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  1. If anyone is looking for a lender I’d like to give a solid recommendation for National Bank of Kansas City (NBKC). I just closed on a new construction house in NW Florida with a great rate; I’m a first time home buyer so I had lots of the standard newbie type questions. The team at NBKC made everything easy, took the time to explain all my dumb questions, got me a great rate ( floated down from our original rate lock after the rates dropped), asked for minimal documents, and even extended our rate lock with no fees after we ran into some shenanigans with the appraisal company. Would definitely work with them again. If you’re looking for a realtor in the FWB/Destin area Chris Collins at ERA was great to work with and really made the process easy/fun for my wife and I.
  2. I thought the same thing after watching the video and seeing the comments. Didn’t seem like anything to get worked up over, probably just a debrief item after the full stop. All those stabilized approach calls I read in an AMC SII seemed like way overkill; the way I read it all the mandatory calls made it seem like the NFP was jabbering non-stop the during the entire approach.
  3. Iran’s previous calculus on closing the Strait of Hormuz/attacking tankers in the Gulf included the fact that most of the petroleum products they export (a significant chunk of their economic revenue) pass through the same waters. Closing it would be like cutting off their nose to spite their face, in 3-4 months their economy would be crippled. That calculus has changed; the additional US sanctions now make it extremely difficult for Iran to export petroleum products to the world market. I think there’s a good chance that tensions and probably attacks will rise/increase since Iran now has little to lose economically by closing the Strait. Honestly not sure how this will play out mid to long term, I don’t think POTUS personally wants another war but there are members of the administration that openly do.
  4. He had started the full on crazy but must’ve had a moment of clarity and deleted his last post. I think something’s really wrong with that dude (assuming it’s actually a he).
  5. As a follow up, for anyone who’s having trouble accepting/can’t sleep at night with the thought of such a toxic and dishonest leader in our ranks, have no fear. The incoming AFSOC/CC is well known for 3 things: 1. Interpersonal skills generally associated with people on the spectrum. 2. An intense dislike of pizza, Santa, kittens, and pornography. and perhaps most importantly 3. FIRING THE SHIT out of anyone he deems an incompetent or lacking in integrity (the CAT-5 incident mentioned above being the one round off paper in an otherwise very tight shot group over 25+ years). Slife won’t give a fuck how many times scissor me timbers has been yelled or what level of diversity is represented, he’ll can her ass quicker than Clark Griswold climaxes over the thought of Light Attack in the USAF if he thinks she’s dishonest. It’ll probably work itself out.
  6. In the bigger picture of AFSOC O-6/7s fucking up (reference CAT-5 crash landing an Osprey and then continue flying it after making the quick on-scene determination of “that shit’ll buff out) this is pretty small potatoes. FWIW, I personally watched Fiel do the exact same flight hours shenanigans while he was the 58th SOW/CC back in 2004 and no one batted an eye, guess he didn’t have a pissed off subordinate and AF crimes run with the story.
  7. Honestly am surprised it took this long. Seems like most people on here are ignoring the bizarre posting though.
  8. It’s hilarious that Butters fucks with him (donations and FB likes) on the outside. I can only imagine how much further that’s pushing him over the edge. And who moves the WA state and is surprised by the amount of liberals there?
  9. How long do you think it’ll be before the really psychotic threatening posts start?
  10. He’s got 2, both for leading formation airfield seizures in OEF and OIF if I’m not mistaken. Interesting. I had the complete opposite experience with his leadership (at multiple levels). He’s got a great reputation in the Talon community, phenomenal pilot. FWIW I’m pretty sure he’s not in running for AFSOC/CC, supposedly ruffled too many feathers when he was CJSOAC-A/CC. Elton maybe, he’s headed to be the SOCOM J3 here this summer.
  11. It’s official, was announced by the DoD on Thursday.
  12. Switch to Harry’s Razors, one of the better decisions I’ve made in the last few
  13. http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2019/January 2019/Donovan-No-Buy-of-Light-Attack-Yet-More-Experiments-More-Types-to-Consider.aspx I’ve stated it before in this thread; the AF does not give a fuck about this program and does not value it highly when viewed alongside acquisitions like B-21, KC-46, F-35, next gen ICBM, 6th gen Air dominance, KC-Z, new advanced trainer etc. SOCOM/AFSOC will not pursue acquisition of this by themselves; AFSOC is prioritizing-130J, more CV-22s, and next gen ISR. Anyone who spontaneously ejaculated in excitement about the possibility of a “jet type light attack” reading my previous post missed the point, the AF is going to continue to drag it’s feet and make vague statements until this goes the way of the dodo.
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