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  1. Osprey doing Osprey things. Thankfully not as bad as Fleet Week in 2010. https://www.military.com/video/aircraft/marine-corps-aircraft/osprey-incident-in-staten-island-ny-1/664023920001
  2. Just confirmed with AvB Program office- no bonus options for 11R’s due to manning. The new fact sheets and documents are also on Mypers.
  3. I picked up a Class-A RV and that is the retirement plan for my wife and I when the kids are out of the house. We have had vacations at Virginia Beach, Coronado Island, Pensacola, Corpus Christi, etc all at $30-$35 a night. If you can deal with the smaller space, it may be a good alternative to a dedicated summer home or Air BnB. Cheers!
  4. I think this really depends on the location of the FTU. Co-located FTU’s requiring a PCA are usually pretty desirable because they come with a T-Code for your AFSC and a BMC status that can shield you from some of the unwanted deployments. I’ve never been to Altus, but I can imagine for some of the MAF MWS’s it can be an entirely different experience and a bit less desirable.
  5. Agreed- I have flown with outstanding enlisted guys with Commercial/ATP backgrounds and never did they feel the need (or want) to wear Pilot wings or “instruct” my students on how to fly. To the op, I would bring this up on your EOC critique if this is an enlisted FTU instructor or talk to your Chief Pilot about it if you don’t feel like you can approach the member directly. Sharing his experience in and out of the Air Force is fine for debrief but this guy sounds like a possible CRM nightmare for an inexperienced/young AC.
  6. My Dad went the UPT-H route in the early 80’s. Him and a few of his buddies ended up eventually going back through Vance for a Fixed Wing Qual program. It probably isn’t as bad now, but promotion rates were pretty abysmal in the rotary world and if you wanted to make it to O-4/5, going fixed wing was the better guarantee. Though I miss some of Rainman’s advice, I think he realized he needed to take a step away from baseops. I believe M2 or Clearedhot may have addressed it a few years ago in another thread. Cheers!
  7. The practice was written into our OG/Sup to the v2. The intent was to minimize workload for the evaluator being able to send a single email that would “brief” sq leadership and assist with the Go/No-Go process. We routinely jumped between two Ops squadrons and an FTU so sometimes it was a scheduling snafu trying to find 1522’s or a temp Form 8 located at the other squadrons before the final was signed. This email helped alleviate that.
  8. Based off those locations tracking T-38’s and getting into ACC/AFGSC might be your best bet. Friday MWS briefs are a pretty common occurrence so stay on the lookout for those. If you are at CBM you can send me a DM and I can put you in contact with someone from any of these communities.
  9. Depends on the community. In my old unit after a checkride, a temporary Form 8 would be sent out by the evaluator to all the leadership/evaluators in the group. Guys and Gals receiving commendables and EQ’s would generally be considered for upgrades sooner during the training review boards than those who received downgrades or Q-2/3’s. You can also tie it in to a flying bullet on your OPR as a Result. “Cmd’d XX sorties; completed xx Trng events—earned Q-1 w/commendables”
  10. Quick shoutout for Trident Home Loans. I recently worked with Jon, Bri, and Lisa and they did a great job getting us a low rate and expediting our contract closing ten days ahead of schedule. All of our inquiries were answered in a timely manner and I would definitely use them again!
  11. Could be. My information is based on what the functional said to me over the phone and experiences of some of my squadron members.
  12. PM Sent- what was relayed to me from the AETC functional; CONUS PIT TDY’s can expect out-and-backs for the foreseeable future due to the possible start date changes. My class and a friends class start date rolled two months from the original RIP date.
  13. G550 has been greenlighted with two airplanes already ordered to replace the EC. The plan is to continue acquiring one airframe per year as we slowly replace and retire the EC-130H. The timeline is still fluid but there is no longer a hold on the contract.
  14. See post on Page 2, information is relatively the same. Feel free to send me a PM if you have additional questions.
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