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  1. Question for fighter pilots... The abrupt pull of the stick at 0:33.... Aren't we talking black-out city pulling like that? I mean, I only flew Tweets but that kind of pull would have earned me a helmet smack from my IP. It's been a slow burn. 😄
  2. I've never sat in on a stratification discussion with O-6s, but it seems to me that there are two kinds of strats. One kind is for the fast burner who is going to be a Wg/CC or GO someday. Those come in early and are out of sync with the peer group. Getting a wing strat as a young Captain for example. The rest of the strats go to the guys approaching IPZ. When I was IPZ to O-5 the strats went #1-4 to those of us IPZ who all just happened to be working at the Wing at the time. My guess is that #5-9 went to a couple younger FGOs who were on track to be DPs IPZ the next year. All my strats on my record started to appear as I was reaching IPZ for a promotion. Then they magically disappeared once I made the next rank. Got to make room for the next round of #1-4s. Not sure if this is how it works at other Wings. I was fortunate to meet the IPZ board while working for a stellar Wg/CC who seemed to like me and thought I was doing a good job. I also recognize that I was lucky to get promoted without school in-res having never worked above the Wing.
  3. Would have loved to see the dumbfounded look in the face of the the guy (or gal) who got promoted BTZ with a P.
  4. Most CCs don’t strat anyone beyond top 10%. New strat rules will eliminate the “shop chief” style strats. I would definitely request feedback from your WG/CC to see if he’s willing to push for a DP for you APZ. Or find out what he wants you to do to be a DP next year.
  5. If your PTDY is after your final out your gaining CC should be the approver and it will only be 7 days. Normally PTDY at the gaining base is taken after you sign in.
  6. I think PTDY is shorter if you take it after you leave your losing base (after final out). Doesn't matter when you check in to your new base if it’s before RNLTD. Any days beyond travel will be charged as leave.
  7. Do you use the 1801 in ForeFlight or just the FAA form? ForeFlight won't let a VFR 1801 go though and BO won't take the FAA plan If you’re filing electronically then base ops only needs a copy of what you’ve filed for flight following. It really doesn’t matter the format. Unless you’re talking about routine ops from home station where I’m sure you’ll need to battle whoever build his empire at base ops.
  8. Just choose ICAO from the Foreflight drop down.
  9. I think the persuasion would have to happen before the CC directs a Q3.
  10. From what I read strats are now only allowed against your peer group. Which will cut down on things like 1/17 IPs.
  11. My kids are getting old enough now that I need to start taking them flying. It's hard tho, after you pay your retirement accounts, the mortgage, the car, and all the other stuff it's hard to justify $120/hr. I'm working on getting checked out on some local planes. Would love an RV.
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