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  1. Performance is measured through OCO funding.
  2. This has quickly become one of the most useful threads in this forum. So much wisdom here. Should be required reading for new studs. Except the AOB/VSI thing.
  3. Look outside. Listen to the engine. Keep the ball in the middle until you can feel yaw in the seat. Trim until you can control with minute inputs. Be deliberate but smooth. Learn all the intellectual stuff the IPs say. Most of all, fly the airplane first. You'll be fine.
  4. The rml490 is a great rack. If you want to mark the holes on the uprights, those little peel and stick numbers from hobby lobby work really well without being permanent. I have the rml flat foot, and I’ve had those on it for a little over a year now. There’s so much you can do with your setup.
  5. I built a ridiculously nice home gym after quitting CrossFit a few years ago. The base gyms just never had the stuff I needed for my programming, and I hate sharing equipment. It really started paying off when my wife joined me and my kids embraced a fitness culture. To answer the above question, I’ll give my 2 cents about rogue. Their stuff is nice and lasts forever. It also carries incredible resale value. I’ve upgraded my power rack twice, and both times I sold them for only $20-30 below my purchase price. When you account for retained value, rogue is much cheaper than the cheap stuff.
  6. “He who controls the language controls the masses.”
  7. Boots on the moon by 2024
  8. Because the A1 and AFPC cohort believe they have to keep the blinders on the middle 80% to retain sufficient numbers of eligibles for senior positions. Everybody knows who #1 is, and most people know who #2 is. We all also know who the bottom 10% are. The trick is making #3 thru #75 all believe they’re #3 and that they have a chance. That way, they’re all willing to do the things that are expected of #3 and if #3 thru #25 all punch, we can pretend #26 was #3 all along, and he’ll believe it. If the middle thinks they’re, out of the running, A1 and AFPC will lose their denominator.
  9. https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/517671300
  10. And yet Texas has one of the best effective reproduction rates, with some of the highest fidelity data. https://rt.live/#learn-more
  11. Interesting you say that. 30-50% of patients tested at the Chicago Roseland hospital already have the antibody. https://chicagocitywire.com/stories/530092711-roseland-hospital-phlebotomist-30-of-those-tested-have-coronavirus-antibody
  12. And when you start arresting people for peaceable assembly for the redress of grievances to the government, we’ve gone from safety to power. According to the Raleigh NC police department, “Protesting is a non-essential activity.” The protesters were requesting that the their state decriminalize their ability to work and provide for their families https://mobile.twitter.com/raleighpolice/status/1250111779574894594
  13. All the tax rules are written into the legislation for it. They were pretty clear, and it would be politically untenable to directly reverse it.
  14. It’s an additional credit, paid in advance.
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