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    Wonder why she didn’t end up at Eastern New Mexico University? She always spoke so highly of the area.
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    Why don’t we start with not requiring military members to pay federal and state income tax? That’s an easy pay increase across the board with no perceptible reduction in tax revenue.
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    Sorry to hear that, Brother. Wrap your brain around the concept that she will get half of everything you ever earned while you were together. If you're able to come out better, then it's all gravy. Do everything you can to remain civil and professional with her. Never let your kids hear you say anything bad about her. Ever. Not once. As strange as this sounds, moving forward your relationship with her, and it's failure are none of their business. No matter how badly she may behave, she's their Mom. If you can sit down at the kitchen table with her and put it all on a legal pad, you'll save yourself a lot of angst and attorney fees. If you can "give in" to certain things she wants in order to facilitate a quick agreement in return for certain things you want, it's worth every penny. People will give you advice like: "Roll in on that cunt and fight her tooth and nail!" Ask those people to compare what they think they "won" in court financially to what it cost to litigate it. It isn't worth it. Moving forward, your relationship with her is going to be jointly parenting your kids. That relationship will be healthier for the kids if the two of you can agree to act like adults ad settle as amicably and quickly as possible. Now; You. You're a pro. Compartmentalize like a MF and work your way through indoc and IOE. When you get a chance, take some time for yourself. Nonrev to Hawaii and put it all out of your mind for a few days. Exercise is your friend - the more the better. At some point in all of this process, you'll have come far enough and gotten past the anger enough to look at what happened a little more objectively. When that happens, the single most important thing you can do is forgive her and yourself for what happened. Let it fucking go. You're also about to re-learn who your real friends are. Lean on those folks. Bigtime. Don't medicate with booze or food. That's it. The day you have to tell your children is the worst day of your life. Everyday after that will be just a little bit better. Good luck, chum. Those of us who've been through this are rooting for you. Hell, you can at least call yourself a real airline pilot now!
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    The other community being doctors... but then they get bonuses commensurate with their training and the outside market. Seems to work for them. So weird.
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    And it shows. A cyber CC got fired in Germany this year for behavior that was baffling. I dont understand how some of these people develop such an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. Cyber is one of the only communities that share a problem with the pilot world: high training/entry requirements, and a robust market outside the military willing to pay for talent. The thrash incurred moving people from DCO, to OCO to Enterprise and back to Comm Flight just drives more to industry.
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    Sorry to hear about the struggles, Duck. As a kid of divorce, I might be one of the weirdos that thinks it was a great thing. Not seeing my parents fight in front of me, not learning how relationships work from watching 2 dysfunctional people who didn't really like each other try to coexist, and actually forming 1 on 1 relationships with them was huge and well worth not having the two of them under 1 roof. As a couple others have stated, don't let the fog between you and her creep in between you and your kids. It seems like your daughter already knows the deal by moving out of her room and choosing to be closer to you; just keep being an awesome dad and don't bring them into the fight. They'll know the deal. Secondly, just from what you've said about some actions, it sounds like the relationship hasn't been a partnership for awhile. As many others brought up, this could be the start of your new life and your ability to find someone who is truly your partner in life and compliments who you are now. Take care of yourself, keep being a great dad, and don't hit the booze too hard. It'll get better.
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    Explain yourself (in a Stewie voice). Did these guys apply for command, get accepted, then not want the command they were assigned? I've never heard of a non-vol commander. I have heard of command-selects get non-vol'd to deployed command. But that's different entirely. Or are we talking about different O-5 communities?
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    Take detailed notes.
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    sounds like you dodged a bullet...good luck dude
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    Non-line vs Line. Old mentalities. Broken systems. DOPMA. The list goes on. Lots to fix and Fingers ain’t gonna cut it. Just look at AMC...they released a 120 page supplement of ADDED material to 11-202...to reduce pubs. This is in addition to another 100+ page 11-2MDS that will only shrink maybe 20 pages. The machine just doesn’t care. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Hate to hear this brother. Been there, thankfully mine was super easy as we didn't have anything together (no kids), and she actually had a pretty level head and didn't want anything. Annulments are very cheap. All I can say is enjoy the single life...it's been/continues to be a great run for this guy. It seems like chicks can actually smell the divorce on you and they come out of the woodwork. Also from here on out, a pre-nup will be mandatory for this guy. I'm buying all my assets and toys now, and they come with the package. If she don't like it (toys or pre-nup), there are plenty more fish in the sea. I may be slightly jaded, but I'm living life the way I want and on my terms from here on out. Life's to short. Great advice above. Good luck brosef!
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    That sucks. Im in the middle of a very bad one myself. My STBX just tried to sell our house without me knowing (im TDY right now). She has filed a motion to sell it and sent it to my lawyer. I now have to go to court to stop her (Ill win just another 1G down the drain). She is all over the place. Here is what you need to do: Don't move out its your house. I made this mistake. Stop Drinking until its over. Do not yell at her or touch her. She could try to get an EPO which if you lose in court gets you a DVO. You don't want to take the risk if she wants to be heard infront of the judge Lawyer up and don't be afraid to fire your lawyer mid stream Know that you are not your lawyer's priority they are balancing their practice as well; just find the best one you can that is smart. Get a Tempory Motion (or whatever they call it in Florida) immediatly for: Custudy - NEVER grant her sole custudy, get joint legal & physical Visitiation schedule and time sharing -- I travel extensivley for work I did not get one and the STBX fights me every time I want to take the kids on a trip/have them overnight. I know your lifestyle; for visitation/ timesharing get it written in that you will decide on a schedule by a certian day for the next month. Child support A staus quo agreement -- meaning no depriciation of join assests and additional joint debt. Seperate all joint accounts Cancel all joint CCs Get organized Every email/text phone call goes infront of a judge Get a phone recording app that records every call automatically Fight paying her any maintenance -- research jobs she is capable of getting to demonstrate she can make more than minimum wage. Duck I could go on and on Im 1.5yrs into this because she is unreasonable. Most important Love your kids.
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    She claims she didn't say anything at the time because she “didn’t trust the system at the time.” GMAFB She sued the SecDef and went on 60 minutes. She wasn't afraid to speak up when she thought she'd been wronged. This is all about her. Just like everything she's ever done is all about her.
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