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  1. Full text here. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/eo-order-selected-reserve-certain-members-individual-ready-reserve-armed-forces-active-duty/ It’s for IRR and SR. He maxed out the statutory authority of 1mil in a national emergency. Also, the emergency means that they can be used for disaster relief or to suppress an insurrection (not allowed without emergency authorities).
  2. Which community are you a part of? I’ve never heard either phrase.
  3. That was possibly the most consequential speech of Trump’s presidency. It had to be perfect. Too many clarifications had to be issued in the hours afterward on basic policy issues. The underlying message was meant to instill confidence, but the inconsistencies created confusion. He presented it well, but his staff didn’t do him any favors.
  4. First of all, get palace chase out of your mind. The likelihood is extremely low. If you’re always focused on an early exit, you’ll continue to perform in the middle of the pack, and your options will reflect that. In terms of family stuff, welcome to the party. I had my 4th kid during ENJJPT over a decade ago and my 5th during an AFSOC ops assignment. It doesn’t get easier, for you or the spouse. That said, once you get to your squadron, you’ll find that most people are doing the family thing. It’s a big shift from upt. For airframe, there was some good advice above. I’ve been in many communities and fwiw, I like flying low and making explosions. I also like hanging out with people who enjoy those things, because they make me better. Figure out what you want, and then do that.
  5. HU&W

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

  6. Lieutenants should be taciturn and not heard.
  7. Key to the discussion is COMAFSOC’s comment from the article, “SOCOM needs the aircraft to provide responsive fire support “right there where they need it,” meaning it must operate with a small footprint in an austere deployed location alongside the troops it will support.”. That doesn’t read to me like a centralized low-density asset.
  8. https://www.ustranscom.mil/cmd/www_igform.cfm for transcom IG. Most likely to get direct resolution. https://www.dodig.mil/Components/Administrative-Investigations/DoD-Hotline/ for DOD hotline compliant. They’ll send it to transcom Ig for resolution and provide oversight and require follow up. Letter to congressman.
  9. Airlift and RPA here. Great comments above, so I’ll just add one point. When I look back at my career, 100% of the things I was involved in that made the news, moved the needle on national security, or will be recorded as a footnote in an obscure history text happened in the RPA. Yes the majority of time in the seat in RPA is boring compared to manned. But you rarely have to wonder if the interesting times matter.
  10. As much as it seems it shouldn’t, these things matter. Look at the stumbles in the AF over the last 30 years in logo/motto/slogan/creed/uniforms as we’ve tried to balance modernization with heritage and culture (all while fighting for relevance). They need to get this right, so heritage and culture can grow from the start.
  11. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and _________?
  12. So, it’s official. It’s in the NDAA. And there’s a website. https://www.spaceforce.mil Looks like everyone that was in AFSPC is now in the USSF. They’re still Airmen in the Air Force, but will transition in the next 18 months
  13. I knew Cole personally. We are from the same hometown. He was an awesome example to my teenage boys; they really looked up to him. He had an awesome wife and two little girls. Here’s the link to the official go fund me for the family. https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-condiff-family If you want to get a glimpse into his character, here’s his deployment reunion at last years MLB all star game.
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