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  1. There are times where I think that there's no way that our country would find itself back in a place where brothers are killing brothers on a battle field. But then I read threads here and am reminded that there are absolutely people here who wouldn't hesitate to shoot me dead if we ever get into a shooting war against ourselves.
  2. My MAJCOM A3 has no idea who I am. I assumed you were at the squadron level.
  3. That’s your DO’s fault. If Delta had offered me a CJO two years ago I never would have applied anywhere else. That’s a lot of time and effort saved wasted on applying everywhere.
  4. No, it’s better than that. The ADSCs won’t run concurrently.
  5. Increased amount. Early take option. Additional ADSC for assignment of preference. More contract options. Gen Miller briefed it in a small group I was a part of a couple weeks ago. Those were the interesting parts I remember
  6. The weird thing is, from what I see, is that studs aren't putting it at the top. I see way more kids putting AFSOC stuff up there.
  7. Interesting changes are coming for the AvB, some of which will be worthwhile and others not. BL: if you like your job when the bonus comes around it's a tough decision. It just seems that so many don't like the job they're in at that point.
  8. Seems like the T-6 2.5 syllabus has stabilized. FWIW Gen Miller mentioned the other day that they've managed to save some T-1s beyond 2026. XPW for T-1s will live on in some form, but your standard issue UPT stud will probably get the Redbird treatment before he/she goes to Altus.
  9. Hobbyist RC planes and UASs larger than a half pound and such are going to require RemoteID starting in 2023 which seems to be a lot like ADS-B-out. Seems like weather balloons and the like should have the same requirement. https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/remote_id
  10. The T-38 track doesn’t change. T-1 will eventually be sim only.
  11. Pretty sure Laughlin will be the first to lose T-1s with their legacy cockpits. But who really knows.
  12. Thanks Jon. Working with you right now on a possible move to Utah. Got to say, Jon is where you want to go if you’re an Air Force to Airline guy for sure! Great comms and he knows the ins and outs of airline life as a current airline pilot himself.
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