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  1. RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    Remember, the Air Force could make a blow job unpleasant
  2. The Next President is...

    I’d rather know BEFORE an election. Regardless of which way the report goes.
  3. RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    Town sucks airspace is good. Original plan had some ad b-course units at HMN, some still at LUF .... you know, to capitalize on some of those economies of scale and what not Couldn’t get many reservists to volunteer to HMN. Did I mention the town sucks etc etc
  4. RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    Holloman was a terrible idea from the start
  5. The new airline thread

    But you still get paid. Its a beautiful thing when it comes together
  6. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    That’s why I have all my retirement money in GoJet and Endeavour stock ....
  7. Yup... ”why were you pushing things? Why did you hit that tree?” ”uhhhhhh....there was a drone!”
  8. The new airline thread

    I would also plan and budget for at least 12 months from hitting publish on a 90% app to getting your first (meager) paycheck.
  9. "Center the Bug"

  10. The new airline thread

    Don’t underestimate how long it takes to get your app complete and polished. Start interview prep now.
  11. "Center the Bug"

    Not in close to Atlanta If it starts a big schwoopenhousen turn to “alert” you that something has changed you’re already fucked and will likely get to copy a phone number down. we also get really cool map fails with our 1950s technology dme/dme ins without gps where the magenta stuff goes away, or better still lies to you. So being able to throw it into heading hold without a lot of thought is helpful. It gets watched closely when it matters.
  12. "Center the Bug"

    Same in the military. Currently flying a maddog. It will drop into heading hold or heading select unannounced (among other fun things). Having your heading bug in the general direction your going is useful when it goes crazy ivan.
  13. The new airline thread

    Read and become intimately familiar with the separations afi. Also depends if you’re trying to get to 20 or just get out. Know when you can (and can’t) 3-day opt, when you would be likely bulletproof for a 179 or 120. Its situation and TIS dependent.
  14. The new airline thread

    Leave+21 days ptdy+leave accrued during that span. Ive seen it done in as little as 2 weeks prior....but 3-6 months is more usual. Theres a bunch of shit to do to get out (taps, physicals, va paperwork, sbp, finance, Tmo, etc etc etc). And all the standard PCS outprocessing thrash as usual Theres lots of “extra” stuff you can do thru airman and family readiness (boots to business, etc) that are effectively on-base ptdy if you want to work less on the work days prior to terminal leave. You DO have to final out, in uniform, last thing before you start your last block of (terminal) leave. And read up on the final pt test rules. Some places are sticklers for it. Plan your timeline carefully .... a misstep can earn you a 179. Terminal leave is not guaranteed. Big blue only has to get you back 30 days prior to seperation date (i think .... read up) and is happy to let you sell the rest of your leave.
  15. The new airline thread

    If you can lock down an active duty retirement, it’s worth it
  16. Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    Pipeline training and aetc was mission essential last time
  17. Tuition Assistance Question!

    First year or six after upt you should be burning up every available brain cell learning how to master your field. Especially if you’re a fighter pilot.
  18. The Next President is...

    Goddamn hippies
  19. North Korea at it again

    You assume, of course, that reunification would look like South Korea .....
  20. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Short time Guys that you recommend BRS to may not have a choice anymore anyways. So so it basically boils down to: “if you have a choice, choose traditional”
  21. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Prime has a premium ... about $600/yr for the family. But There’s no out of pocket really. But you still have to do referrals, mtf, etc. Min total cost $600 .... max total cost is $600 standard has no premium. Go anywhere, see anyone, no referrals, no permission. Pay 20% with a cap of $3k per year for the whole family. Min total is $0. Max total is $3k. No hassles. Delta gold is similar (20% ish co-pay). Costs over $650 a MONTH and the max out of pocket is $13k I think. Seems to jive with other industries in the outside world. I wouldnt expect healthcare costs to get any better either. DON’T DISMISS the health care costs associated with your retirement / 2nd job. Especially if you or your family (or potential family if may have kids someday) has any significant issues.
  22. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Don’t forget to factor medical into your equation. Tricare standard costs me nothing, and is a significantly better plan than the delta airlines gold option, which costs nearly $10k a year just in premiums.
  23. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Remember, BRS wasn’t created to benefit you. It was created to save money. If you have any inklings of going to 20 AD ( or equivalent in the guard or reserve) it’s an easy decision.
  24. Columbus AFB Information

    Boats are HHG and can be quite heavy. And the OP is a fucking moron. Way to reinforce California snowflake stereotypes dumbass. Good luck in your second career.
  25. The new airline thread