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Question about the BRS....


im currently AD in search of a reserve gig with 15+ yrs time in service. If I have a few month break in service from getting out of AD and starting reserve job, how does that work for retirement plan?  After starting with the reserves, I have 30 days to decide legacy plan or BRS?  Or auto enrollment into BRS??  Thanks

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It should be that so long as you are in the service for all of 2018, whatever decision you make by 31 Dec 18 stands. With that many YOS and your intention to make it to at least 20 good years via a reserve gig, it should be a no-brainer for you to stick with Legacy. To do that, just do nothing; you have to opt-in to BRS.

On a side note, I'd do everything possible not to have a break in service, it just complicates everything down the road. GL!

*YMMV, I'm not a lawyer, make sure you do your own due diligence with all financial decisions*

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