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  1. HU&W

    SOS/ACSC information

    If you're up for school, check psdm.
  2. HU&W

    The Next President is...

    NS, I'm struggling to respond. You said my post wasn't accurate, then you described how the Obama admin knew better, but they did it anyway. I'm in violent agreement with most of your post. They academically knew better than trusting in their durable reich, but they overstepped anyway and created their own monster.
  3. HU&W

    The Next President is...

    I'm convinced that both he and Obama thought it never would. At a minimum, they felt they had 8 more years of helping the GOP adjust even more to the left before it did. After all, they had deep state, MSM, and the entirety of academia in their hip pocket. How could they fail?
  4. HU&W

    The Next President is...

    Nuclear option Pen and Phone
  5. CSAF: How can we retain pilots without resorting to stop loss? AFPC & A1: Hold my beer.
  6. They can publish a GM to immediately 'fix the glitch' while it goes through full review or awaits republication of the next version. This would restore some level of the institutional integrity that was lost by them saying one thing and doing another.
  7. HU&W

    Space Force

    I'm hoping that 'space' includes cyberspace. It's a better fit than what we have now.
  8. HU&W

    Space Force

    Only one suitable logo.
  9. I finished my first year of college with less than a 1.0 GPA. I graduated with a 3.2. It was hard work to get there. Developing self improvement through learning goal setting isn't hard to explain. My advice? Go fly. Then fly some more. Then get a few more hours. Then apply to every unit that's hiring.
  10. Almost certainly. However, our perceived institutional integrity is pretty low after the last decade of CSAFs' words not matching the organization's actions. I can almost guarantee that the general populace will judge this change on its effects, not intent.
  11. Half tempted to downgrade my qol after retirement to go fully debt free (including house) so my hobbies and the work I do to generate revenue can be the same thing.
  12. HU&W

    “Red is the new Green”

    Excellent post. One add. No more equating morale to donating $5 to the booster club to wear civilian clothes on Friday. We're the military, and we need to build morale by getting really good at killing bad people and breaking their stuff.
  13. HU&W

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    This way they can get pilots to show their cards. Also, their hr people tell them that when people feel like they're applying for something, they are happier when they're 'accepted'. Really, this just feels like AMC sanctioning a career strategy that already exists.
  14. Don't we have to fix the current crisis before the pendulum swings back again?
  15. HU&W

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Tricare South combines w/ Tricare East. The only urgent care in our town was previously covered under South. Couldn't get an appointment on base for an ear infection for my kid. Lady on appt line said to take her to that clinic for urgent care. Now tricare says it's my bill to pay because the clinic is categorized by Tricare East as 'immediate' instead of 'urgent'. Called the clinic. Billing clerk says they're trying to collect from hundreds of local tricare patients, most of whom are angry... They just keep finding ways to chip away at benefits, especially the ones that mean the most to our dependents.