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  1. Hey, does anyone know when we're supposed to hear back from Selfridge A-10's?
  2. I’ve applied to Duluth multiple times, same result.
  3. Do you know if they sent everything out? I haven't heard anything yet.
  4. Anyone hear anything from Atlantic City F-16's (177th) or Duluth F-16's (148th)?
  5. I have not, so I imagine that means no.
  6. Thanks, haven’t heard from the 121st either.
  7. If a unit has a visit opportunity, generally I’m there (with a few exceptions as some units announced visits on very short notice. I feel like I’m building a connection, but obviously performance indicates the contrary. I am re-writing my cover letter, as that is the most recent (actually best overall) best bit of feedback I’ve gotten. I have been tailoring my letter somewhat, but am doing it more now. I have only really gotten 3 bits feedback from units. 1, I wasn’t social enough (full disclosure, I spent 5 full days at this unit, and spoke to all the pilots, so a bit confused, but obviously my feelings don’t mean anything). 2, I didn’t call people by rank (even when they introduced themselves by callsign). 3, a bad fighter cover letter.
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