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  1. Does that mean each new category will compete at boards comprised of like-officers?
  2. This forum is good for some things. Horrible place to get career advice tho.
  3. Were you that young captain? I think the statement ignores or looks past the good leaders who stay and assumes only an idiot would stay.
  4. So is it fair to say that UPT pilots won’t get wrapped up in this since they’re all T-coded? I mean, it could be fun to sunset tour at a ROTC det, but I’d just as soon keep flying.
  5. .... is an idiot. There. Fixed it. I’ve never had an engineer that wasn’t worth his weight in gold.
  6. Now you are beginning to understand 😂
  7. Correct, or he/she can order his/her entire squadron to pee test. One time I went into comply with such a lawful order and didn't pee enough to fill the cup to the line. That was a mistake you only have to make once in your life. 2 hours and about a half gallon of water later I filled the cup...
  8. Being a tanker pilot is fairly straightforward. Be on station, on time, and minimize distractions and time-on-the-boom for your customer. While you are accomplishing your primary mission, the AR is probably the least important thing your receiver will do that day. I found great satisfaction on being "admin" and making my customer's life easier for at least a short time. Flying the KC-135 can be tricky but I found it personally rewarding. I haven't flown the -135 since 2013 but when I left it still had one of the most "modern" cockpits in the fleet (ADS-C, CPDLC, satcom, CNS/ATM, etc.). The block 45 update looks nice too. Lots of time is spend cruising at FL350 with the autopilot on. Stateside trips were generally short and into well-established airfields. Overseas trips involved a lot of Al Udeid, Mildenhall, and Ramstein. Just use datalink to get ATIS.... 😄
  9. If you have Es bolting after lunch your problems are greater than DTS
  10. I returned from TDY Sunday night. Submitted the voucher Monday morning. Was paid Tuesday morning. Of course I’ve had the odd voucher that didn’t nicely fit the mission that took a couple days to figure out. But generally I get paid on time just fine.
  11. That’s funny. I usually get one or two each year about the bonus. From mypers or the CCE.
  12. True. Sage green boots will go down in history as a short lived oddity. Too bad. My Nikes were just getting comfy.
  13. 1) Yes B) It's allowed now, so who cares?
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