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  1. I’m sure the CEO of the pharmaceutical company making billions off a vaccine doesn’t want the disease to go away. Ever. He’s probably right. COVID isn’t as deadly as smallpox, which humans did eradicate.
  2. Too early to know. At my UPT base we don't even have cadre spun up yet for XPW and CPW. Randolph is more likely for you if you're starting soon. I think this is where all the magic is happening right now for XPW and CPW. Good luck! What is your civilian flying experience?
  3. Are you tho? Seriously. I honestly don't know where you're coming from when we discuss the value of human life. Are you looking at it in a strictly utilitarian way? Because that's a dark road indeed. I understand that the government has caused economic damage, but in the first months of the outbreak there was no way of knowing what the ultimate death toll and survival rate would be. Now that we have some solid data, I agree that the government can't justify extreme measures anymore. At least in my state everything is pretty much business as usual, take normal precautions, wear a mask (
  4. I personally know two older people who contracted COVID and died as a result. But they were old people and their lives don't matter as much so I don't really care. /s I'm of the opinion that the virus is real, is causing real economic damage because real people are getting sick and dying. I also believe that we cannot, and should not, shutter our economy because of this virus that the vast majority recover from. But it's kinda ridiculous to discount the true damage the virus has caused simply because you personally don't know anyone who has died from it.
  5. Our country has a long and distinguished history of race riots. No big deal. Know what we don’t have a history of? Fuckin’ confederate flags in the fuckin’ US Capitol, that’s what.
  6. We had our first "food event" in a looooong time last week in the squadron. Food was served (not a get-it-yourself style) and we took our plates back to our flight rooms. Here's to hoping the world gets back to normal soon.
  7. Hasn't it been determined that the COVID-19 spreads through respiration, not through food? Hey, you do you. I'm sure nobody missed you at their farewell.
  8. We’re staying either way. What are you talking about?
  9. Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you were looking to transfer your traditional TSP to Roth vehicle. I was wondering outloud if the TSP would let you move traditional TSP monies to a Roth TSP. But it sounds like the money is out of the TSP system now. Most likely I’m misunderstanding your situation.
  10. Oh hi, I’m just a peaceful protesting patriot here at the Capitol walking around with flex cuffs and paramilitary body armor. No big deal.
  11. Will TSP let you transfer it to the Roth TSP and pay the taxes on it?
  12. No gotcha attempt here. But there is such a massive presence of conservative media outlets that you can’t just lump everything together to be “the media.” It’s a lazy, tired take. Not saying you’re doing this. Just thinking out loud.
  13. "The media." What is "the media"? Whenever anyone resorts to blaming "the media" I have to just kind of tune out to whatever else they are saying because that's like blaming "white people" for slavery. "The media" means nothing. You have a problem with the editorial content of CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, or whatever that's fine. But you're going to have to be more specific than "the media" because OANN and Fox News are part of "the media" too. Slow burn over a decade, then a gallon of gas and a match over the past two months. You tell me what caused the house to burn down.
  14. Hopefully by October things will be better and we’ll all laugh at this costume.
  15. That is tragic to watch. Also, I’m surprised more weren’t killed.
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