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  1. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37131/u-2-spy-plane-got-new-target-recognition-capabilities-in-first-ever-in-flight-software-update
  2. have you been watching the news the last few months?
  3. Bro, do you really think people with different political views than you are literal traitors? I hope you are being hyperbolic...
  4. can you expand on what you're referencing here?
  5. wow...are you supplementing at all with additional cargo (not even sure if that's a thing)?
  6. bro, this is baseops...I think you're looking for www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts also, not a selfie.
  7. you know we sent like 4k+ 9 months ago, right?
  8. long overdue...time to end the "war on drugs" as we know it, too.
  9. Day Man

    Gun Talk

    did your neighbor have a Glock 43? If not, let her try something like that as it may be more manageable (single stack vs double stack) something else to consider: if you have a G23, you can buy a 9mm barrel and mag and easily shoot both calibers in less than 2 minutes. - ammo was cheap online (not sure about currently), but there are several sites that track ammo cost per round - blue label is a great deal (and now available to eligible veterans)
  10. Just completed my second IRRRL after working with Trident for the initial mortgage ... @Jon - Trident Home Loans and the team deliver again with painless service, great comms, and plenty of patience for dumb questions. Super easy process and ~1 month from my first email to Jon about the feasibility of a refi to closing.
  11. I'm with you on all of the above except for the bolded...curious of your thoughts/rationale behind it. BTW thanks for posting and providing a generally minority (for here) viewpoint.
  12. the data he's referencing is probably not fit for an open forum.
  13. Give this one a shot, I'm curious...
  14. i doubt underwing turbofan engines on a plane that short are dirt/rough-field capable...
  15. @MilitaryToFinance, what's your take on FNMA/FMCC now? I personally think there will be a wave of foreclosures in the next 6 months or so, but not sure how that affects these 2.
  16. Just watch this in between sets:
  17. there's a school now? it was just a club back in my day, and we didn't talk about.
  18. Spoiler alert: no one does.
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