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    One of the best sq/cc's I ever had refused to use his parking spot. Our lot was too small for all the cars, and he'd frequently park in the alternate 'park and walk' lot because he didn't see himself as better than his Airmen. That said, rather than let a prime spot go unused, he shared it as an incentive. Superior performers id'd by him or the shirt would be given use of the spot for a month. It wasn't much, but it was tangible and valued by the people in the organization.
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    For the love of all that's holy: FUCK YES!!! If I never see another CCS, CCM, CCBS parking spot, it will be too soon.
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    This was written by my old Squadron Commander at Altus. He's the best Commander I ever had in 16-years. He's one of the "good ones" and is definitely what is right with the Air Force. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leaders-eat-last-do-still-park-closest-christopher-lanier/
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    Robbie Risner was a badass...Cock 1! Imagine today flying a P-38, F-51, F-86, F-100, F-105 in three different wars? Not to mention leading airmen in Hanoi and returning. In August 1964 General Risner was assigned as commander of the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, where he flew the F-105 Thunderchief. While on temporary duty with the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, he was shot down over North Vietnam in April 1965 and was rescued. General Risner was returned to duty and in September 1965 was shot down again over North Vietnam and captured. His advice to the men he commanded combined the heroic and the practical. “Resist until you are tortured,” he said, “but do not take torture to the point where you lose the permanent use of your limbs.” In later years, General Risner participated in reunions of airmen. At a gathering in the 1990s, he met a Russian MIG-15 ace who had been in Korea at the same time. The other pilot wondered if they had ever faced each other in combat. “No way,” General Risner replied. “You wouldn’t be here.” Kadena rocks! http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/28/us/robinson-risner-ace-fighter-pilot-dies-at-88.html?mcubz=3
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    For another, the 12th (was part of 18th WG during my time in mid-1990s*), the 44th, and the 67th all flew combat missions during Vietnam. Guess that's not called a "real war." Might get another chance fairly soon... *AWESOME assignment
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    Thus continuing the trend of lying to the upper echelons to make it look like the slides are still greened up instead of providing actual data. Is it any wonder these strategic juggernauts are failing the services?
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    Here's a "Leadership at the Deid" worthy story. The SecAF and CSAF were here a few weeks ago, and at one point during their dog and pony show, they asked the rent-a-crowd "Are you getting everything you need here, with the embargo and everything?" And someone from either HNCC, Protocol, or Services (can't remember) straight up lied and said "We're good, we even have fresh milk." My buddy that works in the wing front office just about shit a brick. (Same friend was of course dispatched into town prior to the visit to pick up Diet Cokes for the VIPs since FSS is out of them and Diet Pepsi just ain't the same.)
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    Bruh... contrary to what has been the norm for foldings that aren't held to a specific timeline, our Maintenance bros worked their asses off on this one. Those guys have our gratitude big time! The admin planning started around noon on Friday when we heard the initial rumblings that we might be out the door. Maintenance hadn't even touched any of the aircraft since we weren't 100% sure it was a done deal. We got the green light from headquarters around 1700 the same day. Maintenance showed up at 0700 the next morning, folded three birds and were ready to go by late morning. HH-60 crews walked in the door at noon, two C-17s landed at 1300, and we were wheels up by 1630.
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    Pretty sensible, which means McCain et al would outright reject it.
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    Oh wow. This will end well, I'm sure. Guys who are topped out at O-5 with over 20, with an outside airline gig, who are just staying around (losing money!) to fly the mission and teach the young guys, are going to bail in droves. Probably 20% of my squadron fits this demographic, and I promise you none of us will do a 6 month deployment.
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    How about making all military pay tax free? That would probably have an effect on retention and recruiting. Oh, and the only people that would deploy would be those that really need to. Wait, scratch that. I propose all military pay be tax free after the first $100. That way we'd still be considered "tax payers" and not merely mercs. Symbology, you know. Out