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  1. I can confirm the above, I was told the same thing today. I haven't heard anything, or gotten any communication since I submitted my app, other than being told rushing was invitation only. With that said, I would guess invitations will go out after the application window closes, as that has been my experience. Good luck everyone.
  2. Oops, I’ll fix the typo, it’s fighter, not flight. I haven’t even gotten feedback from boards, even though I asked. COVID has prevented me from rushing, and I finished the degree in December, no skeletons in the closet per se (my post history has a better resume in a what are my chances thread). Also, everything has been reviewed by the guys at bogi dope.
  3. First some background; I've been applying to almost every fighter board since 12/19, with no interviews, no feedback, no nothing. Fighters is the dream, specifically in the Great Lakes area (with the 115th being my "dream unit), but I'll go anywhere if hired. I saw the 115th posted a UPT board on their RC-26's, and I'm considering applying. Hypothetically, if I was hired there, would it be possible to prove myself as a pilot in the unit, and then possibly transition to the fighter side, or would I be locked it? Should I apply, or pass on this and keep pushing fighters? Abridged credentials: age 24, PCSM 94, Pilot 99, Nav 99 (rest of the scores are eh), BS with 3.84 GPA, ~3,000 hours with an ATP/CFI/CFII Thanks. Edit: thank you all for your input. At this point, I’ll pass and keep pushing fighters. Good luck to those who submit an app.
  4. Do you have POC info for DC? I finished my degree in December, and have been trying for the last few months to contact someone there, but no dice.
  5. So about rushing, I've visited two units (dream unit, and a secondary), but all of the rest have said they will not schedule visits for applicants. I'm not sure if there's a way around that, but I also don't want to come across as someone who feels the rules don't apply to them (most of my apps also went out in the spring, so COVID played a role in that). Since you're very experienced with all of this, how does rushing typically work? I can't imagine you just show up if the website says visits aren't allowed. All the retired and still in people I've talked to said, unprompted, that my attitude is good. Obviously, I don't let anything go to my head, but that must count for something. With all my airline time, I take extra effort to not come off as a know-it-all, because in the USAF flying environment, I know basically nothing.
  6. Thanks, November isn't far away thankfully, so I'll know one way of another.
  7. I talked with bogidope before I sent out any apps, so all of my apps have cover letters and resumes that are BD reviewed. I've also had some AF pilots (currently in and retired) read them over as well. I've been nervous about the amount of hours, but there's nothing I can do about that. I was also think the degree was the issue, but based on what I've read/heard, if you're within a few months, that problem seems to go away. Is the degree the issue maybe? Also, your take on enlisting? Read the above, thanks.
  8. Hello everyone, So, in the last 9 months, I've applied to pretty much every fighter opening with no bites. It's been a little discouraging, so I'm looking for some updated opinions/feedback. I'm a current regional airline pilot trying to get a pilot slot with a guard fighter unit. Age: 23 Finishing BS in Aeronautics from ERAU (finished by the end of November) GPA: 2.94 from one year of community college, 3.81 from ERAU AFOQT: Pilot-99, Nav-99, AcadApt-70, Verbal-79, Quant-56 PCSM: 94 ATP with 2625 hours, 1072 airline hours, current CFI/CFII, tailwheel LOR's from retired USAF Lt. Col./F16 driver, AA 737 captain/mentor 1 year experience as full time CFI/CFII, 2 years 4 months with the airlines As far as 'extra curriculars' go: ALPA P2P and scheduling committee for my airline 7 years in CAP, started as a cadet, current senior member captain, national flight academy instructor, worked FEMA missions for Hurricane Harvey, RPA escort pilot, and Assistant Wing Emergency Services Officer I've asked for some feedback for the units I've applied to, but haven't gotten any. New Questions With everything going on in the aviation world, and me being reasonably young, I'm seriously considering enlisting, both for the secure income source, and to check another resume box. The unit I would be enlisting in would be my 'dream' unit. Is this a wise course of action or no? If you think I should enlist, what MOS should I have (crew chief, weapons, and life support and been mentioned). Thanks
  9. Just got the 'thanks but no thanks' email from Tulsa.
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