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    I liked Ready Player One, but maybe I'm not quite as old and grumpy as 17D_guy. I enjoyed the book, so I knew the movie was going to be a non-stop stream of pop-culture references. My assessment is that it is a well-executed action movie with pretty good special effects, but if you don't have a nerd streak, you're probably not going to get much out of it. That said, if you read and loved the book, be aware that there are DRAMATIC changes in the story. They almost just took the setting and characters, then built a new story for the movie. On the plus side - you don't have to worry about spoilers. On the minus side - most of the changes were not for the better.
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    If I’ve learned anything, there is no such thing as a forever home or a dream home.
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    Congrats to all who were selected! As for the rest of us....I will see you all next year
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    How about retirement years? Is that waiverable? I’d rather just retire now.
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    Given that the full GI Bill (with Yellow Ribbon) can be worth upwards of $250k, I'd seriously consider sticking it out the extra 6 months.
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    Conditionally approved yesterday. 11m asking 5 months 13 days off, submitted for the second time in February. Gotta find a job in 60 days.
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    Is is ok to try to stop people from breaking the law to sell Americans things they want? Yes - reference illegal drugs, fake / counterfeit / stolen goods / child pornography / etc... and spending billions of dollars is one of the ways we keep an orderly law abiding society where your freedoms, property and personal protection are provided. The law and order argument or a society with the rule of law is the real reason for our prosperity and hence the reason why everyone wants to come here or other countries with strong rule of law / low corruption, which is basically the opposite of their nations. If you ignore the law and just shrug when it is broken very soon you will be just like the countries these people flee from. The free market is great but it only exists when it has a place where rules are enforced and standards are universally applied. Disregard it and we will inevitably decline to place where factions impose their will on others other than by the rule of law adopted and applied thru democratic means with boundaries to protect minority political views and ensure basic rights. You assume that one these people will contribute more in taxes than they will receive in services, that is highly unlikely as they are likely to be in low wage occupations, have a higher chance due to the nature of their occupations to become disabled, use more services than the native population as they immigrate and establish themselves in the US and yes, if leaders, cultural and political, from countries where people come from say hostile things not only "mean" to the US but to Western Civilization we should think twice about allowing large numbers of them in. It is naïve to an extreme to believe there is not some residual affinity for the mother country and it's culture / politics. Not racist but realistic, societies particularly free & tolerant ones are fragile things in reality and can be damaged easily, we need to be very prudent and cautious with ours. As to excluding people from around the world from the American Dream, not everyone can come here. We have finite opportunities and finite ability to absorb and it is not me by myself to decide that but us as a nation thru our democratic process. More jobs not less are going to become automated, we have enormous amounts of our own population we callously gave up on and a tight labor market is better for more people in a nation rather than a saturation of workers putting a disproportionate amount of power in the hands of employers.
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    So the other night my wife who never reads reviews picks a movie on iTunes because she likes the people in it. “Beatriz at Dinner” Salma Hayek, John Lithgow, I was thinking tolerable. Worst movie ever IMO but interesting for those of you with leftist friends who are always n a constant state of depression post 2016 Overview: Poor minority masseuse who’s goat died that morning has a car break down stranding her at dinner with rich 1%ers who despite their attempt to make her feel welcome, their micro aggressions throughout the night make her self realize the world is horrible because of greedy rich people doing rich people things. After fantasizing about stabbing the richest white guy there, she instead drowns herself in the ocean...all while having flashbacks of her goat dying because of rich people. I’m making it sound better than it was.
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    Don't spend one second worrying about UPT until you start...Kenny's advice is solid! The right gouge will be there at the right time, so don't sweat it now.
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    To the bar (the squadron bar if able), the strip club, sorority parties, Vegas, out on a boat... While you're at it, buy a motorcycle or sports car you can't really afford, travel wherever you can, make a bunch of questionable choices while staying out of jail. Serious advice. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk

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