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  1. zach braff

    Drone Pilots: We Don’t Get No Respect

    No worries - but as a comm dude I'll second 17D guy... AFSPC sucks. The network and cyber stuff will be much better with ACC.
  2. zach braff

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    USFJ just added on a curfew of 0000-0500 for all military, in addition to the alcohol ban. I never would have imagined I'd say this, but if anyone over there needs a little freedom come on out to Korea. Soju flows freely til 0100! zach braff
  3. zach braff

    North Korea at it again

    Just want to make sure all my fighter buddies know what they're up against if the sh-t goes down. Check out this North Korea Pilot Training video... These dudes should not be taken lightly. ZB
  4. zach braff

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Check a few posts ago - was direct from AFPC's .mil site. It's on the main portal now as well. http://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1309770/air-force-announces-100-percent-promotion-opportunity-to-major/
  5. zach braff

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    Ref the article on the program from the then O-5 (now O-6, maybe the program worked). It was written as advice from AFPAK Hands towards standing up APAC Hands - same program but for the Pacific. I remember hearing about APAC Hands and even reading homeboy's article, but it looks like the Navy was the only service that has rolled with the APAC program. I'd do that one for a few years and build some relationships over Mai Thais and sushi on the beaches across Asia. ZB
  6. zach braff

    That Cyber Thread

    Made my day when I saw the news this week. It will be a good thing to have the network run by a community that understands there is more of a mission than just the network. Perhaps my cries of "your nonsensical fvcking rules are hurting my wing's ability to launch jets" might fall on an ear that gives a sh-t. zb
  7. zach braff

    That Cyber Thread

    Maybe not the best way to do so, but I think I see where the kid was going here. With the new C2 construct we have to fight for what limited resources we can get to fix issues, and it appears this squadron might be trying to prioritize based on mission. If he uses this data to gain a higher priority for your ticket (vs. the personnelist who has a ticket because facebook is slow), you may get your sh-t fixed faster. Probably could have been better staffed/advertised in your wing though. Of course they should probably know most of this stuff already... In our sq we have a standing rule that units directly involved in our wing's core missions get priority, however, at this point very few of our major issues/tickets can be handled in house. We have a good pic internally of what missions are out there and impact of these tickets to provide when we have push them up, but sometimes we try to get a better picture so we can fight to have 24 AF actually fix our sh-t instead of letting it sit in a black hole. Again - just trying to give the kid the benefit of the doubt...looks like they may have the right idea, but an approach that needs work. Or he could be an idiot (or worse have idiot leadership), but there may be another side to the story. A call to the Sq/CC or DO should fix easily. ZB
  8. zach braff

    That Cyber Thread

    We are pissed off. Basically AFSPC added a new layer in between your base comm squadrons and the 24 AF units that have the majority of actual control over the network. So we're not allowed to call the squadrons that do all the network sh-t that affects our base anymore. We have to go through our MAJCOM - thing is, they didn't tell the MAJCOMs about this, they just up a did this sh-t on 1 February. Most MAJCOMs have a reporting cell to provide network SA and mission impact to the A3 & CC, but they are not resourced to control/coordinate...well, AFSPC has decided they'll have to do it anyway.
  9. zach braff

    That Cyber Thread

    Maaaaan I knew there wasn't gonna be a bonus. Oh sure, eventually they'll drop something but forgive me if I was skeptical from the moment I saw this even as the rest of the career field is flipping out. I got nothing else to do so I'll take it but I doubt I'll be eligible now as I'm edging within a couple months of what the initial stated eligibility was. Hope you're able to enjoy it if you're sticking around though! zb
  10. zach braff

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Lstcause257. The cutoff date would be whatever date your SR signs your PRF. All items in the PRF are supposed to be cited from OPRs, TRs, DECs, but SRs always have wiggle room. So if you have a big award or something, it shouldn't be a problem. Your wing may have their own process, but an MFR from your CC stating the award (with documentation like the official announcement) going up with your PRF package should cover it. I had a few items in my PRF and previous RRFs that were recent and not-yet in OPRs and there were no issues at the MFR or at the board. Good luck. zb
  11. zach braff

    Promotion and PRF Information

    A Super P is a P with a bottom line stating "if I had one more DP," "my next DP if I had one," or something to that effect - effectively making the recipient that #1 of the P stack. They're not tracked officially, but its about the best chance of getting promoted with a P provided the records are there to back it up.
  12. zach braff

    Next Chief of Staff

    That would be cool - especially as he hasn't even mentioned a possible contender - not even as unlikely backup choice. At least that I've seen anyway.
  13. zach braff

    Osan AB info

    Revival - Had orders to Hawaii - that just changed with a phone call. Off to the RoK... One question I wonder if anyone might have info on as I don't yet have a sponsor. Being assigned to a key billet/controlled tour - which is good for Command Sponsorship - but is that gonna require that I live on base? Can't find anything on what the policy is for housing but really prefer to be off base. zb
  14. zach braff

    Hawaii (Hickam) info

    Thanks. Yeah I'm aware of the challenges on place-finding & schools. I think we may go private for the kiddo so we're not further limited by getting the place with the right school assignment - then we'll just attack whatever we can find on craigslist as soon as we hit the island. And I know we won't be saving a ton of money going off base either. What can you do. Was seeking more on the lifestyle in the area. From looking at Kailua and hearing from friends who have lived there, I picture it as laid back, lots of BBQing out back and trips into town for the beaches & coffee & brews… Is that close? zb
  15. zach braff

    Hawaii (Hickam) info

    Bump. Off to Hickam this summer. What's the latest? We have a no-on-base-unless-forced-to rule and a kid starting kindergarten… Looking at the Kailua & Kaneohe areas, anyone have experience around there or anywhere else that is cool to live? zb