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  1. FYSA, you can do 2 years with CSP at Osan and still update your short tour return date and short tour count. I didn’t believe it, but I just returned to the CONUS from a CSP tour at Osan, and vMPF updated my date. Might wanna check that out... Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Yeah, seems like he had gone out and then back in a couple times, huh? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. They’re TXing to Fat Amy. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. Brabus, that was a day that started out terrible and ended well. Glad you were on scene.
  5. WIC grads in exec positions is definitely NOT the standard in the CAF. Seems like a phenomenon only in the MAF. Could it possibly be true that the old FWIC concept was unnecessarily watered-down by the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality when operators of every MDS got a seat at the table? I mean, if your wing/MDS can spare target arms for non-W prefix work, doesn’t that make them superfluous? (Yeah yeah, burn the witch...I know...)
  6. A little grammatical correction yields the truth: “Mission first, people! Always!”
  7. No more ADOs in the CAF. I’m at a certain PACAF fighter base where every FGO in the OG is either a DO or CC, and we are sub-80% manned.
  8. I see this happen all the time with members of the MXG here in Korea. Usually the FSS just extends their DEROS, and the MXG middle management (junior NCOs) in charge of those young airmen don't mind, because they keep their "bodies" around. I saw a guy PCS 3 months after his original DEROS, and only after a high-speed Top-3 buddy of mine overheard his story and started advocating for him. Then we got to watch everyone act all surprised: "WHAT??? THAT'S HAPPENING HERE???" GMAFB. When overseas on a remote, playing chicken with the FSS doesn't end well. It **SHOULD** result in people getting fired, but leadership on that side of the flightline has been broken for so long, you can't expect much.
  9. I feel bad for whoever gets fragged for this SIB. Not only do they lose a month+ of flying, but they have to listen to Raptor dudes refer to their jet in the 3rd person. ("And then, Raptor did....")
  10. Cajun was the best of us. This is a huge shock. Nickel in the grass, Big Cat. You’ll be missed.
  11. About 36.9% better. There’s a “one car per household” rule here, so the majority of accompanied pilots I know are forced to moto/scoot to work so CINCHOUSE can shuttle kids around. #pilotshortage
  12. Osan just got a huge batch (some without the chest hole for combat edge, which is useless anyway) and all pilots are wearing them. They’re fukkin great. Also got the matching pants, which helps because I motorcycle to work when it’s 3.6 degrees out.
  13. Yeah, it might be Kelly. I'm not sure...all I knew was it definitely wasn't Luke or Holloman.
  14. Here's my take: AETC wants to evaluate whether or not UPT in its current form can withstand a change when it comes to CAF-bound pilots. Maybe it'll be a paradigm shift. Data points: - The T-38 replacement decision was recently delayed by at least one year - Pilot shortage - Changes in how fighter aviation is going to look in the future (think: how the F-35/F-22 are employed vice traditional "VMS 2/4-ships") - Budget constraints I wouldn't be surprised if they're hoping to go to a one-airframe UPT that's bolstered by sims to transition CAF inbounds to "fast jet" flying. I don't think it's a good idea, but we shall see. Hopefully the IPs for the "test case" students (4 Tucson F-16 B-coursers, from what I hear) will HOOK THE SHIT OUT OF THEM and this will end.
  15. Those Growler bros who drew the sky dick messed up in their message. Right away, it should have been a post on their social media: "To show solidarity with the Movember movement, we did our part to raise awareness for men's health." BOOM - it's a movement. Use the social welfare BS when it suits you. At trial: "WHAT? YOU'RE AGAINST MEN'S HEALTH??? GENDERIST!!!"
  16. Dang - new T-38 seat and a supposed mayday call. This is one SIB report I'm eager to read...
  17. I've also used the following line: "I have 6 feet of charts, but only 2 feet of cockpit. Request a vector."
  18. Yep. Everyone locally here at base x was pissed that CSAF/HAF dropped that change so late. The FS/OG/WG had already worked, routed, and rack/stacked the PRFs for the year.
  19. Dude - we have Friday shirts and Friday patches now. It's rad, brah.
  20. That's my whole point: AFPC thinks this is a "smart move" because they get to net-gain a few CAF pilots, while forgetting about the trust relationship that they have been trying to repair. CAF wide, all the young CGOs watching this are taking notes and wondering if the Porch and A1 actually mean it when saying "guys...we know we've fvcked up...and we promise things will be different from now on." Empty words? You be the judge. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  21. This is not about a dick measuring contest. My beef is that the porch is sending inexperienced wingmen to the Eielson aggressors because they supposedly have no choice. Worse still, these wingmen are coming off only one year in Korea. A remote assignment they went to with the PROMISE of a follow on regular tour. Going to the aggressors essentially freezes their development as fighter pilots. It's not a problem to go as a senior 4FL or an IP, but it is a death blow to a young fighter pilot's development. A terrible breech of trust. So AFPC breaks that promise and sends them to the 18AGRS. Fine...we "have no choice" and have a problem absorbing all the wingmen in the CAF. Needs of the Air Force and all that. Yes sir, service before self...got it. Then, THE VERY SAME WEEK these guys are learning about the breaking of the promise, these wingmen are hearing about this crossflow. I'd be livid. Worse still, if it were me, my mind about staying one day past my commitment would be made up. No fvcking way. How many other young wingmen are watching??? AFPC's justification, btw, is some bullshit about a net gain of fighter pilots via this crossflow. Of course, they're not factoring the 36 CAF wingmen that just watched this happen. YGBSM. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  22. Ah good. We have a young wingman who is going to go to the 18 AGRS at Eielson after only a year in Korea, so that makes sense. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  23. Latest from the CAF FB page says that the flight pay bump probably won't happen until October. They've been talking about this since February, but it's moving at the speed of government I guess.
  24. Don't assume I care what the difference is.
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