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  1. I’m not going to give you an itemized list of what I think, primarily because I’ve only given it superficial thought, and secondarily because I don’t think it’s very important. But if you can’t handle someone making inference from the words that you type I suggest you stop making arguments on the internet.
  2. Eye color? I know you’re being sarcastic, but nobody is calling for a thousand diversity groups. There are federally protected classes (race, gender, sex preference, etc.) that the military should make reasonable accommodations for. What we’re all arguing about is the extent of “reasonable.”
  3. I consider on-profile as meeting the standard. Not sure how many pregnant women are on profile, or how many knee surgeries are on profile. I was on profile for a shoulder injury after my Afghanistan deployment. I could still max the push ups but I was in recovery. I’d be more interested in how many are failing the PT test. But I am sad that you had to research that.
  4. Exactly. Not working on Saturdays (for Jews) or Sundays (for some Christians) doesn't really pass the reasonable accommodation test. What kind of hat you wear walking from your car to the office does. As a side note, I think hats of any variety should be optional in uniform, and a well trimmed beard should be fine regardless of your religion. I'm just not in charge so I don't get to make those decisions.
  5. But we haven’t had equality of opportunity for those with religious tenets that require a turban or a beard, which was the point of the OP.
  6. The implication here is that certain sexes or minorities are a detriment to the military mission, which I fundamentally disagree with. To tie your thought into the current discussion, you're implying that allowing a Sikh to wear a beard and turban makes our military a less lethal force on a large scale, which I also fundamentally disagree with. I understand the general thought here, which (I believe) is that the military should have one standard for every military member, and if you can't/don't meet that standard then the individual should be forced out of the service. I simply think this is an unreasonable bar to meet in a country that is as diverse as ours. We make exceptions to policy for lots of things (which is part of Duck's disagreement), from physical, to dress/appearance, to length of service commitment. I just disagree that these exceptions are "largely [a] detriment of the Military and its mission." But I'm open to facts that show otherwise.
  7. Then I think you’re really overblowing the number of exceptions we’re talking about. What are they? Pregnancy, religion, and what else? 99/100 are meeting your uniform and PT standard without exceptions. To think this is some pinky liberal plot to destroy the elite military machine we’ve created is just overreaction. Which is par for base ops.
  8. Chill man. Religious accommodation isn’t a radical idea.
  9. I hear ya. Personally, I see nothing wrong with making reasonable accommodations for religious reasons. My Sikh buddy having a beard doesn’t make me feel like wearing a beard. I’m also ok with making accommodations for amputees returning to fly, old guys like me doing fewer pushups to max the test, and 4’10” women running the 1.5 mi run slower. This isn’t the infantry where we all need to be able to haul a 180 lb dummy over a barrier.
  10. Not sure what your point is? You want the freedom to wear a turban even if it’s not part of your religious observance? Or a non-religious beard?
  11. He was going to command 11 Wg. The 89th is a tenant wing at ADW.....11 Wg owns the base but has no opcon over the 89th and don’t have the same clearances AFAIK
  12. Gotcha. I can understand how taking a different path than expected can be hard on the psyche. Honestly, I'd say that prioritizing you GA flying would be the most helpful thing you could do, besides being the smartest RPA guy in the trailer (or high-rise, or whererever they are these days). I would say to go out and volunteer for your CGOC, but I don't want to get suspended from the board 😄
  13. How about head down to your local FBO and start your PPL? edit to add: being an RPA pilot isn’t a failure.
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