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  1. Finance Problems

    At least your golden retriever can be trained...
  2. Pope wing commander removed from duty

    Wow. Had no idea that JROTC pulled full active duty salary. Good guys finish last I guess.
  3. Promotion and PRF Information

    Is that common? I mean, you're the only person I've heard of that has written a do not promote me letter.
  4. Pope wing commander removed from duty

    Former O-6 now teaching JROTC. I'd say karma got him.
  5. Promotion and PRF Information

    You're right. But most won't be approved or will only be approved for a 6 month curtailment.
  6. Promotion and PRF Information

    There's no ADSC for promotion. All it does is make a guy serve his 10 year ADSC for UPT. Something 99.9% of all pilots intend to do anyway.
  7. Shadow Boxes

    Not a traditional shadow box, but I've been interested in these trunks and coin holders from https://www.relicwood.com
  8. Promotion and PRF Information

    I've never had to do anything more than a ribbon chart for a rack and stack. A lot fewer man-hours involved in that. And now that Wg/CCs control the process of who attends ACSC in-res it makes sense to simply turn the O-4 board into a rubber stamp for promotion. O-4 wasn't really competitive anyway. I want to say my year group to O-4 was 95% promotion rate. It will be interesting to see how this will affect O-5 promotions 4 years from now.
  9. 24hr lodging "rule"

    Can confirm... Had mother AF yank back hundreds from my 365-day deployment voucher three years after the fact because shipping pro-gear turned out to not be authorized.
  10. If you're within 3 years of separation then just decline the assignment.
  11. Were you a T-38 FAIP or otherwise fly the -38 as something other than a student? If you flew it previously as something other than a student you shouldn't incur an ADSC. If your only time in that jet is as a student then you will incur an ADSC. That's how I understand it.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    Lt Col LAF CY17A gets to start pinning on 1 December. Increment: 122