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  1. My wife’s a nurse at the local military hospital; the bulk of the personnel there have volunteered to receive the vaccine, she just got her second dose yesterday.
  2. Yes. There was a page long pre-screening questionnaire and part of that was consent to receive a vaccine that hasn’t been formally approved by the FDA.
  3. Hurlburt Field dispensed all their allotted doses this week. I got the 1st Moderna shot on Thursday, felt a little shitty yesterday but otherwise it wasn’t bad at all (personally thought anthrax and yellow fever were worse). As an added bonus, post vaccine my 5G download speeds have been incredible (4K UHD streaming pornog in the middle of the range, no problem!) and an image of Bill Gates constantly pops up in my periph with helpful dining out suggestions. Totally worth it!!
  4. Yeah, previously LaneHBO and Shazzam I believe.
  5. Two My parents bought me The Right Stuff movie (on VHS, movie is so long it took TWO tapes) when I was a kid. I know now that some of the stuff in the film was only loosely based in fact but I loved that movie, watched it all the time. Yeager and the guys of his generation beat one of the greatest evils on earth, then repeatedly strapped themselves into untested machines and kept pushing that envelope. Asshole or not, cheers to a great American. 🥃
  6. To quote a famous TV show, “Follow the money”. The Trump campaign has raised over $200 million since Election Day, much of it with no strings attached in regards to spending.
  7. I gave up. I always wore both sets of wings on my green bag and blues but with Velcro on the 2 piece multi-cam it just looks weird. I will say that I’ve seen a guy that permanently sewed both sets of wings onto his OCP two piece and that looked ok.
  8. While I know the AAR first time at night was not the cause of this mishap, I can relate to this trend in my community. Over the last couple of years there’s been a push to accomplish more and more METLs in the sim (don’t know if that’s the case in the Viper B-course). The FTU has been graduating guys who in some cases have never seen things like, example, a tanker at night outside of a simulator. This pushes the onus onto the line units where you have IPs who aren’t FTU instructors/aren’t in that mindset and generally have a ton of other things on their plate. Line unit IPs generally aren’
  9. 2 My wife was the same. We live in a battleground state; she has been very unimpressed by Trump’s rhetoric and how he has conducted himself ref the aforementioned tape/infidelity, women in general, healthcare, and COVID. I personally know several other women I’d describe as pretty centric voters who viewed him the same way.
  10. That’s a pretty incredible feat of airmanship, putting a -130 on the ground that well in an asymmetric thrust situation. Hopefully the Marines give that guy some serious recognition.
  11. To answer your earlier question of whether my previous post was sarcasm, no, it wasn't. I don't find anything funny about Floyd's brutal death, just as I don't find anything funny about multiple business owners' seeing their livelihood go up in flames, thus since Brick asked, I thought the post in poor taste. I don't think it's an indication that I (or the rest of the AF for the matter), needs to toughen up on the subject. I didn't mean for my post to derail this thread, even though I feel the current situation in our country definitely belongs in a WTF thread. Nor do I think your a
  12. Yeah, it is. Poor taste would be putting it mildly.
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