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    Shifty fucking Canadians
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    GDP <3.0% two quarters in a row and a third expected to be at or near 4% Dow up a gagillion for the year Major tax reform passed; corporate rates cut to very competitive in global market with other nations (Germany, et al panicking). A fair few other things going right, IMO. Countered by an on-going FBI investigation (which itself seems to have ethical/institutional bias of its own complicating matters) Loss of a sure-thing Senate seat National debt still climbing. Overall, a winning year. edited to add/note: Politico, never a conservative outlet, published a damning and very long expose of the last Administration interfering, then killing, a high-stakes investigation into Hezbollah's drug trade in order to appease Iran and get that deal done. Should be a good show to watch associated with that one.
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    Not true. It was updated. We went from "if you like your password, you can keep your password" to "Password will expire every 30 days"
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    His FLUG will get delayed because he was voluntold to do honor guard for six months (like our loadmasters...)
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    Thanks for being such a great resource for the community.
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    Do NOT get ICL's. Those would be non-waiverable. As far as flat corneas post PRK/LASIK, how flat are we talking? Less than 35 D? The AF has no standard for post op flat K's or corneal thickness for applicants (although we probably should), however, you may be risking your vision for the rest of your life and it's possible you may not meet the AF standards for vision if the outcome is really poor. Let me know if you want more details.
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    @stuckindayton is the expert on this topic, but I do not believe there exists a waiver for refractive error outside of -4.50 for FCIA. Check out the USAFSAM Waiver Guide for more details. I would suggest getting a second opinion regarding refractive surgery.
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    Get high, get fast, do some good work. Go downtown, drop some bombs, kill all the assholes. Land, drink some whiskeys, tell stories at the bar and go home drunk to a wife who hates your lifestyle and thinks you are too old to still act like a degenerate child. Pass out, wake up and do it all again. Caveat: not for everyone.
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    Duck, congratulations on your promotion to Major!
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    The airman will debrief his FLUG sortie right after is dorm inspection and rising 4 meeting.
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    When I was a full timer (5+ years), I set aside time for that stuff because I damn sure wasn't doing it on my own time. Some months I met rap, some months I didn't, some tasks were pushed off a day or two and obviously some could not. Strangely enough, the wheels kept on turning and Squadron still functioned. Then again, there is a reason I left for the airlines and haven't looked back. I am thankful for, but do not envy the full-timers that remain, they are doing WAY to much work with far too few assets (and pay).
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    Not hard at all. Inside tip, when writing your cover letter... always mention Rep. Martha McSally and say that she's someone you look up to. She's HUGE in the A-10 world.
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    Yeah, this is great. The stock market is up what, 20% since the election? Just a quick question though - if the stock market were to fall 25%, would you consider that Trump's fault (or does he only get credit when it's a positive thing)?
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    brick, I understand your anger, and I get your post, but ONLY in the context of why you voted for Trump. I was in the "wait and see" camp when Trump got elected, and was excited to see what he and the GOP would do with a unified house, senate, white house, and supreme court. I've been horrified by the last six months. I understand that you are a true believer, and that nothing I say (and nothing Trump does) is going to change your mind. Just please understand that there are people like me, who consider themselves conservative (think WSJ, not Breitbart), who believe that Trump's contempt for things like the rule of law concern me as much as anything that happened during the Obama era. He seems to believe that he is the King of America, and his consistently erratic behavior is not something I value in the person who controls our nuclear arsenal.