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  1. HossHarris

    What's your favorite mission?

    Island turns, when I get fed and then get to go home.
  2. Don’t discount the fact that most of the majors have pretty good disability insurance..... should you get a debilitating case of vertigo around age 55 or so ....
  3. HossHarris

    The Next President is...

    Yes. Appropriate and to the letter of protocol.
  4. HossHarris

    What is right with the Air Force

  5. HossHarris

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Certainly no one will die because of this glorious decision
  6. HossHarris

    We’re doomed

    What the fuck
  7. HossHarris

    Latest Movies

    Upgrade was surprisingly good.
  8. HossHarris

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Glad to hear you can predict the future. Document it all. Send it all to the va. You have no idea what minor issue now may be the bane of your existence in 20 years. I used to have similar thoughts about folks “milking” the va. But the way the va operates is so completely foreign to military folks (and military docs) that I think the best way is to throw as much (legitimate) poo at the wall as possible and see what sticks. Sleep apnea? No idea. Get a sleep study and find out. GERD? if you have recurrent heartburn that’s worth 10-20%. Knee issues to the point you have a hard time going up stairs? Not service related. One time plantar fasciitis that has completely healed, 10%. Broken digits that don’t work right anymore with reems of X-rays and pt, not service connected. It completely seems like there is zero rhyme or reason to the answers the va gives....until you start to peel back the onion a bit and wrap your head around a completely foreign way of doing business. It helps to have good help. But until it all starts making sense, throw as much (legitimate) stuff at the va as possible.
  9. HossHarris

    Columbus T-38 down

    Pfffftt..... Usaf doesn’t give a fuck about a-models or the folks flying them. At any level
  10. Until you get a shit stick sq/cc, that was somebodies boy, and is an untouchable HPO. Then youre fucked for 2 years.
  11. HossHarris

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Low tranny ..... giggety
  12. HossHarris

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I ponder How many generations of Americans have said that in the past .... and yet the machine keeps on keeping on .....
  13. HossHarris

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Taxes. At 50% or more you get both.
  14. HossHarris

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Your retirement check will never be furloughed, fired, lose it’s medical, or merged with another company.....
  15. HossHarris

    BGI Employment

    What’s your location? Bgi has lots of fingers in lots of pies ....
  16. HossHarris

    BGI Employment

    Do explain the income cap ....
  17. HossHarris

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Sidebar .... getting the va rating stuff (if any) figured out as soon as you separate is paramount. It’s not about the money (and you can decline it if it suits your moral high ground). It’s about getting service connection and a “chain of evidence” established while its fresh....so that 40 years from now when you need a kidney transplant because the chem trails cocktail of the month turned out to be carcinogenic you aren’t thoroughly screwed. Dont scoff the va stuff. It’s worth the effort early. And glad to hear you’ve got everything all figured out ....
  18. HossHarris

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Getting into the check-of-the-month club makes a lot of follow on decisions much much easier. Recommend.
  19. HossHarris

    The new airline thread

    Delta gives you about $900k for free*
  20. HossHarris

    Shhhh...Don't talk about the A-10

    Meh. It’s a paycheck
  21. HossHarris

    Promotion and PRF Information

    On the upside, you can knock out a masters with very little extra effort and if you can fog a mirror you’ll make O-5. On the downside, it’s usaf pme in all its glory.
  22. You have a lot of odd assumptions in your spreadsheet. And I would expect $390k to do a little better than $200k