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  1. How convenient you forgot this gem from 2012. "The 1980s, they're now calling to ask for their foreign policy back," Obama said, seeking to paint Romney as out of touch on a key foreign policy issue. Russia annexed Crimea less than two years after this comment.
  2. I know you said “before someone suggests ForeFlight”, but if this is what you’re looking for, ForeFlight makes this incredibly easy. Garmin’s EFB has a logbook too but it’s not as good as ForeFlight’s. If obsolescence is something you’re worried about down the line, just save your logbook as an excel file from time to time. Pretty much all of them allow that to my knowledge. FWIW, I used to use Excel but switched to ForeFlight.
  3. Not sure whether 🤨 or 😂 is the appropriate response to this. It not THAT personal, haha. If you're really curious you can dig through my post history for it. I've discussed it on this site before, just didn't feel like sidetracking the discussion in here since most of it is focused on major airline hiring. Just easier to handle via PM. To those that PM'd, thanks. I'll try and respond shortly.
  4. Anyone here currently at a Regional or have recent experience at one that would be willing to have a conversation through PM? Have a bit of a unique (and personal) situation that I'm curious how the regionals might handle. Thanks!
  5. Absolute gem from our Vice President. Real solid leadership right here. Also, how's the border? And still 3 more years to go, at least...
  6. Freebeacon.com has what appears to be a copy of the original email. Some googling can get you to it pretty easily. I won’t link it here because it has the personal phone number and name of the individual in question listed on it, which is poor form imo, regardless of the potential need for a whistle to be blown. However, that statement from the 3 Star on social media sure sounds a lot like beating around the bush of the fact that most everything in that email is true. Let’s all be honest here, it’s far more likely than not that today’s Air Force is going out of their way to push a social agenda over actual capability.
  7. The only benefit of Twitter is that it is an absolute gold mine of political incompetence and foot in mouth moments. I can't believe we're only at a year of this clown show.
  8. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/notams-now-notices-to-air-missions/ FAA changes NOTAM to mean Notice to Air Missions, removing Airmen, to be “more inclusive and gender neutral”. Air Force soon to follow? When the fuck will this madness stop?
  9. Not supporting “white supremacist capitalism” and only buying from Black businesses sure sounds like a not so thinly veiled boycott of any business that is owned by anyone not of a certain skin pigment. Which I guess maybe I was raised weird, but that seems to meet all the hallmarks of racism to me. I like to play a little game to judge the racism level of BLM tweets and causes. Simply replace ‘white’ in any of their tweets and articles with ‘Jew’ or ‘Black’, then replace ‘black’ with ‘white’, and see how uncomfortable it makes you and how much it seems to fit the despicable things said in Jim Crow Deep South or 1930s Germany. That Drake meme sure gets uncomfortable real quick if you do that. But go ahead and keep giving free pass to an openly racist (and Marxist) organization simply because it aligns with your political team of choice.
  10. https://humanevents.com/2021/12/01/blm-calls-for-boycott-of-white-companies-during-holiday-season/ BLM wants to boycott white businesses. Are we still as a society pretending they aren’t a racist organization?
  11. It’s certainly amazing how fast this whole thing disappeared from the mainstream view. Good thing there is another COVID variant to drum up fear porn over.
  12. A successful outcome means they can’t continue to the stoke the fires of division and hatred. That’s why they have to throw gems like this into their articles about the case: https://abc7.com/ahmaud-arbery-death-murder-trial-jury-deliberations-georgia-killing/11266887/ Gotta keep the systemic racism lies and hatred juice flowin.
  13. Just imagine what would be happening in this country right now if a white man had mowed down black people at a parade and had social media posts saying Hitler was right and black people, including old black people, needed to be knocked the fuck out. Instead, it has already disappeared from the front page of pretty much every news agency. I mean look at this absolute garbage that MSNBC has as their top article right this second:
  14. Waukesha Parade Shooting, Car Running Into People Reports | Heavy.com Above article has a photo (video still) that appears to show the driver. I won't post it here in case it turns out to not be legit.
  15. From the videos I saw it looked like the car got away, however I guess they have since found it. No word on suspect. Absolutely awful regardless of who and why that person was behind the wheel.
  16. What victims? You can’t be a victim if you threaten to kill someone and then chase them, if you swing a skateboard at their head, or if you point a loaded weapon directly at their face.
  17. These people aren’t even good at hiding their lies if you have half a brain and pay attention. One of the BLM co-founders, Patrisse Cullors, lives in Topanga Canyon in LA, an area that is 90% white and is all multi million dollar homes. Clearly systemic racism at work there🙄
  18. The problem wasn’t becoming an anti-Trump Republican. The problem was that in becoming an anti-Trump Republican he hilariously took on lots of the traits of Trump himself, including tweeting epically dumb shit. His “you’re only a patriot if you fought in the revolutionary war” tweet probably taking the cake. He had an opportunity to take a level headed approach and provide a straight forward, no nonsense, conservative opinion, and instead decided he liked the instant gratification of likes on his tweets from people with TDS and appearances on left leaning talk shows. Go look at his Twitter now. It’s almost entirely shit talking Tucker Carlson and focusing on Jan 6th and Michael Flynn. Meanwhile there are serious policy issues facing this country, including an out of control border, massive inflation, supply chain crisis, that could really use some no nonsense leadership to solve and he refuses to talk about it. That is why this guy is a clown.
  19. Not to derail this thread further, but the current proposal to have the IRS track all inflow and outflow of every American’s bank account is a perfect example of this. Every person in this country, Democrat/Republican/Independent, rich/poor, etc… should be wildly upset at this giant overreach of government power and violation of the 4th Amendment. Particularly because it’s impact will be mostly felt by poor to middle class Americans that do not have the financial resources to track and record every single expenditure they make, both business and personal. Yet not a peep from the left becuase it’s from “their team”. Note: Yes, there are also examples of overt tribalism from the right too, but this is an example happening right this very second. It would be a perfect issue to unify people over against absolutely asinine government policy, but instead it will become another us vs them.
  20. Afghanistan, border disaster, inflation, massive supply chain issues, gas and oil at their highest in many years, IRS planning to spy on every American's bank account, underwhelming job numbers, and a new Presidential tradition of turning your back and walking away in silence every single time you speak.
  21. Oh wow, yeah didn’t catch your post. This has to be a violation of the 4th Amendment, yeah?
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