots, what do pilots DO with a -46 assignment for the near future, etc?
  3. Getting ready for a DITY to UPT, and I've come across several regs over government travel. There's a bit of ambiguity and overlap between them, so I wanted some clarification. Mostly, what's the difference between the JTR and JFTR? Both title pages say "for uniformed servicemembers," even though the JTR also says "and DOD civilian employees." Is there a primary reference that Finance and TMO uses for active duty travel? Are there any other regs you'd recommend skimming through for getting the most $$ out of a DITY? Thanks.
  4. http://www.defensenews.com/articles/pentagon-confirms-trump-hiring-freeze-locks-out-military-civilians Looks like there's the answer. @MC5Wes, how did you hear that it was for 90 days? Those of you who have been in for a few hiring freezes, can we expect it to last exactly as long as they initially say it will? And once the freeze is up, does DoD hire at an accelerated rate to pick up the slack?
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/trump-freezes-hiring-of-federal-workers/2017/01/23/f14d8180-e190-11e6-ba11-63c4b4fb5a63_story.html?tid=pm_politics_pop&utm_term=.576b451a82de He says specifically that the military is exempted from this, but the reach of that exemption isn't clear. Does anybody know how this will affect civilian positions in military units?
  6. I'm heading to UPT in a month, and the fiancée and I just got JOP married so she can join me on the PCS to Columbus before our December wedding. She's a paralegal in the Texas ANG with a bachelor's degree, waiting for an OTS board to commission into active duty. I hope to get an AMC slot after UPT, and C-17s are the top of my dreamsheet. She isn't set on any one AFSC, and we want to maximize our chances of getting stationed together as often as possible. What officer careers are most compatible with rated spouses' assignments? She's considering contracting, maybe LRO. She's more oriented toward political science than engineering, so she isn't interested in MX, engineering, etc. Personnel sounds like the safest bet, but... you know. Hopefully we can find something with a little more job satisfaction. In your experiences, which AFSC "mil-to-pilot" couples have had the least trouble getting stationed together? Which AFSCs need to be avoided? Thanks.
  7. I have a OnePlus 3. Came out June '16.
  8. I live in north Texas near Sheppard AFB, and have had pretty terrible coverage with T-Mobile ever since I graduated and left the family Verizon plan. I'm inclined to go back to Verizon, but I was a little put off by how pricey their mid-level data plans are. ($70/mo for 8GB plus a $20/mo "because we can" fee? Jesus.) My fiancée suggested Sprint because she heard they have a military discount, but discounts don't mean much if I'm dropping calls on a regular basis like I am now. I'd like to have coverage I can count on for my next few assignments, starting with Columbus this spring. Who have you had good and bad experiences with over the last few years, in terms of coverage, cost, and service?
  9. Okay, that's fair. You're right, I shouldn't expect my first choice. Just trying to plan wisely. Sorry for the entitled language. Let me amend my question: I live in Texas where weather isn't an issue when it comes to car buying. Would winter conditions at the average AMC pilot's likely first 3-5 assignments be significant enough to factor in to a decision to buy AWD or 2WD on a new car?
  10. Her car won't last much longer than our engagement, so I want to be ready to replace it if and when we have to. If that's before we're married, fine, if it's a year after we're married, also fine. I'm doing the research now, while her car is still running, so it doesn't have to be a chore for later.
  11. Hi all, I'm headed to UPT in April, and want to buy my fiancée a new car to replace her 2004 Saturn Lemon as soon as it fits the budget. She'll be commissioning when she's out of law school in a year, and I want to give her something that will make her feel good and serve her well over our first few PCS's--probably a middle-of-the-market crossover. I hope to fly C-17s, and as a JAG, it's likely that she'll be stationed at the same bases as me. (The following question is assuming that everything goes according to plan and understands that nothing is guaranteed. Humor me.) She's from Texas, so she isn't experienced with driving in winter weather. (And, well, she isn't the best driver altogether, so I don't expect her to really go out of her way to master it.) So, for the bases we'll probably see over the next 10 years, is AWD a must? An appreciated luxury? A waste of fuel efficiency and maintenance costs? What are your thoughts?
  12. Front page post still shows Luke as the FTU for F-16s--I'm pretty sure that info is outdated (isn't it?), but I'm just an EAD LT and don't know how current the rest of it is. Just figure some of you guys who have more current information can take a look and update that list for folks who come to this sticky and just read that.
  13. Questions about FSA eligibility: I commissioned in May and will be leaving for UPT at Cbus early next year. My girlfriend is in law school at Texas Tech--she's currently a paralegal in the ANG but she's set to contract into ROTC in a couple months, and is going to commission into the JAG Corps through them. We're planning on getting married next year, and since we would still be long-distance but she'd now be my dependent, that brings up the question of FSA. 1) Does the fact that she's contracted at her detachment and therefore "unable to accompany" me while I'm at UPT (and vice-versa) make us eligible for FSA? It seems appropriate, considering we're both doing military training (well... ROTC) and we'll be separated well into my follow-on training in Jan 2019 because of it. 2) Also... This makes me cringe just to ask, but is a UPT-LT/contract-cadet married couple considered by finance to be mil-to-mil? That would change the terms of FSA eligibility, so it's relevant, even if saying it out loud that way is asking to be punched in the d*ck. Thanks.
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