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  1. I gave up. I always wore both sets of wings on my green bag and blues but with Velcro on the 2 piece multi-cam it just looks weird. I will say that I’ve seen a guy that permanently sewed both sets of wings onto his OCP two piece and that looked ok.
  2. While I know the AAR first time at night was not the cause of this mishap, I can relate to this trend in my community. Over the last couple of years there’s been a push to accomplish more and more METLs in the sim (don’t know if that’s the case in the Viper B-course). The FTU has been graduating guys who in some cases have never seen things like, example, a tanker at night outside of a simulator. This pushes the onus onto the line units where you have IPs who aren’t FTU instructors/aren’t in that mindset and generally have a ton of other things on their plate. Line unit IPs generally aren’t overly familiar with some of the syllabus limits that are referred to in this AIB because it’s not their job to be. Sims are great procedures trainers, and they’re great for replicating higher end capes we don’t want burned in the real world, but representative of how the aircraft feels/handles in the real world they are not, I don’t give a shit how good the engineers say the aero modeling is. There was a lot to unpack out of this report, I don’t have all the facts, and I haven’t read the SIB, but it really seems like leadership at multiple levels failed this LT. His IPs in the squadron, as much as it pains me to says this, failed him too. I’m definitely going to take some lessons learned out of this going forward with my students and the younger CPs/ACs I fly with.
  3. 2 My wife was the same. We live in a battleground state; she has been very unimpressed by Trump’s rhetoric and how he has conducted himself ref the aforementioned tape/infidelity, women in general, healthcare, and COVID. I personally know several other women I’d describe as pretty centric voters who viewed him the same way.
  4. That’s a pretty incredible feat of airmanship, putting a -130 on the ground that well in an asymmetric thrust situation. Hopefully the Marines give that guy some serious recognition.
  5. To answer your earlier question of whether my previous post was sarcasm, no, it wasn't. I don't find anything funny about Floyd's brutal death, just as I don't find anything funny about multiple business owners' seeing their livelihood go up in flames, thus since Brick asked, I thought the post in poor taste. I don't think it's an indication that I (or the rest of the AF for the matter), needs to toughen up on the subject. I didn't mean for my post to derail this thread, even though I feel the current situation in our country definitely belongs in a WTF thread. Nor do I think your a racist for saying POTUS shouldn't be blamed. I don't think an internet forum is going to overnight change people's minds on this subject, from some of the posts for the last two pages people have some pretty strong feelings on this topic, which is understandable. One of the things I think has been missing in our country lately is a lack of willingness to listen or try to understand problems from other points of view. I'm willing to listen to viewpoints contrary to my own views even if some of them I disagree with pretty vehemently, but that's ok, because not everyone is going to agree all the time. I would like to emphasize the second bullet in your post above. I'm assuming you're white (if I'm wrong feel free to correct me). I'd ask that you take a minute and think about what a lot of black people saw when they watched George Floyd's death, especially in a city with a history of racial covenants in it's housing. Coming on the heels of the Central Park incident in NYC and Arbery killing in Georgia (and multiple others too long to list here). Whether we as American's like to admit it or discuss it, the American Experience/Dream isn't equal for everyone in this country. Even among us in the military, people part the 1%, I have friends who've experienced systemic racism during certain parts of their lives. From my buddy who volunteered to go to Minot because of how he was treated by the locals in Barksdale, to an Army colleague at ACSC who said as black man there were areas around his postings in the South that he didn't dare go to, not because of crime in the area, but because of the color of his skin, to a loadmaster buddy who's had to explain to his young daughters that they need to be careful when interacting with the police because there's a good chance they'll be treated differently (based on his life experiences). If you have 5 minutes, I'd encourage you to read the recent posting made by the AFSOC/CC on FB here https://www.facebook.com/COMAFSOCOfficial I don't agree with everything Gen. Slife says or does (I definitely didn't agree with his leadership style when he was a Group and Wing Commander) but he was spot on with his post about George Floyd's death. It wasn't too long ago (~60 years) that Martin Luther King and Civil Rights movement had to fight for equal rights in America, so that the black people in your squadron can drink from the same water fountain, use the same bathroom, and sit in the same part of the bus that the white members in your squadron can. Anyone who thinks that the previous 200+ years of institutionalized racism in the US was wiped out overnight is kidding themselves. Large scale changes in society take time, right now there's a large majority (from what I see based on my friends, colleagues, and statements by public figures) that feel that change isn't happening quickly enough, or in some cases is going the opposite direction.
  6. Yeah, it is. Poor taste would be putting it mildly.
  7. Second this, I know more people sticking with their plans to get out as opposed to staying in.
  8. You gonna show us on the doll where he touched you/tell the tale once he departs the fix?...
  9. Anyone on this forum have any personal experience with ownership of a Piper Cherokee or Archer? Am giving serious thought to buying my 1st airplane next spring, am kinda partial to Pipers and was curious if anyone had any good/bad/general info?
  10. 2 A NK collapse would be a complete clusterfuck for multiple reasons (mass refugee/humanitarian crisis, high potential of loose/missing WMD, high potential for rapid Chinese involvement with uncertain end states, possibility of long term guerrilla warfare in very challenging terrain). There’s also a sizable subset of the ROK that doesn’t want to reunification due to the huge impact/drag that the reconstruction of NK would cause on the ROK economy (think East and West Germany). Let alone this occurring in the middle of COVID-19, with the possible spread on a malnourished, vulnerable population with a basically non-functional healthcare system. We would probably spend years unfucking a situation like this and probably have little to show for it. If it’s true, I’m glad that fat bastard is dead, but I hope whoever replaces him manages to hold the place together.
  11. Would you describe AFNET or VPN as unbridled success stories?....
  12. All, Just a general info note, but with so many people out of work due to the COVID situation, food banks are getting overwhelmed by the vast increase in unemployed people needing food. Most of the regulars on here (including me) are pretty lucky to have stable government employment/paychecks. Great way to help out your local community is donating to your local food bank if you’re able.
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