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  1. Glossing over a lot here. The Maidan protests started over the pro-Russian government backing out of a pro-western Europe trade agreement, bowing to heavy pressure from Putin. It’s not like the CIA just jumped in there and tried to overthrow this dude like we have history of doing in South America. There was legitimate anger from the Ukrainian population. Sure western support came when the protests started making actual waves, but this was not some random decision by the CIA. This was a continuing trend of all of Eastern European counties that are looking west for future ties and not east to a place and nation that has raked them over the coals countless times. Eastern Ukraine also didn’t start getting shelled until Russia took Crimea and some of the eastern areas with their little green men and installed puppet separatists with a small faction of local militia that was mostly supported by actual Russian military. Also, the theory of an intensely divided Ukraine has proven to not be so true. Yes, elections pre-2014 should an even split in terms of east vs west preference, but most of this seems to have come from corruption, voter suppression, and voter intimidation under Russian influence. After Russia took Crimea elections have shown a strongly western leaning voting pattern across all regions of Ukraine. Ukraine military gains in the east also haven’t stirred up a hornets nest of angry citizens mad that Russian soldiers are gone. They’ve come across people desperately glad that the Ukrainian military has removed Russian occupation.
  2. I realize most on here haven’t had to deal with the regionals, or at most made brief stops there, but I know there’s also a few of us floating around that are prior mil career changers who are in aviation now and doing it the civilian way to 1500 hours. So along that line, I’m looking for a little advice from the airline guys on here. Unfortunately, the music has essentially stopped right now at the regional level in terms of 1500 hour FO hiring. The regionals have a huge Captain shortage and newbie FOs are pretty much worthless to them right now being at least 1,000 hours away from the left seat. As such, the hiring has ground to a halt unless you are a direct entry Captain or can quickly become one. I got my apps in at Endeavor and the AA wholly owned as I was approaching my mins and it was radio silence. Decided to try some of the “lower tier” regionals as well like CommutAir, Air Wisconsin, etc… and it’s been nordo from them too. Several coworkers are getting the same lack of response too so it’s not just me. I currently teach at one of the IFT programs for the mil, I’ll not say which one to keep this somewhat anonymous. So the job is enjoyable and stable, but I have to imagine packing on piston engine time past 1,500 hours doesn’t do too much for the resume. Should I be looking at other opportunities like FedEx feeder cargo or similar, or just keep playing the waiting game for a regional to call?
  3. Three years later and this horseshit is still going on. What’s even more hilarious is it’s “regardless of vaccination status”. Also very fitting that you can’t leave a comment on the post. 2 weeks to stop the spread.
  4. Standing by for the FBI raid of the Biden household.
  5. I’ll share what I posted in this exact same thread over a year ago about Kinzinger. This dude continues to proves he’s the same clown he was over a year ago.
  6. He’s a useful pawn to leftist media. They can throw him up there with a R next to his name to provide an imaginary aura of balanced coverage while he still spouts off their desired message. I wonder if he still reads this thread?
  7. Makes sense, appreciate the response. Yeah from my unaffiliated point of view it seemed there’s nothing that could be a direct replacement. Saw them a few times out at HMT when I was living and flying in SoCal. The OV-10 was always one I’d love to get some stick time in too.
  8. Historically Hispanics have favored the democrat party. But you make a good point; the Hispanic community in this country is generally hard working, family oriented, and religious. Hardly the pillars of the modern woke left. IMO this demonstrates the hidden racism of the modern far left. They simply assume that due to historical trends and skin color, these people will continue to vote for them.
  9. Has there been any thought on a future replacement of the S-2?
  10. Playing a game of demographic math with real life humans as the pawns. It’s really disgusting if you stop and think about it for just a few seconds. I suppose it’s better than than how humans demographics were tried to be shaped 80 years ago by a certain nation/person. But importing an entire group of people based purely on their skin color with the intent of them creating future voters that will ensure your base of power is really not all that far behind on the racist/disgusting scale. Afghanis are small time numbers compared to the potential voter block from central/South America, and I don’t know this for a fact, but would imagine Afghan immigrants in many cases don’t “vote the right way” in future generations. See Cuban immigrants as an example.
  11. Sooo did this program officially die? The first few selected should be in training already right? With the next group about to be selected?
  12. The biggest issue is not the people currently in, it’s recruiting. My IMA gig has an Army Guard guy, and he said in his unit the biggest issue is finding 18-22 year olds that have or are willing to get the vaccine. It doesn’t matter political leanings, upbringing, socio-economic level, potential officer or enlisted, etc…; not that many young people want to get the vaccine at this point.
  13. LA County is never going to let COVID go. https://abc7.com/covid-19-indoor-masking-la-county-mask-mandate/12516325/ So glad I don’t live in that shit hole anymore.
  14. No surprise that this conversation is trying to be steered away from the main issue. No one cares or is debating what Elon should be spending his time or money doing or what his best skills are. The issue is the blatant hypocrisy of the left and the fact that they now want to sack an individual they used to love because he doesn’t toe their leftist line. The Biden administration wants to investigate Musk as a potential national security threat now due to this Twitter purchase. They of course claim this is “standard procedure”, despite Elon and his companies having in been involved in national security related activities for years now. All this is, is proof that the current admin and the leftists supporting it are threatened by anyone and everything that doesn’t support the approved narrative and will stop at nothing to try and shut it down and regain control over their own set of approved “facts”.
  15. Remember when the left was saying Twitter was a private company and could do whatever they wanted with content on their platform? What happened to that? Oh, that’s right.
  16. I’m pretty sure some libs think semi-automatic equals belt fed machine gun. They should see my uncle operate his bolt action scout rifle. Who needs semi-auto?
  17. Well played today. Could’ve/should’ve had the win. Have to beat Iran; Iran gets through with a tie or win. That will make the game tough. Feels a lot like the 2010 World Cup where the US had to beat Algeria to advance. Hopefully we don’t wait until stoppage time to make it happen like the US did back then. Still haven’t lost to England in a WC. Truly fantastic and their fans booing the team at the end was fabulous. Btw, thread title is dumb and should be changed. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  18. Here’s the video, ignore the screen shot of the airliner. Really tough to watch.
  19. So is this pass thing the precursor to a booster requirement?
  20. Fuck this administration. The dude’s pride and joy company has been launching NRO satellites for years and now that he’s taken over Twitter and doesn’t like Biden an investigation is “standard procedure”. You mean you couldn’t figure out if he was a national security risk before he signed a contract to launch classified satellites? The hilarious thing is Musk isn’t even really a right leaning guy. Not all that long ago the left was drooling over him because he created the most successful electric car company and his personal views align with a lot of their stated climate goals. But now that he’s differed from the party line somewhere else, he’s public enemy number one. So much for the “Unity” message, but we’ve known that’s trash for awhile, and if you don’t toe the line to this administration, you are clearly an extremist.
  21. Who knew inflation was caused by the war in Iraq?
  22. One thing I don’t think a lot of people realize about your Berkeley type nut jobs is that many of them would be pretty similar to this dude if you started asking them what they believe. Yeah this wacko sprinkled in some extra right wing type garbage, but a lot of these crazies have no love for any people in our government. Nothing short of a totalitarian state that only caters to their narrow world view is acceptable to them, and people like Nancy Pelosi aren’t viewed as on their side either. In fact, the Pelosi house has been targeted several times since 2020 with some pretty nasty stuff, this one of course taking the cake. The real thing that people should be looking at here is that the political system in a place like Berkeley, CA let’s losers like this proliferate. Mental illness is not only ignored, it’s often celebrated; and drug use is essentially decriminalized, further fueling the mental death spiral of people like this to the point they feel like acting out on their deranged conspiracy fantasies.
  23. Uncle Joe thinks we have 54 states now. Must be counting his state of dementia in there as well.
  24. Well it’s California, so if they follow their standard he should be back on the street tomorrow.
  25. I have just under 500 hours in one as an instructor. Really fun airplane; super nimble on the controls, but will bounce around a lot in turbulence. Tough for new pilots to get a hang of, but it will make you better at stick and rudder. Glass cockpit with Dynon is pretty nice if you get a new one. The old ones the Dynon stuff is pretty meh. Ours had a chute, which is a nice safety feature in my opinion. A lot of old timers will tell you Rotax is a joke, but I honestly think it’s a great engine. Super fuel efficient and ours was very reliable. Keep it away from avgas and run the appropriate mogas and it will be much happier. Avgas with the lead fouls them up and you have to change the oil a lot more often. Reduction gearbox is also nifty since the engine turns at a much higher rpm than the prop. Our gearbox was reliable but it does need a little extra maintenance attention. Single power lever with rotax is great as well. If you got some experienced guys they’ll just need to adjust to it being an LSA and how light it is, but it’s a good airplane and you’d have a lot of fun with it.
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