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  1. arg

    Texas Church Shooting

    There is a certain Baptist church in these here parts where the preacher has a gun under his bible during the sermon. Open carry is welcome and has been for several years.
  2. arg

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    Read the Flight Characteristics section in the J-1. Plane did just what it said.
  3. Can't paste for some reason. Google Capt. Leon Brown IV of Minot Oops, I guess this happened in 2012
  4. arg

    Farewell, Old Girl

    That's how it is at ABQ. You could've flown Herks for 15 years and when you go through they are going to (re)teach you how the gear goes up and down.
  5. arg

    Standing up the 23AF as MAJCOM

    Vito, don't recall being on that one. Sounds like you were staying in Clarksville. I'm sure I drank a paychecks worth of beer there. There are several stories about other ones that I'm not sure of the statute of limitations on. Quotes not working
  6. arg

    Standing up the 23AF as MAJCOM

    Don't forget to add the fact we started getting Oakleys, black gortex, Danners and Eagle Industries gear. But then somebody did some math and figured out we bought enough Oakleys to give every man, woman, child and their dog on Hurlburt ten pair. Oh man! I miss those JRTs Vito. Hotels, rental cars, per diem, hot n cold runnin babes. Never did find my flip flop in that ditch between the bar and my hotel in Pooler, GA though.
  7. arg

    Gun Talk

    Thought this was pretty cool. My son is a High school Junior and his class is holding a raffle. The prize? A rifle and scope, 308 Cal. How many schools nowadays would let the kids raffle off a gun? Me thinks not too many.
  8. arg

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    Any MC-H/J drops? They are also a cool flying gig and more options for assignments.
  9. arg

    AC-130 AFSOC Questions

    If you don't learn to spell Hurlburt you will be sent to Cannon.
  10. arg

    Happy 60th, Mighty Herk

    I know how it feels Spoo, KHRT to LIPA. However, we did it in an H at 10,000 ft, 1010 and 215 it took forever!
  11. arg

    Happy 60th, Mighty Herk

    21 years and 6500 hours, never emtied my bucket of luck. Consider myself very fortunate. :beer: to Willis Hawkins and the awesome folks I had the privilege of flying with on the Herk.
  12. New reports indicate he was above the wheel well. If so he had to be skinny to get up there.
  13. arg

    AC-130 Gunship info

    I guess I lobbed that one a little high. Let's just hope this one doesn't take even half as long as the U model did.
  14. arg

    AC-130 Gunship info

    It's officially an AFSOC asset now. The rims are painted black.