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  1. “In vogue” means something is in style or generally preferred. “Out of vogue” means something is no longer in style or preferred. “Straight out of Vogue” means something is really in style.
  2. I prefer a three piece flight suit
  3. I actually like the battlefield airman tier 2 test. Way too complex for the masses, but a much more relevant assessment.
  4. If you buy coreldraw, you can do it too. Super easy. Barely an inconvenience.
  5. Maybe we should use doctors to identify health risks. Roll the body comp into the pha and use medical solutions for medical problems. If you absolutely must use nonmedical fitness testers for a ‘health’ assessment, mitigate with an inbody scanner for visceral fat level, not a meaningless tape measure. If I we’re king for a day, I’d make it simple, functional, and occupationally relevant. 4 part test, no gender bias. No universal. ‘passing score.’ Minimums are based on AFSC with potential different standards for accession and for retention. Retention decisions are completely commander’s business. 1. Squat - 75% body weight - max reps in 5 minutes - 25 reps max - 1 point per rep 2. Overhead press - 33% body weight - max reps in 5 minutes - 25 reps max - 1 point per rep 3. Deadlift - body weight - max reps in 5 minutes - 25 reps max - 1 point per rep 4. 20m shuttle run - max 20m lengths in 5 minutes - 25 reps max - 1 point per length
  6. Gender neutral and age neutral pt test. Run a mile and a half. Calculate your vo2 max from your run time. Multiply by your height and divide by your waist size. Voila, pt score. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/03/19/gender-neutral-fitness-test-for-all-air-force-considering-running-based-formula/
  7. Check parent paragraph. Only applies when in performance of flight crew duties. 8.12.3. When worn in the performance of flight crew duties, aircrew must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the full protective properties of the uniform are maintained:
  8. Jan 22, 2019. Russian TU-22 hard landing to crash.
  9. I fully expect the light attack will be this. But with a ball, and armed.
  10. To him. We have too few heroes in this world that deserve looking up to. He was one. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/01/14/air-force-legend-medal-of-honor-recipient-joe-jackson-dies-at-95/
  11. Not all weapons create kinetic effects.
  12. A few other gems from the article to consider. AETC seems to be working hard to keep the retention crisis going. Interesting that the investigators did these focus discussion groups with people that did not have first-hand knowledge. It makes me question what they were trying to prove. Out of? This statement is completely meaningless without a denominator. And this one made me laugh... Especially after this post on TPN a few days ago
  13. The article never said what happened to the jogger. Did he ever get his motrin?
  14. HU&W


    But we paid millions of dollars to use those licensed terms...that work so well on college campuses.
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