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  1. Homestar

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Establish a separation date. I think you can do this NET 1-year out.
  2. Homestar

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    I misunderstood. I believe you are correct regarding deployments less than 365.
  3. Homestar

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    If you are tasked with a deployment that takes you beyond your ADSC you opt out and establish a separation date.
  4. Homestar

    New BAH rates are out.

    Enid is like Derry, or Salem’s Lot. Something is just *wrong* here 😂
  5. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I would also add: if you’re IPZ for O-5 and still working below the Wing, this is a good indicator that you’re probably bottom 50%.
  6. Homestar

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    It depends. By time you’re at 18.9 years you’re pretty high on the list based on STRD and in a corner where saying no and getting out has a high cost.
  7. Homestar

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This is more rational. It’s like being scared to drive because drunk drivers kill thousands every year. But I get your point.
  8. Homestar

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This seems irrational to me. There are far fewer 365s for rated officers now than there were 5-6 years ago. Im not saying that the threat of 365s isn’t causing people to get out, because I continually hear people say it’s a factor. But it’s kind of like saying you won’t go to the beach because people get killed by sharks.
  9. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I'm just glad you're not drunk-posting like a giant doosh today. 🥃
  10. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I'd argue that no, it does not. A chief pilot can be an O-4 just as well as an O-5. I'd love to be an O-5 chief pilot and do nothing but fly every day, but there just aren't that many O-5 billets at the squadron level. No, not every O-5 needs to be a Sq/CC or DO, but I don't think it's unreasonable that every O-5 be expected to be ready/able to command if called upon. I fall into the category of "didn't-go-to-school, won't-be-a-commander", but I wanted O-5 pay and an O-5 retirement, so I took jobs at the Group and Wing level so that I could be valuable to a commander. I didn't get a DP, was promoted anyway somehow, so I'll basically finish my career doing....whatever the Wg/CC needs this non-CC to do. That's my lot in life. But I've been an active flyer in every assignment, which is better than a lot of people get, so I realize that I've been very fortunate. I agree that the OPR/PRF process is a pretty poor way to find and promote talent. The up-or-out system is antiquated and needs to be updated. But it just simply isn't in the interest of the government to promote a guy to O-5 to do an O-4's job.
  11. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Jobs outside the squadron prepare you for squadron command. I learned more about how a wing functions in 18 months on a wing staff than I ever knew in years at the squadron. I’m not saying that they prepare you to be a *good Sq/CC but you learn how all the pieces fit together. I understand that in your case you want to do your time, maximize your flying, and move on to better things, and I can respect that. I just get tired of the same old story that everyone in group, wing, or other staff jobs are only trying to climb the ladder at the expense of someone else. Maybe that has been your experience but it hasn’t been mine at all. I’ve had good commanders that did their best for their best people and worked to get them jobs that would broaden their experience and maybe prepare them to work outside the squadron sometime in the future.
  12. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I disagree that a Sq/CC or DO push comes from working behind a desk. Plenty of opportunities to show potential for command without being an Exec (if that's what you mean by sitting behind a desk). Of course, your Chief of Stan/Eval has a desk to sit at and paperwork to push.
  13. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You can't have an OPR for a Captain say "future Sq/CC." An OPR for a Captain can say "IDE in-res a must" or "perfect for HAF staff" because a Major can do those jobs. Majors (pilots) can't be an ops squadron CC. Since all ops Sq/CCs are Lt Cols you can't start making that OPR push till the ratee is a Major. Authorized push statements must only be for jobs the ratee can serve in a the next higher grade at most. My guess is that MSG Captains can get that push because MSG Majors must have Sq/CC billets somewhere.
  14. Homestar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    High promotion rate can be deceptive...My YG was promoted at about 75% overall. For DP it was nearly 100% but Ps only promoted at about 50% rate.
  15. Homestar

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    wait, there's a 69th bomb squadron?