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  1. Well, we are talking about geopolitics, war, subjugation of other countries and cultures, and Eastern Europe. You are right, we probably shouldn’t talk about Hitler. Nice try.
  2. Post WWII has been the most peaceful time in human history, largely due to the world order set in place by the U.S. Have politicians made mistakes that costs too many American lives? Sure. However, giving Russia tacit approval to invade Eastern Europe does not make the world safer. I grudgingly admit that the administration is doing a decent job of protecting American interests without getting directly involved in the conflict.
  3. The board results need Congressional confirmation. 3 months are rookie numbers for Congress!
  4. The wing commander can’t direct a squadron commander to issue a certain type of admin action, but they can absolutely pull it to their level and issue the discipline themselves. Now, imagine being a squadron commander and seeking to balance the action that you think is “right” versus what will keep the action within your control. For example, the Sq/CC thinks an LOC is appropriate, but the Wg/CC is going to pull it and issue an LOR (which comes with an UIF for officers). Suddenly, issuing a LOA at the squadron level sounds like a pretty savvy move if you can keep it in your control. You can remove a LOA from a PIF at any time, but you will need to get the Wg/CC to remove the LOR early and close the UIF.
  5. 1. This thread is just as bad as barracks lawyers. Go talk to the ADC and get a real answer if you need one. Ask about Show Cause Actions if you are concerned about your immediate future in the AF. 2. Your characterization will almost certainly be honorable if you serve for ten more years with no disciplinary issues after your 15.
  6. No, it is hyperbole. Concerning, yes…but it doesn’t come close to the biggest seizure of power in history. This type of hyberbole and lack of historical context obscures your otherwise valid concerns.
  7. Somewhere on the internet, there is a forum of virologists arguing about how to fly fighter aircraft.
  8. I found out about a week prior to the start date.
  9. This. Unfortunately, some sort of PT test is necessary because there is a subset of people who would completely let themselves go if there was no accountability. Anecdotally, the one guy who I’ve been on patrols with downrange that couldn’t carry his own load was someone who had a history of failures and near failures. He also complained that he just wasn’t “suited” to the PT test. We don’t need marathon runners or bodybuilders, but I am a believer that some level of fitness is necessary. I vote to leave the PT test alone (minus the waist measurement). It isn’t perfect, but it is simple and straightforward. The AF will find a way to mess it up if they overhaul it.
  10. I know you are being dramatic, but the LAST thing that would restore confidence in the system is the military intervening to force a transition of power and civilian authority. Think about the precedent that would set.
  11. CE guy here. FLEA’S words check. The money for barrier MX flows through CE channels. The CE squadron will often fund it out of pocket at bases where it is not authorized at the expense of other requirements. Extra cables are goodness to give you guys more divert options, but they are equally important to keep engineers trained on them. Arresting gear requires daily, monthly, and annual MX. The Airmen installing mobile arresting systems at a contingency location may have only touched them at tech school and a couple of exercises if they deployed from a base without barriers. A lot can go wrong on if you catch a cable that is installed or maintained incorrectly. Something to consider when you guys are running the AF someday.
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