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  1. Honestly am surprised it took this long. Seems like most people on here are ignoring the bizarre posting though.
  2. It’s hilarious that Butters fucks with him (donations and FB likes) on the outside. I can only imagine how much further that’s pushing him over the edge. And who moves the WA state and is surprised by the amount of liberals there?
  3. How long do you think it’ll be before the really psychotic threatening posts start?
  4. He’s got 2, both for leading formation airfield seizures in OEF and OIF if I’m not mistaken. Interesting. I had the complete opposite experience with his leadership (at multiple levels). He’s got a great reputation in the Talon community, phenomenal pilot. FWIW I’m pretty sure he’s not in running for AFSOC/CC, supposedly ruffled too many feathers when he was CJSOAC-A/CC. Elton maybe, he’s headed to be the SOCOM J3 here this summer.
  5. It’s official, was announced by the DoD on Thursday.
  6. Switch to Harry’s Razors, one of the better decisions I’ve made in the last few
  7. http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2019/January 2019/Donovan-No-Buy-of-Light-Attack-Yet-More-Experiments-More-Types-to-Consider.aspx I’ve stated it before in this thread; the AF does not give a fuck about this program and does not value it highly when viewed alongside acquisitions like B-21, KC-46, F-35, next gen ICBM, 6th gen Air dominance, KC-Z, new advanced trainer etc. SOCOM/AFSOC will not pursue acquisition of this by themselves; AFSOC is prioritizing-130J, more CV-22s, and next gen ISR. Anyone who spontaneously ejaculated in excitement about the possibility of a “jet type light attack” reading my previous post missed the point, the AF is going to continue to drag it’s feet and make vague statements until this goes the way of the dodo.
  8. Copy/pasted from a text a good buddy of mine in the know sent me 3 days ago: AF has fully pivoted to: thanks congress for the money you gave us for light attack procurement this year. We will use it for research and development instead iot buy a jet based LAA by 2020...forget the past two LAA experiments. In the words of the SAF/Financial Management Budget Liaison AO, "sorry man, they just don't give a fuck about you guys."
  9. We haven’t sold war bonds, significantly raised taxes, nor forced the bulk of the American people to shoulder increased cost or responsibility for the wars that we’re approaching the 17.5 year point in yet this guy somehow thinks there’s going to be an outpouring of public investment for building a wall?
  10. AFSOC toyed with this concept in the initial phase of the MC-130W program (what ultimately began the AC-130W). It reared it’s head again during the General Fiel era. At the end of the day they discovered (surprise) that AFSOC crews were specialized for a reason. The amount of METLs required and the flight hours needed to be proficient in said METLs meant no one could possibly maintain proficiency at both MC/AC mission sets.
  11. Why the fuck is STRATCOM tweeting at all?
  12. Manually masturbating caged animals for artificial ensemination
  13. If you ignore it it’ll eventually go away.
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