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  1. Care to elaborate for the dummies like myself?
  2. Don’t worry, in the next 6-9 years a good chunk will get non-vol’d to less-desirable flying assignments or staff. Hate to break it to ya….but 🎶it’s the circle of liiife🎶
  3. This, and with what little time you spend not doing the above, let’s also not forget about the desk jobs/queep that the Bobs have an eternal erection for, because “iT’s GoOd FoR yOuR cArEeR!!” This has *always* been a heavy emphasis with MAF “leadership”. It really is a cultural problem.
  4. Checks…I meant I used the term loosely. Clearly they’re different.
  5. That’s technically correct, actually. “Contractor” is a loose term…I’m still learning about the civilian side of DoD employment.
  6. ^^This. So much this.^^ Case in point, I was a squadron exec at one point during my white jet assignment…the ONLY one in our squadron. No civilians to help out either. I min-ran the qweep like a champ so I could still double turn every day. Boss never said a word about it, either. I don’t know your background, Flea, but sounds to me like you grew up in the MAF…for some reason they get off on the desk jockey shit. Don’t let it get to you, there’s more to life, despite what the AF makes you think. And I’ll add my plug for the white jet gig if you’re looking to build your PIC time. Best damn assignment I’ve ever had, hands down. Super tight-knit group of dudes. And even if you get stuck in a group/wing job, the mission of the wing is to FLY - students can’t graduate unless you’re out there making the donuts (will 19th ever reach their annual quota? They’ll kill us trying, but I digress). Best of luck to you on your decision!
  7. Contractors have been flying with IFF at Columbus for at least a year now. Most were former 49th IPs who either retired or separated and just put on the tan bag and grew a beard. Last I’d heard, the idea of a contractor gig on the UPT side has pretty much died in the water…I guess 19th still thinks “we got this!” 🙄
  8. So they’re lazy AND they don’t care. Checks.
  9. Some fair points, but the fact remains that “they” still did some speeding with its implementation, regardless of what they officially call it. A shock that big to the system hurts students and IPs both. No, not all tracks (at least in the new “2.5” phase 3 syllabus) get more flight hours...they actually get a few less (there is more simulator/device time however). Lastly on Wills, if by “putting his money where his mouth is” is making lengthy posts on FB to seem in-touch/transparent/a bro then sure. Some trusted sources who have worked close with him over the years would beg to differ...I’ll just leave it at that. Edit: Also, agreed on the divestment of the T-1 without a viable solution. I feel like they kinda thought of the CAF a little more, but definitely hung the MAF guys out to dry...
  10. Especially when said sims run shitty software (the AF is too cheap to pay for the good stuff...shocker) and the stick/throttles are of an A-10, and switch actuation is done by physically looking at it while simultaneously clicking a button on a remote. I guess it’s too much to ask to build a few more of the sims they already use in the sim building and upgrade those to integrate VR goggles for the 360 view...at least the cockpit setup would be realistic to what they actually fly.
  11. What really needs to happen is for UPT 2.5/UPT next and this insatiable boner for training heavily augmented by VR to die in a big ball of fire. I won’t deny the fact that there are ways we can improve the way we train, but I’ve also spent the last 4 years in UPT and I’ve seen the onset of decline with my own eyes—getting to what is now the UPT 2.5 syllabus was a giant Petri dish experiment along the way (how many different syllabi did different phase 2 & 3 classes operate on over a 2-3 year period?), with a bunch of good idea fairies but no real direction. But hey, all the resultant thrash and “good” results sure made good OPR fodder... All of that to say—it’s sad that I’ve become conditioned to not take seriously anything that a general says about wanting to revisit the training pipelines to curb future accidents, until they take action by starting at the source; this time by throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  12. Was gonna say...I’ll send them the 2.5 syllabus myself. It’s a piece of shit!
  13. Quoted again for emphasis.
  14. Sarcasm detector inop? Though, my cynicism is rooted in the fact that all the people who went through the initial PTN program were well above average performers to begin with, who were cherry-picked specifically for that program. It was a “no-fail” program from the beginning, so of course the AF is gonna be quick to publicly tout its success and use it as a justification for further reducing sorties in UPT (UPT 2.5, anyone?). Just another excuse for the AF to cut corners trying to fast track its “leadership creation” problem. In all seriousness, good on this particular guy/gal. Not saying it isn’t a small feat, because it definitely isn’t. Any one of us who’s done it before knows this. If we weren’t talking about PTN/VR then my bad, I’ll go back to drinking my stale coffee, eating my Raisin Bran and getting on to the snacko for not keeping the snack bar stocked. Old guy rant over, back on topic.....
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