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  1. Most people want to come back and work full time at the base. That’s not always possible because full time orders are not always in rampant supply. Most units are just looking to make sure that you’ve at least thought and considered the possibility that after you return and complete your seasoning orders, you have a plan in place to put food on the table for mama and the kids. If mama ain’t happy, nobody is happy and your flying will suffer because of it.
  2. mp5g

    F1 Thread

    I normally catch it on ESPN Sunday mornings.
  3. I would second what was said above but also add, stuff can be overlooked if the unit likes you. It is very difficult to like someone on paper alone. Have you done the groundwork and visited the unit in person? Do you have rapport with several of the members? If your unqualified application comes up in review and Capt So-and-so says, “this guy is a solid dude because xyz, regardless of not meeting the requirements,” his opinion should hold more weight than just what is represented on paper about you. For sure, it is an uphill battle but there are ways to mitigate you weaknesses by just getting to know the dudes that are making the hiring decisions. Second caveat, realize that you get a say as well. It is an interview to see if you are right for the unit, but also if the unit is right for you. If you go to visit and just don’t mesh with the location, or people, that’s an easy fix rather than finding out 5 years later that you don’t enjoy where you are working.
  4. 2. Another avenue of thought, if this doesn’t work out, in 30 years, do you think you’d always wonder “what if,” if you don’t send in a packet? Remove all doubt and apply. The worst thing that happens is you get told “no,” but then at least you know for sure and you didn’t leave your potential future up to an assumption.
  5. mp5g

    F1 Thread

    Absolutely. I’ll be curious to see how another week at the Austrian track takes its’ toll on the cars. What was it, lap 55ish when Mercedes was told to stop hitting the kerbs because of the damage it was doing to the gearboxes? I have no idea what type of modifications the teams will be able to make in such a short timeframe but it will be entertaining none the less.
  6. Sorry man. I’m fucked up. I had an issue with personnel in getting Post 9/11 GI bill benefits based on “active service.” That has tiers to it where if you have over 36 months of active service, you qualify for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. However, USC TITLE 38 still defines what order status qualifies as Active service, therefore you should be able to have the MPF cut a new DD214 showing your creditable service, which will be over the 90 days of Active service required for qualification. If my memory serves correct, I believe I had my Commander write a memo basically saying I would be on Active orders over 90 days which was accepted by the VA for my loan qualification. This has been about 7 years now so my memory may be a bit fuzzy but your time, as long as it is one of the order codes listed above should count for you.
  7. I don’t have the VA info in front of me but realize that there is a minimum time that counts towards qualification. I believe 36 months awards you 100% of the eligible benefits, whereas the minimum time only grants you the minimum benefits. You’d have to research a little on the VA website to get the full breakdown but you should qualify for something at this point.
  8. So I had to appeal to the Personnel Squadron on base to change my DD-214 to show that I had over the required amount of time to qualify for VA benefits. That allowed me to obtain a Certificate of Eligibilty for the VA reflecting that I qualified for 100% of the benefits. This is the email I sent to them. I brought out certain parts of US Code Title 38 as reference to reinforce why my orders counted, but I would go ahead and read all of the sections mentioned to strengthen your understanding when presenting your evidence to get the Active Duty days credited. // I'm going to apologize for the length of this email before you get into it. I've done some researching, and come across where my "training" will still count towards Active Duty. Looking at US Code (U.S.C.) Title 38, Part III, Chapter 33, Section 3301 Definitions (Caution-http://uscode.regstoday.com/38usc_chapter33.aspx < Caution-http://uscode.regstoday.com/38usc_chapter33.aspx > ) (1) The term "active duty" has the meanings as follows... (B) In the case of members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces, service on active duty under a call or order to active duty under section 688, 12301(a), 12301(d), 12301(g), 12302, or 12304 of title 10. (2) The term "entry level and skill training" means the following: (C) In the case of members of the Air Force, Basic Military Training and Technical Training Then looking at Section 3311. Educational assistance for service in the Armed Forces commencing on or after 9/11/2001: entitlement (a) Entitlement - Subject to subsections (d) and (e), each individual described in subsection (b) is entitled to educational assistance under this chapter. (b) Covered Individuals - An individual described in this subsection is any individual as follows: (1) An individual who - (A) commencing on or after 9/11/01, serves an aggregate of at least 36 months on active duty in the Armed Forces (including service on active duty in entry level and skill training); and (B) after completion of service described in subparagraph (A) (i) continues on active duty; or (ii) is discharged or released from active duty as described in subsection (c). *subsection (d) deal with ROTC and Military Academy time that doesn't count towards active duty service, and subsection (e) deals with an individual who doesn't have at least 36 months of active duty service. I've checked my orders, and I've been on Title 10 USC 12301(d) status for 1,370 days which is well over 36 months. Can I get my DD-214 to reflect this time so I can appeal my denial of VA benefits? // I hope this helps you. I know how frustrating it is, that once again you have to do someone else’s job just to prove that you are eligible for a benefit that is rightfully yours to qualify for. However, when the queep war gets too ridiculous, you really can’t go wrong with finding the US Code document that details what Congress approved. It is your official governing document and squashes all the “word of mouth” or “this is how we’ve always done it” mantras that continue to persist even after you have educated those people on the correct method.
  9. I could see a little disorganization but I walked in Day 1, Ground School for about 3 hours, went and flew a checkride profile then left for the day. Showed up Day 2 and took the oral (sts) exam followed by the Checkride profile. All in all, a quick and relatively easy way to get the ATP certificate. I think I was out of there in 36 hours with the license and minimum money spent.
  10. Dude, no harm no foul on the drinking front. We’ve had guys rush our unit that had the same feelings. They got around it by bringing a couple of boxes of Einstein Brothers bagels and coffee. It was also said earlier and is worth repeating, no specific bottle is going to get you hired, regardless of the price, rarity, or nostalgia. To be honest, the bottles I remember and appreciate the most were the ones that guys bought and then made them unique by attaching something squadron related to it or something else that is relevant to that particular applicant.
  11. Let’s hope the Chinese only attack during day, vmc conditions.
  12. Literally did that in a jet delivery to Hill several years ago. Denver center wanted me to head towards a point that I barely found on the low chart, but alas, no Lat/Long coords. Told the controller I needed Lat/Long and had him search for 6-9 mins before I got the proverbial, f**k it, fly this heading.
  13. Heard about that technique from a bud a few years ago when ATC starts giving you the runaround. You tell them you are searching for the point on your map as you push your power up to Mil or Min AB. When you start disrupting their flow and sequencing because of how you skip across their screen, they generally start to give you the vector you want.
  14. Yes. I was approved for a VA loan after UPT, and B-Course Title X orders.
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