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  1. You guys all know that this LaneHBO guy is the previous HarleyQuinn/Shazaam/2Ex guy again right? He just changed his name again, same bizarre posts.
  2. Yeah pretty sure it’s him (previous Shazam too). He’s over in the Promotion thread posting his awesome strats and wondering why he didn’t get picked up for O-5. Any over/under on how long it takes before he goes full retard again and gets banned?
  3. https://apple.news/Atfh28uaYQoab7iR3ZYAsvw Update is saying 1 US Mil and 2 DoD contractors killed.
  4. Sorry to hear, didn’t personally know him but always thought his contributions on BO were value added.
  5. I think the thing that's most shocking about this is the collective "meh" that's coming from the breaking of this story. It doesn't seem like anyone in government, military, civilian etc really cares. We'll just keep spending money and lives in a war that we know is unwinnable because we can't bring ourselves to admit that we've lost.
  6. Someone please remind me why the fuck we continue to spend billions of dollars and send thousands of troops to defend their catbox shithole of a country?
  7. Thanks much, response was helpful. Knock on wood, so far I haven’t had my name on any investigations so hopefully I can keep that up these last 4 years.
  8. I just got done with a staff gig where I was GSU. There should be an MOA with the closest AF base for stuff like maintaining your flight records, flight physical, PCS actions, TMO, etc. Whatever your closest AF base is should pay for your yearly TDY for your flight physical (I’d highly advise you take advantage of this versus trying to have civilian docs piece one together, there’s a good chance something will get fucked up). Your dental can be done local by a dentist that accepts Tricare, there’s a single form you fill out and then send to your base dental. Hope this helps, PM me with any other questions.
  9. Curious about this, do they have a definition of an “incident”? I’ve had enough emergencies in the Talon that I’ve lost count. Do they want you to list battle damage under this? I have every intention of being open kimono on my apps but I don’t want to unintentionally leave something out and then get called on it. Appreciate any info you have.
  10. Pentagon chief Mark Esper asked for Navy secretary's resignation over secret proposal in Navy SEAL's war crimes case https://www.businessinsider.com/pentagon-chief-asks-for-navy-secretarys-resignation-2019-11
  11. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-aramco-attacks-exclusive/u-s-to-deploy-large-number-of-forces-to-saudi-arabia-idUSKBN1WQ21Z At least our great ally Saudi Arabia, whose military prowess has been key to stopping ISIS, rapidly defeating the Houthis, and directly confronting Iranian aggression, will be well protected.....
  12. Honestly curious, what makes the MD-11/KC-10 so finicky to land?
  13. Except the Saudi’s have consistently shown themselves to be one of the most incompetent fighting forces in the history of warfare (billions of dollars in some of the best US military hardware hasn’t doesn’t mean anything when you’re unwilling to maintain it or learn how to employ it effectively). They’re not gonna go after Iran on their own, they’re barely holding their own against the Houthis. I’d highly encourage anyone interested in what’s unfolding in the Gulf right now to read Andrew Bacevich’s America’s War for the Greater Middle East. It’s a fairly depressing read; there’s a lot of historical parallels going on right now (understanding that it’s not direct ie history doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme).
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