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  1. I plan to apply to AA and move to DFW. Airlinepilotcentral paints AA as an unprofitable company with low morale, bad management, and high (secured) debt (although comprised of a newer fleet). I browse their forums with a grain of salt, but should I consider flying for SWA as well? I’m open to moving to ATL, but DAL already seems to be ahead of the post-COVID hiring wave (for seniority progression considerations). For (relative) job security, it seems AA is too big to fail, and their DFW base should remain open in case of a merger or bankruptcy. My goals are living in base, seniority progression, and job security (in that order).
  2. I guess we aren't in a shortage after all? I wonder what the FY22 take rates are if the original formula was still being applied. https://starsdemog.a1vdc.us.af.mil/Avb/avb.html
  3. I ran through a search on airline pilot central, but no dice….For airline applications, the question: 6. Have you ever been removed from flight status, voluntarily or involuntarily, or failed flight training of any type, or failed any check ride? Does “removed from flight status” include DNIF as well? Also “any check ride” includes UPT?
  4. Whenever I talk to people looking to fly for UPS/FedEx, they say it’s because “boxes don’t b****”. Are passengers really that painful to deal with? I’ve never encountered any issues being a customer before.
  5. For me, it seems the decision boils down to this (assuming I still enjoy my AD job during the second half of my career). Join the airlines now and get the seniority number, or Do 20 (or more) years of service, get the medical/retirement benefits, then get that seniority number…. So, is the $50K/year + Tricare worth 8 years of seniority? Also, I’ve always wondered, is there a person who regretted separating at their initial ADSC and wished they stayed AD? I’ve never heard the other side of the story (maybe because it’s rare, or people don’t want to admit making the wrong decision).
  6. Can you share how many nights you spent away from home in 2021?
  7. This is more of a MPF-type question, but do I have to decide on a separation/terminal date and stick with it? In other words, if I don’t get a call from a major by my separation date, can I continue with AD on a day-to-day basis? Or do I set another separation date in the future?
  8. I’m approaching my UPT ADSC and have relatively low hours (IP, 700 PIC/2000 total) compared to my MAF peers. When I browse through other airline forums, 1000 PIC/3000 total seems to be the delineator for the majors (pre-COVID). I understand many other factors are involved with the hiring process. However, with the renewed hiring surge, are there folks getting hired with less hours than before? If I join a regional and separate from AD (no guard/reserve) will this increase my chances of progressing to a major, even if I no longer gain PIC hours? Or should I stay on AD until I hit 1000 PIC? What can I do now to round out my resume (masters, EP, SE, etc)? My spouse is AD is well (with kids), so a potential double commute to a reserve/guard base may stress the family too much.
  9. The Career Intermission Program (CIP) could be a third option.
  10. Couldn’t find this information using the search function. Could somebody please share: 1. How many hours could someone expect on a deployment? 2. Is the deployment 6 months long? 3. How much time will be spent TDY? 4. Do you get an ATP after training? 5. Do you graduate initial training as an AC? In other words, is it all PIC?
  11. In the last few years, -135 guys have crossflowed to the MC-130J (join spouse) U-28 (mechanical crossflow), F-22, B-1 (MAF to CAF crossflow program), B-2, and more. The Combat Aviation Advisor program is another opportunity to look into.
  12. Thanks for the info, that was really helpful. Do you have an opinion why a rated officer needs to fill the billet?
  13. Starting a new topic because I couldn’t find any relevant information. Does anyone have gouge on what a deployed mobility planner/shift leader will do in Kuwait? Will I work within an Army unit? It’s a 6-monther for a 11M. How will this impact my career as an MWS IP?
  14. I really appreciate all the posts/replies. I’m sure the answer is “depends”, but I would still like to ask because there is a lot of knowledge and experience here not found in an AD squadron. If I’m not hired by a major airline at the end of my ADSC, should I pursue another flying assignment at a FTU/UPT base, or go guard/reserve + regionals? My goal is to acquire a line number at a major airline as soon as possible. My spouse is AD mil as well, so the lower pay of the regionals is not a factor. For reference: IP, 500 heavy PIC, 1850 total (2x MWS). 2 years left on my ADSC.
  15. Are greenslips a type of premium flying?
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