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  1. Homestar

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    Wrong. It’s so you can get more battery life out of the computer playing the movies by putting the screen to dim.
  2. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    What exactly did Harry Reid think would happen when/if the majority changed hands? My guess is that he didn't really care because he was mostly interested in the here/now and his own power. McConnell did the same thing, but to the next logical level. When the majority changes again in November the next Senate Pres will up the ante again. It's the state of our politics right now.
  3. Homestar

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    1) No idea. 2) Mildenhall. Hidden gem out of UPT.
  4. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    Really? No, in particular I do not find him trustworthy. He should have lost his clearance entirely if he didn't; with what he did.
  5. Homestar

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    A new service coat is long overdue. The current design sucks and is stupid looking. I'd love to go back to the coat we had in the early 90s or something with heritage. The business suit look is lame.
  6. Homestar

    What is right with the Air Force

    So a prototype is due in 2 years, which means the prototype will be delivered in 4 years, and 2x over budget. Live program will be delivered in 6-8 years and will pretty much look just like DTS.
  7. Homestar

    New AFPC commander a pilot

    Time in a jet. That is white.
  8. Homestar

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Then subtract it out of your total PIC time you logged in your logbook. Easy.
  9. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    well when you put it that way.... 😄
  10. Homestar

    TSgt John Chapman MoH saga

    Air Force releases video of the firefight. https://taskandpurpose.com/john-chapman-medal-honor-vicdeo/
  11. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    TRICARE works fine for me and most of the 2 million or so it serves. That doesn't mean that it will work for 325 million.
  12. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    Yes, the amazing things you can accomplish when you don’t have to worry about pesky things like elections and individual rights. Japan: ethnically homogenous Germany: ethnically homogenous (more or less) France: French. No thanks. UK: Heck, even based on the wiki article you posted earlier the British doctors told the author he should just learn to live with the shoulder problem he had.
  13. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    I won't derail the thread any further, but I'm not convinced that any of those models can work in a country of 325 million. Again, show me an affordable system that provides quality health care for little to no cost to that many citizens and then let's talk. I'm tired of hearing "hey! they do it in Finland!" Too bad America isn't an ethnically homogenous country of 5 million people.
  14. Homestar

    The Next President is...

    And the left has no idea how much universal health care will cost for 325 million Americans (and whoever else we have to cover). Show me a country giving free health care to 325 million citizens. Then let's talk.