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  1. Proving once again that shoe-clerk is a state of mind, not an AFSC.
  2. As long as he isn't a complete moron, he's probably losing money with that plan. Take the 'free' healthcare, and get a grossly better-paying job on the outside.
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    this might change your mind...
  4. Interesting, as they are 'slats' on the -17...thanks for the reply. 🍻
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    sounds like you dodged a bullet...good luck dude
  6. The TSP 'C' fund has Microsoft...how far down the rabbit hole will they go? https://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-marijuana-tracking-software-2016-11 edit: and 'I' fund holds Novartis https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-18/tilray-goes-global-with-novartis-marijuana-sales-partnership
  7. they do have a history of questionable decisions...
  8. Or printing out and laminating cards that have your personal 'axioms' listed on them to pass out to your sq..🙄
  9. *Aviation incident* BODN: Don't speculate, let's wait for the official report *Capt gets fired* BODN: She banged a Blue Angel maintainer and possibly murdered people
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    3, switched investments to Vanguard
  11. Yes...you get 'free' healthcare from the VA for 5 years post-separation if you served in a combat zone. After that, only service-connected issues are 'free' (meds, appointments, etc). It's a pretty good deal; I've had nothing but good experiences with the VA despite the horror stories that dominate headlines, save for some extended delays in getting appointments.
  12. A B-2 flying from SZL to a range in South Korea absolutely has a 'direct effect' on the enemy (and our allies). Acquiring various MiGs for the Red Eagles programs had 'direct effects'. A Mud Hen doing a low-level show of force during a TiC leading to the enemy breaking contact is a 'direct effect'...
  13. Yeah, that's what I was referring to...there's been a significant drop-off in quality since his departure.
  14. Wow, JQP has really gone to shit.
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