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    Congrats to all the selects. Looking forward to seeing the URT folks in the pipeline.
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    Looks like I'm going to UPT! 84 PCSM (201 HR PPL) 74 Pilot 4.0 GPA with and MBA I will update with rankings when I can see them, but I think I was 1/1
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    UPT select on the second try. Instructor Navigator (CSO) 80 PCSM (PPL w/ 81 hrs) 85 Pilot, 95 Nav Congratulations to those who were selected. Those who weren't.. keep your heads up and don't let go of the dream.
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    Why bother proving the negative? Ask him for the AFI that says you need the rank.
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    Better yet, teach them to fish: “this jacket cost the government an arm and a leg because it is specially constructed to keep rain, cold air, hot air, fire, and your bullshit use our of time away from my body. I don’t need you to dive into rules in an effort to make/second guess decisions; this is how the jacket is worn. How are your airmen doing today? Can any young’uns benefit from your experience to solve a new problem? Anybody need help with something in their lives other than getting dressed? Is there any stupidity or missing the point that I can help squash for you?” (but really without being a dick)
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    All the gripes about the promo system are valid, but I’ve seen positive changes: 2 line PRFs (forcing board members to actually read your OPRs), getting rid of school selects of the majors board, rehaul of the promotion system with AFSC specific boards, now there is talk of getting rid of BTZ.) At least some of our senior leaders are realizing that choosing your golden children when they are young captains is ridiculous.
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    UPT select 91 PCSM 99 Pilot AFOQT 81 hrs (no PPL.. yet) 24yo 1LT Congrats to those who have received good news, Continued best wishes for those who are still waiting!
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    Once you retire/quit, the Velcro comes off pretty easily and it makes kick ass boat/fishing jacket
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    This big time ^^.... I've been called the same from both sides, and I am way right of most so called conservatives today. The current POTUS is a DA in so many ways but many things he has accomplished are worth affirming. And while he is self serving, much like most of the past presidents have been, I think he really does love our country and I'm not sure I can say that about the immediate past guy.
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    How do you feel about the Clinton campaign paying a foreign national for a fake dossier filled with garbage hearsay to frame a president and subvert the democratic process? Or Obama asking for favors from Russian diplomats because he’ll have “more flexibility after then next election?” these are rhetorical questions. The broader point I’m trying to make is that there’s a lot of “allegedly” in your post but the actual transcript has been released and I don’t read it as quid pro quo. Yet we know these other violations were real, not alleged. So there’s an element of political hypocrisy undermining the narrative against our president, and invalidating the current complaint in the eyes of many people. Were in a tough spot as a nation.
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    Absolutely love mine. Also, 95% of folks in our unit do not wear rank on them. Even the OG/CC doesn’t. One guy sewed rank on the shoulders, and another stuck some Velcro rank on one of the arms. Both look ridiculous.
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    There’s a COMACC-signed ACC policy letter (or whatever it is) that says rank goes on the nametag. No I don’t have it to post but I definitely saw it before I ordered a new name tag with rank on it.
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    Selected for RPA. Anyone know what to expect for the pipeline? Im told its no longer a PCS. Anyone hear anything different?
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    Finishing up day two of the anticipation train!
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    When I lived in San Diego I would occasionally hop a Spirit flight back and forth to Vegas for about $30 each way. Just walked up to the counter and go. It also worked well when I’d go support the Trough during Nellis weapons school classes and going home on the weekends. Cheap, easy. But, just like betting in Vegas, it was money I could afford to lose, and I did a couple of times. Their reliability is such that’d I’d never plan an actual trip.
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    What are you talking about? There is no room for reasonable discussion. You are either on one team or the other!!!!! Who cares about the country if your team doesn't win??? I'm kidding of course, but it's amazing how many people think this way. I've been called a "libtard socialist" just because I dared to criticize Trump and I've been called a "Trumpster" if I gave any credit to Trump for anything decent that's happened in the past 3 years. It's absurd. I just want corruption to be investigated, congress to learn about compromise, corporate money out of politics, and for the judiciary to be apolitical, but I guess that makes me an enemy to both parties.
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    Am I the only one who wants Trump, Biden, and the Clintons investigated in relation to this whole Ukraine thing? I don't care what letter you have after your name... If you used your government position for personal gain, I want you prosecuted.
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    UPT select! 89 PCSM, 99 AFOQT P, 3.3 GPA, 2/3 for the Wing, and PPL with 120 hours
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    Just got word...UPT select! No word on ENJJPT yet, though. Anyone else heard?
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    CWAS is authorized in the 2903 so your AFE Chief can pound sand. We wear rank on the name tag as above. Winter time is the best because I always wear a beanie and nobody knows what rank I am.
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    UPT 97 pilot, 82 PCSM no PPL Prior 92T - yanked in ‘14 for color vision I would venture to guess if I got it, both of you did as well. I denied URT AND CST last year.
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    And Epstein didn't kill himself.
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    ^^^^Agreed But you know, if you do have the list, I’d like to check it.... for uhhh..... making sure its grammar is uhhh..... checked.
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