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  1. Call public health the minute you get into town. Your gaining STUS should communicate that info to you.
  2. Public health should be able to give you the most current guidance for the area you are traveling to.
  3. Depending on your type of bonus.....for example, I have a 9-payment 20 YAS aviation service bonus. After the 5th payment the original contract stopped and a CMS case was automatically opened to begin the second half, or final 4 payments. It took about a month. This is apparently SOP. No idea if this is what happened in your case.
  4. Good money that they will come October.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/48FighterWing/status/1272828085285593088 Pilot identified. Kage taught my 9 year old’s Sunday school class while he was a student. Such a wonderful person. Always smiling and always happy. Lost too soon.
  6. From my perspective from sitting in more than a few OG staff meetings where CAPster slides are briefed.... Attitude is (almost) everything. If you can keep your mind open to learning, study efficiently, and learn from your mistakes most IPs will do their best to make sure you have every opportunity possible to make it. CAP is not punitive. It's an awareness program and is designed to get you past your current difficulty so that you can successfully complete UPT. I hooked a bunch of rides in the Tweet. It sucks every time. I went on to DG two follow-on AF training programs and fly all over the world with some pretty awesome pilots on some pretty amazing missions. Keep your eye on the prize though and try not to get discouraged. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Good luck. Also, yeah....don't stare at the VVI.
  7. If CBM has a historian he/she should be able to track it down. Not sure if bases are keeping historians around anymore or not.
  8. Because it’s tan. ......I’ll show myself out now.
  9. What we’ve seen here is peer-review in public instead of in private where scientists usually hack out these things. Usually scientists can hammer away at methods and weaknesses of studies, data, and conclusions in private and then what emerges more closely resembles a scientific consensus. This pandemic did not have the luxury of time and private peer review for better or worse. It’s perfectly normal that experts disagree, sometimes vehemently. We just don’t usually see behind the curtain as regular Joes. Congress will need to form a commission on COVID-19 just as they did with 9/11. And I expect that in a couple years we’ll perhaps manage to create some solutions.
  10. That’s funny because I spend a lot of time explaining basics that are covered pretty well in books that nobody is really reading. Teaching in T5001 is a lot different than teaching in N5107. If you require much instruction in N5107 you’re probably not ready for N5290. That’s as much our fault, I suppose, as it is Stan’s fault.
  11. It’s the innovation flight. Your course flow and training devices will be slightly different. Good luck. Don’t suck.
  12. I guess I don’t know what you mean by this, and I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. My guess is that the average student flies perhaps 30-40 instrument approaches in all of phase 3. Are you saying that they could be proficient instrument pilots with 25% fewer reps? We value different things. Fighters value tactics, mission, and weapons employment. Airlift/tankers value mission and world-wide instrument proficiency.
  13. Fixed it for you. C’mon, you’re not new.
  14. How to tell the other pilot to get ATIS.
  15. It seems to me that the only T-1 instrument flying that has been scaled back has been instrument-only fix-to-fix flying which isn’t really how anyone operates anymore anyway (we can argue the merits of the airmanship of fix-to-fix flying, but it simply isn’t allowed anymore if you can go DIR -> EXEC). RNAV wasn’t a thing when I graduated, so students are coming out much better prepared for RNAV approaches. Perhaps MIF has been adjusted in the first block of nav for some things, and there are a couple fewer sorties, but T-1 instruments is still the meat and potatoes of UPT imo. I doubt the hook rate is significantly higher than it was in the past but I have no data to prove that.
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