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  1. Looks like the far left propagandists of the media WANT this to be their Reichstag moment. They’re just as dangerous as the rioters from both fringes of the political spectrum who protest through violence. I sincerely hope there are enough moderates left, who don’t buy into the identity politics lie, to save us from continuing down the script of history. We are on a dark path. Edit to add: the propaganda I’m seeing out of the ‘conservative’ media is also idiotic and is furthering the identity politic divide.
  2. Well, there’s this language in the NDAA. “The committee believes that the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) should make every effort to fully utilize the total force to meet aircrew training and operational requirements in platforms like the AC–130J, CV–22, MC–12W, and A–29 in order to meet the requirements of the National Defense Strategy (NDS).”
  3. Guardian basic...guardian...guardian first class...senior guardian...?
  4. Call me simple, but I see the utility of a functional pt test. 100m sprint (can I get away from a burning airplane/building) 800m weighted carry (can I do work without causing a burden to someone else) Record the times of each, but set the standard by career field.
  5. TERA expired a few years ago as an option for the services. Congress would have to put it in the NDAA again. That takes time.
  6. Just take the afoqt. If you do poorly, study a bit and retake it a few months later with no penalty. No stress there compared to MCAT. Also, get the idea of wasting people’s time out of your head. If you’re qualified and have potential, that’s why recruiter jobs exist. If you’re not, there will be no secret, and they’ll be the first to tell you you’re wasting time. Just do it (and build up some hours).
  7. You are so young, you’re not closing any doors. Do your premed bachelors. You need a bachelors to become a military pilot. Join rotc, apply for ots at the end, and rush guard units. Also apply for medical school. If you get picked up to be a military pilot, you win (please note, if you don’t make it through medical screening, you’re not beholden to a contract with a desk job). If you don’t get picked up, medical school is a great backup, and you still win. If you still have the military itch after med school, you can always join and become a flight surgeon. You get to fly with the pi
  8. You’re 20? Partway done with premed bachelors? If that’s the case, you’re not dropping anything by still completing that bachelors. If you get turned down for UPT, you’ll still have your current path as a fallback. That bachelors can work for getting into UPT. If you were already far enough down the path to have real opportunity cost (practicing successful physician, complete with 8 years of school plus residency), my advice would be different.
  9. Last time we tried that was 2012. He lost to hostile media propagandists, a false narrative, and due to an accurate remark that was taken out of context.
  10. Taxes are based on income and transactions, not net worth. Unless you are wealthy and live in California.
  11. He said he’d pay from the general fund, not forgive. That said, I don’t think he has the discretionary authority to do that without an appropriation. He might be able to donate that amount from his personal funds though...
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