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Viper incident at Oshkosh.


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You can see the smoke from where his tires touched down. Looks like he landed oh........about 4k long on an 8k runway if you count the taxiways and crosscheck it with a look at google earth plus the airfield diagram.

Hopefully all the stuff they did right before landing was legal because this is going to be the std airshow/flyby was he shining his ass>to a mishap witch hunt. Stby for extra regulations......one to a full stop via ILS straight-in when arriving at airshows.

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He wasn't the only one to nose-in this past week...


This misfortunate pilot landed his vintage tri-plane on its nose. The man had been flying the famous Fokker Dreidecker aircraft at the Flying Legends airshow at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambsridgeshire. But when he landed the WW1 fighter aircraft a sudden gust of wind blew it on its nose. No one was hurt in the incident. (Philip Tyler / Rex)

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"Zee dridecker ist nosesittin!"

Even during WWI the Dr.I was notorious for its shallow cockpit (front to back) and the poor "guns to face" relationship during noseovers and crash landings. A good number of German pilots suffered serious, or even fatal facial and head injuries from the gun butts in otherwise survivable crashes.

Amazing that it just came to a stop there on the prop and wingtip. I understand that once they helped the pilot out, he helped to pull the tail down, and they pulled the bird off of the strip.

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Report: Cockpit fogging caused F-16 to run off AirVenture runway

A fighter pilot whose cockpit became engulfed in fog briefly experienced vertigo and considered ejecting during a Wisconsin air show when he lost visibility, but ultimately decided to land because he was worried about the safety of hundreds of spectators, according to a report released Tuesday.

The report appears to be available on the FY11 page of the USAF AIB site, but the links aren't working on my computer for some reason...

edit: other reports are clickable further down the page; I guess the AIB site is slow to update.

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Man, that must've been some kind of extreme "fog" to cause a total loss of SA on the runway, after landing.

Ground the fleet until they figure out how a "properly maintained" airplane can cause this.

Did there happen to be a piddle pack involved?

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There's another document with a better pic of what happened.

What does that mean?

You believe this is something that could happen to you tomorrow? Or ever?

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Found a high res shot here, on landing rollout:


Possibly showing a partially fogged canopy? Maybe, maybe not. Did the MP mention any of this on the radio to lead as it was going on?

Question for the Viper bubbas on here, if the canopy did fog up, would it have shown up on the hud tapes?

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