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  1. Thanks everyone. That's the info I was hoping for, but not expecting.
  2. So, I don't have a passport (gov or civilian). Yes, save me the lecture. My commander is open to releasing me a bit early because my replacement is getting out here early. I can hop on a Mil Air and get to Italy or Germany pretty easily. How difficult would it be to get home commercial from there? All I have are NATO Orders and military ID. If not commercial, Space-A?
  3. I don't understand how BAH fluctuates so wildly year to year.
  4. It should be easy enough for Amazon to keep it 400'A or lower and void known hazard areas. This doesn't scare me as much as Joe Schmoe playing with his new Christmas toy.
  5. Beat me to it. it doesn't even work if you assume a spherical Su-24.
  6. Just ask your guard unit. You're going to work for them. Might as well get to know the system.
  7. Look at the picture. Do what makes sense.
  8. I think you've been spraying too many chemtrails.
  9. No, I'm saying the example you gave isn't as simple as "I drive a truck so I'm a rapist". The example given from the slides leans more to, "My family requires a vehicle suitably large enough to carry us all and I decided to buy a truck for my desires, not the needs of my family". It really has nothing to do with SAPR at all.
  10. There's a lot of SAPR bullshit out there, but I think you missed the point of that comment. Don't muddy the waters. It maks the argument more difficult.
  11. It looks like a perfectly legit DoD survey to me. I mean, they asked two of the questions twice. If that isn't an exact mark of government efficiency and redundancy, I don't know what is.
  12. The Cyber Force should be a military force with no physical fitness requirement, much higher payscale, limited to 1,000 dudes and a 36-2903 equivalent requiring neck beards and fedoras.
  13. I'll give up my black socks when the pry them from my cold dead hands feet. edit: Thanks SuperWSO.
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