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    “The Air Force is abandoning its “Gray Wolf” swarming cruise missile development program to instead funnel funding toward “Golden Horde,” an effort to get existing munitions to cooperate in combat.” https://www.airforcemag.com/afrls-new-goal-make-munitions-plan-attacks/ When they realized the name was the same they figured it would just be easier to burn the building down and walk away then staff the paperwork to change it.
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    This is all lies!!! Of course I only watched the first 5 mins of it, but I know it's bull$#!t because Hacker: 1) Sounds like an adult 2) Hasn't gotten worked up enough to curse at anyone in more than 69 seconds 3) Hasn't done anything illegal yet Clearly this is all made up.
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    All the innovations/best practices from PTN/UPT bases will be baked into the syllabus. It won’t be an ad hoc construct and things won’t be waived for timeline.
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    Ops are probably not overpaid....go check out the support sections on your base and I think an argument could be made that some are overpaid, some shouldn’t even be employed. I was in an office last week that looked over staffed and most people are surfing the internet or playing on their phones. Don’t get me started on deployed ops. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    They’d find the military is not even close to 70%. More like 40%. 10 year AF pilot, left seat C-17 vs 10 year major airline guy, left seat MD-11.
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    As a LT I was barely making over minimum wage, all while married, spending 1.5 yrs away from home, and doing shit that was hazardous to my life expectancy. The manager at the restaurant I worked at in high school was making more than me. And that’s as an officer. Not complaining, but pointing out how ludicrous this article is. Then again, if they specifically were talking about the non-support group that spends 25 hrs week actually working, but work is defined as fucking it away whole sale with little effort attached, they’d be on to something.
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    I was at Beale going through initial training that day. We were in the squadron and the fog was so thick there was no way anyone was doing any flying. Then, we hear the KC-135Q's fire up and taxi. WTF? We couldn't see them... we couldn't see the buildings across the street... but could hear their takeoff roll. It sounded like they rolled the entire length of the 12,000' runway without climbing. They were obviously loaded to the gills and doing something real world. I was very glad I was NOT in one of those jets, rotating just in time to clear the departure end lights with no visibility. My hat was off to those crews. As it turns out, they were the tankers that refueled the F-117's... which I believe was the first time a -117 dropped a bomb in anger. Boomer, out.
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    The problem is that C-17s never had anybody to tell them to put down the landing gear
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    Ever try to get parts for a 1964 model year car versus a 2019 one? There's approximately 1400-1500 Hornets flying today, the USAF retired its last EF-111A twenty-one years ago.
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    So what do they call folks in USTRANSCOM? Trannies? 🤣🤣🤣
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    I'm surprised this has taken this long for this to happen. When I went to nav school at Pensacola in the 97-98 time frame seemed like half of the Saudis were like, "This is great. Allah can't see me here so I can drink, eat pork, party, etc." But the other half, you could tell, were like, "Ima give all my pay check to Osama Bin Laden."
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