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  1. I am not a personnelist, but this is how I understand it, and have seen it. The PTDY rule in your attached image only applies if you take your 10 days of "house hunting" leave before you final-out your loosing PDS. Example: You are stationed at Ramstein, you have orders to Langly, you choose to use your 10 days of "house hunting" leave before you pack-up and move to Langly, your current CC at Ramstein approves your PTDY to go house hunting, you leave the local area of Ramstein to take your 10 days, you return to Ramestein and sign back in with your current unit... Now, if don't exercise the option above, once you final-out your loosing PDS you begin your authorized travel days on your orders. You arrive to your new unit, sign-in, and the CSS or CC clears you off for your 10 days house hunting leave. Because you have signed in to your new PDS and you are no longer leaving the local area to conduct your house hunting there is no action required in LeaveWeb, and the rule you reference no longer applies Addressing your statement, "Anything wrong with moving OS to CONUS where I show up at my base living in TLF, take my 10 days PTDY (already approved by my losing cc) then BEFORE signing in, I take 2 weeks leave, sign in after which is still well before my RNLT?" Kind of a grey area where its probably best to get a sanity check with the gaining unit. If you are trying to leave the local area of your new PDS while using the 10 days of house hunting than your plan is probably not Kosher. If anything, count the two weeks of normal leave you want to use in-between signing-out and signing-in PDSs. Then formally sign-in and begin your 10 days.
  2. AC&W

    Pilot watches

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Watchexchange/ https://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/ (requires forum activity) Ultimately posting in either site (among others) will get you on the following site... https://www.watchrecon.com
  3. Used it for years. Cash back > travel rewards IMO. Costco Visa is best cash back for gas and restaurants.
  4. They do this similarly on the E side as well. A 30 year SSgt is a master at blocking the BS.
  5. The Canadian Armed Forces have a common, gender and age neutral fitness evaluation. I've tried it, and believe it captures an appropriate intent. Not sure how it's received across their population though. https://www.cafconnection.ca/National/Programs-Services/For-Military-Personnel/Military-Fitness/FORCE-Program/FORCE-Evaluation.aspx
  6. I have zero experience with these guys, but Tandy Leather out of Ft Worth might have resources for you.
  7. COCOM it is... https://www.defense.gov/explore/story/Article/1717200/pence-space-command-will-integrate-military-space-capabilities/
  8. Bar napkin legalese... US Law does not cap number of COCOMs. http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title10/subtitleA/part1/chapter6&edition=prelim UCP is a “plan” of the executive branch.
  9. The beans still left uncounted are the costs of hiring, training, and equipping a blue suiter, then compensating and providing healthcare for them and their dependent(s) over a lifetime if retirement eligible.
  10. I don't believe so, and leave status will affect travel entitlements. Double check, but I don't believe the assignments AFI permits departure from current duty station prior to DEROS month without GO level approval. I don't recall the specifics of the leave AFI's mention of leave beginning and ending in local area, or if the AFI address leave in-conjunction with PCS. JTR address leave status during travel status, essentially your JTR entitlements pause while leave interrupts your travel status. The gaining MPF will want a hard date you departed last duty station (final out'd your current duty station), and will possibly throw a flag if that date is before your DEROS month, or while you are in leave status. Finance will want to know when to charge you leave versus travel days. I believe in order for the plan to work your current orderly room folks would have to process your leave, to include inputting a return date...then they would have to input your departed last duty station date (final out), which would have to be the day after your leave return date AND be in your DEROS month...your travel day entitlements will begin the day after your final out. Signing in from leave and final-ing out your last duty station while you are on the road to your next duty station will probably raise some eyebrows. My knowledge on all this is dated but I researched it all when I left my assignment in Canada eight years ago.
  11. Technically the 367-80 was developed in Boeing's gamble to create a long range jet aircraft. The Dash-80 prototype led to the commercial 707 and military KC-135. "Both planes shared the basic design of the Dash 80 but were very different airplanes, neither one being a derivative of the other." http://www.boeing.com/history/products/707.page
  12. AC&W

    Pilot watches

    Minimalist for dress: https://www.slow-watches.com/the-store/slow-jo-38mm? For work & workouts: Casio G-Shock
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