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    Terrific nickel-on-the-grass and piano burn for Doc last night at the Nellis Club, fitting for a man like Doc. As said, if you want to help, go hit that youcaring link to help out Julie and the family.
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    Yes! How many man hours do we waste taking a line flying IP and making him do exec work, all because he "needs it for major/ school select?" How many man hours does he then waste editing OPRs and PRFs for 0-4? I may be optimistic, but hopefully this news coupled with eliminating school selects means we at least delay the fray of queen that a mid level captain faces allowing them to focus on the mission/ their primary job.
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    Nothing here or elsewhere on the internet will be more than wild speculation; recommend leave it to those other guys and not here. Let's focus on the man and the family he left behind. Nickel on the grass for Doc. If you desire to help, check out the you caring link at the top in HU&W's post.
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    My commentary wasn't on the process itself, but rather that the AF is portraying this as some great thing they're doing for people, when it's a self-induced reaction to the circumstances, and that people who otherwise don't want to get promoted could be voluntold.
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    The team that builds the app will be randomly tinkering with the plugin and the site over the next 24 hours or so. Hopefully they can get it resolved soon.
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    Make Ontario a TDY location in DTS. Example: Home Base = Depart 13 sep TDY Location 1 = Edwards (assuming you fly into Ontario, but go to Edwards that day), arrive 13 sep, depart 19 sep TDY Location 2 = Ontario, arrive 19 Sep, depart 20 Sep (early flight out the 20th). Home Base = Arrive 20 Sep Problem solved since per diem is tied to TDY location. Never had a problem once using this method.
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    And here I thought polytheism only applied to hearts/minds, not kidneys... I assume you're talking about Polycystic Kidney Disease. If so, you need to focus on being healthy. It will help your chances years from now when you start planning for a career as a fighter pilot. Until then, read anything and everything that interests you. You have to be smart to become a fighter pilot, and books make you smarter. Never give up hope, and ALWAYS ask the prettiest girl to dance.
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    6.9 times more if you were a pilot. Sorry brother we have not done the ACJ test folks justice, hoping that changes.

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