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  1. Wing Re-Org Test

    So, if functions are pulled to A-staff if they support multiple sqs across the wing, why is there still a comm sq instead of straight A6? Barring cyber, doesn't that (and most of the other MSG functions) belong under that umbrella?
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Yep, dude finally snapped out of the troll identity a few crises ago, made a few value-added posts, then disappeared for awhile.
  3. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    It's already in there... "(7) Subjecting another person to excessive or abusive use of water"
  4. Future T-38 replacement?

    Sounds exactly like lockheed's brief during the F-35 factory tour I went on 10 years ago. They were bragging that they wanted a 'virtual gear handle' to go with all the other touchscreen tech, but DOD made them put in a real handle so pilots would feel better about it...
  5. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Good eyeball. Assuming 3 degree glideslope for the aircraft, along with wingspan and ground features, I have the suas at 1270 Agl.
  6. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    If you're a math nerd, you can calculate this idiot's altitude and clearance from the plane based on the geometry of the aircraft and ground features.. To get you started, the plane is on approximately a 3.5 mile final to rwy 25 at KLAS. Cheers.
  7. SNL Call Sign Skit

    MQ9 SOs aren't the only community that uses/screws up gimbals.
  8. I need some advice

    Throughout your career, you'll face a number of key choices from which there is no return. I can say with confidence that I have no regrets for any choice I've made that was based on what I love or who I love. The only ones I wish I could take back were ALL centered on 'what will this do for my career?' Follow your passion, and take care of the people that are close to you.
  9. Go find an officer recruiter. Or a guard unit. Really, REALLY, just go to OTS. Don't bother enlisting with hopes of maybe getting commissioned later.
  10. The Next President is...

    Why not? Her dad was until a few years ago.
  11. Excellent points. My list for sustainability aligns pretty closely, but with some amplifying points, in priority order... 1. Dwell. And it needs to be implemented yesterday. If there were 1000 F-16 pilots and 1000 F-16s, the AF would balk at a COCOM request for 1000 tails. The same should be true for maxing CAPs. Dwell doesn't need to be 2:1 or even 1:1. Make it 1:2 (programmed) like everyone else. Dwell needs to be by squadron. An entire squadron should spend four months preparing to fight a specific 5-6 CAPs for two months, and then hand the fight over to another squadron to prepare again. That's three squadrons sharing each CAP, three 6-CAP squadrons for every 6 CAPs, etc. There are not enough squadrons today to do that, so we should cut CAPs today. If we really need 60+ to survive/win our various wars, build enough squadrons to support that. "Because we're used to that many" isn't sufficient justification. 2. One daddy rabbit. MQ-9s shouldn't be split between two different MAJCOMs with two different priority sets. Having a bit of experience in both, my opinion is that the better strategic alignment for the MQ-9 is the MAJCOM that has the preponderance of other M-designated aircraft. If AFSOC does take over, yes that means Creech should be the third AFSOC base, and it should have all the BOS a normal base gets. Regardless, no major base should be the tenant of a host wing that's over an hour away. 3. Stop managing the manpower, policy, and systems as "RPAs". It's literally the only aircraft that's categorized according to its cockpit design. The only similarity between the MQ-9 and the RQ-4 is that the fly-by-wire goes through a satellite datalink. They are no more similar than a C-17 and F-15 that both have glass cockpits. 4. Companion (alpha) trainers are a great idea, but only during dwell, not combat. We need to be building airmanship for our 18x pilots beyond the 39 hours they get during IFS. I like the Cirrus SR22s the academy uses due to the minimal life support requirement.
  12. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Turns out, the plan is to make flying 'fun'? https://www.defensenews.com/news/your-air-force/2018/01/16/virtual-skies-air-force-hopes-fun-tech-transforms-pilot-learning/
  13. Tuition Assistance Question!

    1. Read this. http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_te/publication/afi99-107/afi99-107.pdf 2. Don't sacrifice being the best pilot by splitting your attention on a degree that won't get you closer to your goal. Every iceberg can only hold so many penguins. 3. TPS gives you another masters.
  14. Tuition Assistance Question!

    Hazlewood only works once you've used up TA. And only if you're a Texan.