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  1. https://www.newsweek.com/aclu-counsel-warns-unchecked-power-twitter-facebook-after-trump-suspension-1560248
  2. Funny that the congressional findings basically implicate... Congress. And who's responsible to create fixes for the congressionally created problems? Not sure, but I am pretty sure it won't be congress. I bet the next budget post Trillions $$ spending on COVID will fix the root cause.
  3. Every day I hit the start of my airspace time at the entry point I'm at a specific place at a specific time.
  4. Can't believe I overlooked this gem. Here are a list of sorties that must also be defrauding the govt since the pilot gets no training on them: - Depot deliveries / returns - TDY cross country - AOS movements - Every demo (TBirds, Raptor, Viper, Hog) - Airshow static displays - FCF - Every combat sortie
  5. Well let's see. You said: "Training (or recruitment objectives) damn well better factor into every flight you take." And: "And yeah, a flyover might be light on legitimate training objectives, but if you can't learn something from one, you're doing it wrong." Perhaps a misinterpretation on my part but that sure sounds like a lecture on how to train. My point about the taxes was that your input on how tax dollars are spent happens at the ballot box. Just because you pay taxes doesn't give you a position to dictate what the military does with that money. I never sai
  6. Thank you for your expert opinion Mr John Q. If you have a concern with how the $0.0003 you contributed to a 4-ship fly by through your taxes (assuming you pay taxes) is spent tell your congressman. Thank you for your lecture on how we should train. I'll be sure to raise your concerns with my pilots at the next possible opportunity. Just FYI, we in the military all pay taxes too.
  7. No, it's not. It has very little transferable skill to combat effectiveness. It doesn't mean we shouldn't continue doing them though. We live in the greatest country in the world where you can have 50,000-100,000+ screaming fans cheering for 'merica! It's good publicity, it's something different for the pilots to do and is usually a morale booster for the guys involved. I've never walked away from a fly by thinking, man those were some good lessons learned. Are demo's good training? How about the thunderbirds or the AF band (if that's still a thing). There are plenty of advantages
  8. Here's a crazy idea... What if, they were attached out to units and were a slightly useful addition to said squadron while being around operational stuff. A new and crazy idea, I know.
  9. Fake news. This example is clearly systemically biased and false. The only way to get 7 garbage attack plans out of a group of fighter pilots would be to have a diverse group consisting of 1 Hog driver, 1 Viper driver, 1 fat Amy "driver" and 7 Mudhen crew.
  10. The next earthquake that deviates the entire nation simultaneously let me know. Since the 98% of the country isn't affected, they can support those who need it. Who can support the entire country when it's all shut down?
  11. You can't fix stupid. AZ has the same problem with people from CA. They can't afford to live there and the state is a mess but they vote for the policies that created the environment that caused their flight. Idiots.
  12. How about we keep the number of rides in UPT / FTU and use tech to make a much better product in the same amount of time? What if... - Studs entered the turn circle correctly the first time they flew it because they flew it with VR 69 times before BFM-1? - Studs knew where to put their jet in ACM on the first try everytime because VR showed them where to go? - Studs learned a solid cross-check with the help of VR to free up time for more tactical tasks? The things we could push them to in the FTU and UPT while still giving them plenty of rides to make dumb decisions that
  13. Did you miss the point pawnman said "I'd go so far as to legalize every drug." Wasn't talking about just weed.
  14. 1. Legalize every drug? Most drugs are not safe. The FDA regulates them and they become less potent and sold in restrictive quantities and now those who have become dependant on them find other ways to get them. The cartels still exist to meet the "needs" of these people. Drugs are not illegal because they are some innocent taboo thing. They are illegal because they are dangerous and destroy lives. 2. Yep, agree with you there. 3. I'm sure there are ways to speed up the immigration process as it is currently ridiculously slow. Amnesty will only serve to encourage illegal immigration
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