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  1. official/unofficial rumor is they lost the ftu? heard it straight from the general himself but haven't been able to corroborate...
  2. A base similar to Beale. Kind of an hour or two away from a larger city and surrounding town has no real industry. Appreciation from 2008 - 2018 was maybe 2-4% a year and the last two have been 14/15% consecutively.
  3. What are my fellow PCS'ers doing in this market? I recently PCSed and home prices like much of the nation are wild around here. I keep trying to wrap my head around buying a house that appreciated 80k in 2 years and its tough. A house that sold in 2019 on zillow for 270 is now 350! On one hand, if I stay renting I am paying ~17-20K to someone else. On the other, if I buy even at these prices and stay for 2-3 years, that's equity I could be pocketing (even assuming a 10% market drop).
  4. I can also confirm a $20K ascension bonus is valid
  5. The guard is similar to the reserve in the sense that they are both 'part time' for most members. Where the guard differs is they also have an attachment to their respective state. To answer your question, yes it is easier to go fighters for the guard when looking at it numbers wise. There are more ANG Fighter units than there are AFRC fighter units. In addition, if you go the unsponsored route, you track T-1s which automatically excludes you from going fighters. https://www.goang.com/discover-ang/our-difference.html
  6. His initial enlistment paperwork in the guard before going to OTS should've had the form. That's where mine was.
  7. Slots are based off projected openings in the Squadron. (Ex. if someone is retiring or leaving, then their line is open to fill) for the most part. Units dont necessarily reserve a spot in OTS/UPT/FTU. The Guard Bureau has an allotment and they will assign as necessary depending on multiple factors including unit manning. Long story short, luck of the draw with you and your unit and getting your paperwork pushed quickly. All depends on who you get and who you or your people know.
  8. 1. You owe 10 yrs 2. Maybe another drawdown like 14 or a couple DUIs 3. If you’re decent they’ll put you in a heavy jet maybe but since you failed out of iff that means you graduated UPT. 10 yrs 4. Call AFPC
  9. You have an eligibility letter. If its your first time its 2.15, and then subsequently they start charging. The VA puts out a chart. https://www.valoans.com/purchase/closing-costs/
  10. 10 Months. Oct FC1 Jul Class actually 11 since jul class starts EOM
  11. SAT books. It's just basic algebra and geometry nothing fancy. People are just rusty.
  12. Yes, I know of at least 1 hawaii hire couple years ago. HI does a joint board with C-17/F22/KC-135 every year or other year.
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