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  1. I think he fell victim to the libtard, brain rot of a liberal institution of higher learning.
  2. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Don't give a shit about the politics and the promotions and all the additional bullshit. Focus on being a great pilot and quit when it's not fun anymore. Then go to the airlines and work half as hard for 2-3x the pay!
  3. I'm going to credit 145 hours in June working 16 days (away from home 9 nights). $155/hr. Actually flew like 70ish. Add 16% DC on top of that. You do the math... These bonus threads make me giggle.
  4. Is there any way we can find out who attended this meeting for the airlines?
  5. Oh yeah, I left out the $800 in per down. No contest!
  6. I just got my pay stub for May. I'm a 3rd year NB FO at a mAAjor. Line holder bidding about 75%. I made $22,579.40 with the 16% DC. That's prob more than the COS made in May. Caveat...I had a week of vacation and still flew a little more than normal. The fact that fuckhead Fingers thinks he has standing to negotiate my fucking pay after I served 10 years pisses me off to no end. It should piss you off too. The disconnect is unreal. Fuck off Fingers. For all of you even looking at the fence much less sitting on it, NOW is the time to get out.
  7. Are you forgetting the most majors have a defined contribution of 15-16%? Some still have retirement plans (Fedex and UPS). If I worked as much at the airline as I did on AD, I'd easily be breaking $200k/year without the DC. I'm 3 years into my airline career. I wouldn't put all my eggs in the Tricare for life and retirement basket just like I don't put all my eggs in my airline basket.
  8. What 13 year guy is making $160k at Travis without the bonus? Show the numbers.
  9. God bless HPOs! I literally didn't do anything my last year in the AF. Every time I was asked to do something, I would say "I can't help you, but I'm sure Capt HPO can help". They will get the credit either way, might as well let them do the work. On a side note, after being pushed around by scheduling, marveling at the ineptitude of my union, or sitting through a painful red-eye, I come back here and realize just how much better my life is now. I am thankful.
  10. We are a bankrupt nation. What else do you expect?
  11. I just spit my vodka tonic all over my iPad. Hey, are reservists eligible? I came on here to figure out how to resign my commission, but this has piqued my interest...
  12. Whatever the outcome of this meeting between Airline management and your Air Force leadership, the one fact is it will not be in your best interest. There is only one group on the earth that hates you more than your Air Force leadership...it's the shoe clerks in Airline management.
  13. The numbers just don't back up your claim. While you may get lucky a year or two, the vast, vast majority of professional investors and fund managers who actively trade do not beat the market in the long run. These are the guys that have unlimited resources, analysts, and prob insider information.
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