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  1. HossHarris

    The new airline thread

    Interviews in order of difficulty: -united -southwest -american -delta/fedex (no experience with ups)
  2. HossHarris

    The new airline thread

    Getting your app to the 99% solution will take 6 months.
  3. HossHarris

    The new airline thread

    You may be late My general recommended timeline: (Times back from when you want to get your first paycheck from an airline) -Start networking, reading forums, paying attention to peers getting hired, considering a run at the airlines: start of last assignment or two, no less than 3-4 years out Hit publish on the 50% solution app: > 1 year out. -Have app polished and refined to the 90% solution: 1 year out. -Start interview prep in earnest: 1 year out -Feel fully prepared, app at 99%, suit ready, resume ready: 6-9 months out -Start “practice” interviews, lock down backup jobs at airlines that aren’t #1 or 2 on your list, regionals: 6 months out
  4. HossHarris

    Latest Movies

    Overlord was excellent. Take your significant other, it’s a knee spreader.
  5. HossHarris

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    If it’s outside footage (security camera, etc) it’s not
  6. HossHarris

    Flying with an automatic watch

    Why destroy a fancy watch in the cockpit? go get a $20 g shock
  7. HossHarris

    VA response recommendations

    I’ve had good luck with my STATE VA rep. Very aggressive and smart with a wealth of experience and an axe to grind.
  8. HossHarris

    Hurricane Michael

    And JPRC. Unknown if relocated.
  9. HossHarris

    Hurricane Michael

    You’re a special kind of stupid aintcha?
  10. HossHarris

    Promotion and PRF Information

    The medical benefits of an active duty retirement are worth about $1k/month ....
  11. HossHarris

    The Next President is...

    Of course it was
  12. HossHarris

    RFI on aircraft systems

    T-38s have redundant hydraulics for flight controls. F-16s have many redundant systems...but only one source of thrusties MD-88s fly through sheer force of will and deeply instilled Douglas aircraft Corp anger.
  13. HossHarris

    USMC F-35B Crash in

    Why would you be up at 0430 ? That’s gotta be either a great binge or terrible idea or both.
  14. HossHarris

    Finance Problems

    So all the standard stuff, but with a more rigorous level of documentation. Sounds great.
  15. HossHarris

    Finance Problems

    An overstep is an overstep ....
  16. HossHarris

    Finance Problems

    If he wants receipts less than $75 I’d kindly tell him to go fuck his hat ....
  17. HossHarris

    ?s on logging flight time

    Or, if you’re a youngun and have the time and motivation .... keep a civilian style logbook where you note the time that your aircraft starts and stops moving under its own power. I think its it’s a little harder to defend in an interview...but it’s certainly valid.
  18. HossHarris

    Seven Day Option

    They can’t force you to accept a longer Adsc. But it they can waive the Adsc and do what the originally wanted anyway
  19. HossHarris

    Seven Day Option

    The 7-day clock starts from assignment NOTIFICATION. not orders, or rips. Technically they don’t even have to tell you to notify you. The Adsc stuff would be from PCS date of report (if I recall Correctly). If a 3- or 7- day opt is even a remote possibility you need to get smart on the separations and assignments AFIs now.
  20. HossHarris

    How Long For New Studs To Be Disillusioned?

    Have a healthy cynicism and keep your eyes open .... but don’t have a chip on your shoulder until you’ve earned it. You may be the unicorn ... the af may do right by you. It might be awesome with great leadership and bountiful opportunities to pursue a life of religious fulfillment all along the way. I’d hate to miss out on it because of the ramblings of bitter assholes on the Internet. (It probably won’t ever happen ... but it could. You could be the one!) (Maybe.) (But probably not.)
  21. HossHarris

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    That ship sailed long ago. And its much much worse in the civilian world.
  22. HossHarris

    Reno Air Races

    4...stop hitting 3!
  23. HossHarris

    Career Skills Program

    So if your CC is “part of the problem” ... on a large or small scale... you’re screwed?
  24. HossHarris

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    8hrs in the airline world...
  25. HossHarris

    The new airline thread

    With the Recent advent and popularity of super high deductible catastrophic insurance plans .... lots and lots of places are real happy to take tricare. Especially independent docs and specialists. They know they’ll get paid. We haven’t had any issues using tricare standard everywhere