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  1. Dope. Looks like CMR just got twice as long.
  2. We talk about failing strategy and then talk “immortalizing” guys who were at the tip of the spear during many of those miscalculations. I like Mattis, McRaven, mchrystal and what they taught us through exemplary organizational leadership....but that doesn’t mean they have the ing answer to every problem. like brickhistory said join the solution cause I am pretty sure making bank in your think tank you rolled directly to isn’t helping anyone but themselves.
  3. File it til it sticks. The Air Force VCL is always out of date and no one references it.
  4. 1. Mentor them with the experiences and skills you have acquired through life and career. 2. Recognize their goals and help them visualize how they can achieve said goals. 3. Don’t sleep with them. Seems pretty standard with leading all individuals, yet keep hanging on to that non rated mantra that dealing with enlisted is some kind of enigma us pilots will never understand. People are people, except for you, you seem like a real douchebag.
  5. How much of that USMC/USN take rate were helo pilots? I have a hard time believing that’s all fixed wing.
  6. That’s one of the best talk ons I’ve ever heard.
  7. Hell and to top it off, the army is giving a helo pilot the nod. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/03/26/army-four-star-nominated-next-chief-staff.html #ALLpilotsmatter
  8. So to summarize, if you’re at the end of your commitment and you like what you’re doing and where your career is going and the lifestyle fits your family, sign the bonus and enjoy the ride. If not, there is no miraculous turn around on the horizon, punch and be proud of your service. The future fix is production, higher ups are looking at the data and it’s too long gone to pump resources in the outflow to right that ship. They are betting ops tempo turns down and the pivot to near peer brings more tdys and training to places that aren’t a worthless sandbox so us sheep don’t complain as much. All those things that tactical level value ie experience gained from real world application is just an FTL or K code on a spread sheet to them. Need more? Waive the requirements increase production. Production solutions stands as the easiest to them and most profitable to the defense industry and will be the mantra as long as they have a budget friendly to them.
  9. After they faked the moon landing I wouldn’t put anything past them.
  10. Wonder why she didn’t end up at Eastern New Mexico University? She always spoke so highly of the area.
  11. Hell that Rogoway probably gets off to this forum. Bet he has a great, “I woulda been a fighter pilot but...” story. Now he spends his time writing broad stroke factually incorrect aviation articles inbetween creating dirty tissues and Microsoft flight sim. I respect all that I work with that is the common respect men and women in uniform should extend each other as we are in this together for the greater good of something better than all of us. Sis don’t know what ya did and unless it’s going to come out in a safety brief don’t care to hear about it, her stardom probably had more to do with public affairs and others than her jumping into the spotlight. We all have seen good dudettes hit with that before. Maestro video had already been debriefed no way should be coming up again. As lord ratner pointed out we are in the business of killing people and if that offends the outside masses that stumble upon it then let me recap some of my deployment high lights the last 8 years see if that makes ya feel better. Chances are the offended are more apt to be ignorant and comy at home drinking shitty lattes. Political correctness can suck it and we as professionals should have the backs of or fells bros and bras until they have violated our trust and bond.
  12. So can we get leaders to lead and get buy in through their actions and not by communicating intent through blogs. Transform training...copy. We need to do that but don’t forget the aviate navigate communicate stuff that makes pilots compentant and an instructor corps in the squadron that’s focused on the new guys and not arbitrary taskers so they can make those pilots lethal.
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