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  1. I'll give another wack at this thread revival. I'll be looking for a full-time AGR gig when I get back to my unit in a few months. I know it takes time and I have to pay my dues, but with that being said, is it feasible to live off of bumb pay and even buy a house? Taxes are high so I could expect a 2k month mortgage. Also, for those that have been around for a while, if the economy tanks do you think the money will dry up as well? I know it's DoD funded but if there's anyone still around from the last recession that could give some insight on their experience it would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. LC’s out in NY is a good unit that I’ve heard can be a challenge to get into. This means basically nothing but just my .02
  3. Right, by trade off's I mean redeaming features of the AFRC. And I couldn't agree more, AFRC on an AD base would be no bueno. And for what it's worth, AFRC gals go to GS-11 At 300 hours which includes UPT time, so you should start there at the end of seasoning. A little better. Not throwing Spears just correcting the record. I'm just trying to wrap my a cranium around the differences in pay between AFRC and ANG. I don't want to believe that the reserve's just pay their peeps less for the same job (more deployments) as ANG to save a few bucks. Right?
  4. I think something worth mentioning, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, is although ANG starts at 13 those slots are harder to come by (especially in heavy units) than in the AFRC (especially for low time 1Lt types). In the AFRC, from what I understand, you’re guaranteed a technician slot as soon as you’re off seasoning. Plus AFRC has more $$. Obviously this will vary but I feel like AFRC has more financial stability than the ANG. Thats the only the trade off I can come up with when comparing the two. I’m a guard guy looking at switching to AFRC and I’m gonna miss the good ol state militia, but as far as setting up shop and building time with a solid financial plan I think AFRC is might be the way to go.
  5. I don't think there's an osprey option in the ANG/AFRC.
  6. Nice, thanks for that. Looks like the reserves gets the short end of the stick again.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the people reaching out in DMs with helpful gouge. Is it better to cold call DO’s or have my current commander reach out? My CC is a great dude that’s doing everything he can to help, I’m trying to take the initiative to make the calls first. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey guys, I was a guard dude with a viper slot and now I’m just a guard dude with wings. I got a lot of things to figure out but I wanted to jump on this forum and see if anyone out there has insight on the process from here. I was told to go find a new unit but anyone that knows anything about securing a good job in the guard will tell you it’s not that easy. One of my biggest questions; how do I go from ANG to AFRC? I know what you’re thinking, “don’t do it!” But my situation paired with my desire for a particular part of the country is driving that move. Has anyone here done it? All I’ve heard is “it’s hard to do” and the “AFRC is a shitty deal” can anyone please give me guidance. There’s legitimately no one else I can ask. Thanks
  9. Nuggets up. Got a call today from the retention office. The guard is giving away 20k bonus to pilots and those in pilot training. Does anyone know if AFRC is doing the same? Asking for a friend.
  10. Did anyone here interview with Alaska on this last board? or recently?
  11. Hey guys, Looking for some guidance for a buddy of mine. We are currently in UPT and he has managed to dislocate his shoulder and was medically DQ'd. Unfortunately, he had dislocated it previously years ago and gotten surgery. The surgery seemed to have taken and he was granted a waiver. Now that he has dislocated it again he was DQ'd because of "shoulder instability" and was told by the flight docs that he is done. I can provide more details as required but the big picture question I'm getting at is; will the ANG be able to work some drug deal and approve him to continue training? Maybe through an ETP or somthing? (I have no clue what I'm talking about). In other words, he lost his FC1 But can the loving arms of the guard pull him in and save his ass? Of course there's red tape with ditching his ADSC and them wanting a broken stud but is this in any way conceivable? He's a good dude and maybe just grasping at straws but figured it was worth asking here. Thanks for the help
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