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  1. The current POTUS is alleged to have cheated on his wife with a porn star and was recorded saying he “grabs women by the pussy.” Seems to have worked out for him so far...
  2. Doesn’t matter, he wasn’t Enlisted. Different spanks for different ranks. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/02/01/air-force-busts-retired-four-star-general-down-two-ranks-coerced-sex/97356020/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/06/23/disgraced-army-general-fired-after-inappropriate-relationship/422902001/
  3. Yeah, so was Billy Mitchell, what's your point? What does that have to do with McCrystal talking shit about Obama?
  4. Cause he violated the UCMJ and talked shit about the big boss 😂 I mean, he could’ve court martialed him since the POTUS is a convening authority. The scary part is Trump could order SECNAV to order McRaven to active duty to court martial him for his comments.
  5. Mildenhall and Kadena are still flying clubs, busy though. Stay away from Fairchild and McConnell. Both OG’s there are more concerned with award packages, zipper length, and haircuts than flying.
  6. Valid, however he was also the one at my base in 2013 who was telling a room full of us AETC instructors how he was going to cut all the manning that was an overage at once, instead of per fiscal year, and what a good idea that was (which it wasn't). Which, as people know now, was to buy more F-35's since he was told he wasn't cutting the A-10.
  7. Read his letter twice, didn't once see the word "friend" included. Most people lose their clearance two years after they retired/separated unless an employers pays to have it renewed.
  8. He wanted more F-22's, BUFF's were flying around nukes unknown to the crew, and the USAF was sending nuclear parts disguised as Huey parts to Taiwan. The degradation of the nuclear surety mission was due to more than just T. Mike, but he was the CSAF, so he took the blame (with the SECAF).
  9. Travis Wing King for a month just got fired. https://www.travis.af.mil/News/Article/1594807/60th-air-mobility-wing-commander-under-investigation-for-alleged-misconduct/
  10. Since he was acquitted, he can never be tried again in a court martial/Art 15 for the same offense. However, Commanders and JAG’s tap dance around the Double Jeopardy Clause by handing out LOC/LOA/LOR’s and Administrative Separation since it’s not considered “punitive” and it’s an “administrative issue.” Since he wasn’t an NCO, and probably wasn’t in for at least six years, he wasn’t entitled to a separation board. So it went to the Wing King, who was either the Convening Authority or advised the NAF/CC as the Convening Authority for his court martial. The military justice system allows the government two bites of the proverbial Apple when it comes charged misconduct.
  11. Nah, I’m too busy looking at all the stock I bought as an employee for 125 a share.
  12. You sound like Baseops's Hannity. http://www.dorfonlaw.org/2016/08/how-to-make-dead-irs-conspiracy-theory.html https://www.newsweek.com/remember-irs-scandal-it-was-fake-news-all-along-681674 Wasn't the PATRIOT Act passed under 43's watch?
  13. So, since Mueller is a Republican, it's okay that he's investigating Trump, right?
  14. Say you’re going to sign, get a free trip to STL, then right before signing tell The Bobs that you’ve changed your mind for needs of the family and don’t sign. They can understand need changes. Make a note of any CC who gets upset with you so once you’re flying with the majors, you can help blacklist them.
  15. https://content.production.cdn.art19.com/episodes/5e74d2c4-3798-4ca1-9d33-01bbdc57e259/9736381f7127aa7a2c7ffa825ec90eceb658b1f96d9410dadc26338aa819ae3d394a230590473305f6df78bca0426818291f5d941cd21ab676e255bdc7c8edde/18_0726_JeremyBash_EPv1.mp3
  16. Trump supporters would let Trump shit in their mouths, If they thought the Libs could smell it. Paul isn’t looking too well since his first trial is delayed six days over discovery issues with the unsealing of immunized witnesses against him. Some states, like New York, have hinted at filing state charges against him if Trump gives a pardon.
  17. The Active Duty Wing at Macdill just had a Guard O-6 as the Wing Queen. A few years ago the Montana ANG had a career Herk driver Active Duty O-6 Wing King while they converted from Eagles to Herks. Must be the newest rage in the MAF.
  18. This probably doesn't make anyone feel good, but one of the dudes on the 11M assignment team PCS'd last week to Italy. So, at least his assignment was on time...
  19. There’s usually a huge SCIF on base where all tanker crews do all their high side things instead of having individual vaults in the squadrons.
  20. They can Court Martial you if you’re retired. The Marines just ops checked that theory. It is criminal the authority they have.
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