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  1. AOC will realize her green new deal like trump will realize his wall. Relax they’re just trying to get their base fired up.
  2. This is the bureaucracy we all love and hate. , Try submitting a trouble ticket or find someone with CMS god rights who can find the person and send them an email directly. At one point my AFPC sent my application to a different functional and I had to chase it down and get it sent to the correct place. Batten down the hatches buddy and good luck...
  3. Bet he thinks we’d just willingly give up the location of the Phoenix Foundation too...
  4. I don’t know about him, but that’s why the copilots always do my walk around... 😂
  5. I concur the rumint has been out there for the past 3-4 months. I didn’t believe it at first either, but alas, here we are. I guess even the Generals are in a rush to get their line numbers...
  6. Meanwhile I’m just sitting here waiting for my DD-214 to post... Au revoir boys!
  7. Dam inspector: The dam is leaking and it’s losing water Dam engineer: well we need to find the holes and fix them so the dam doesn’t break Dam General: just keep adding more water so the lake stays at the current level
  8. So a guy worth billions of dollars from a car company and a rocket company is putting some of his employees to work by building a mini sub to get a Thai soccer team out of a cave before they die. What are you doing with your time, besides posting on Baseops?
  9. Man I’m glad I got to this before you read my original response. I said something mean, but you don’t deserve that, you’re just trying to egg on a scenario because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. I hope you have a good weekend.
  10. What is your solution, do you think there’s even a problem?
  11. At least I brought something other than snide remarks and pointed questions. Hey quick, I think Hannity’s on!
  12. I bet you’re the life of the party... Enjoy your drive, wish I wasn’t in the car with you...
  13. It was a metaphor for climate change, the risk to the environment of continuing to output the amount of Co2 that we have been over the past century as opposed to the risk to the economy of maintaining those industries in their current state is significantly higher. If you dial it back and go slower ie institute controls (your 40 mph speed limit) you may not prevent all the potential fatalities but you can prevent some if not most.
  14. I was trying to be humble, feigning understanding and asking leading questions to prove your point isn’t helpful.
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