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  1. That's why I'm looking for clarification. He mentioned not performing certain actions.
  2. 1. Props to you for outing yourself on the matter. It is a sign of maturity to accept responsibility for your actions. To be clear, you did NOT completely run the boldface, correct? Your reasoning was that you wanted to give the engines a chance to relight on their own; did you discuss this with anyone else? Was this common practice or something you discussed prior in training or on the ground/in the air? Was this a SEPT discussion? 2. I'm out, so I can't read the SIB. I'm sure it's informative. (I've been involved in 14 AIB/SIBs...as local support, not as the subject) and, while the actions of the AMC/CC seem grossly unfair, they are within his discretion. As stated above, if a commander finds through an FEB that a pilot is routinely performing prohibited maneuvers, he can clip the guy's wings. 3. IMHO, at some point the AMC/CC needs to look at himself in the mirror and ask "What could I do differently?" These spectacular accidents seem to be happening at an all-too-frequent rate in AMC and not elsewhere; or at least it seems that way.
  3. Thanks, Butters. Sometimes there are releasable portions, but I wasn't holding my breath
  4. Unable to access AFSAS; anything releasable?
  5. Am I not the only one who finds severe irony in "distinctive camouflage uniform"? Camouflage's stated purpose is to try and blend in, not be distinctive. "Uniform" means the "one form". "Distintive" means different Who the f*** came up with these ideas!?!? I'll give the Marines props for creating their own uniforms when uniform board after uniform board refused to make a better pattern, but the "no, we won't share it" rule was BS. Either we are a joint force or we aren't.
  6. Looking to do a practical joke here. Where can I get a pallet of rubber dogshit? The chowhall, you say?....
  7. MUTES are only as good as your scenario. If you know what's happening/going on, then nothing's gonna be a surprise and it's same ol', same ol'... ...but if you take the time to contact them and ask how to set up a scenario, you can create one of virtually any length/complexity. I created one for the 5 BW that had 7 emitters working simultaneously and gave the EWs a run for their money.
  8. Nish was in my group of 7 at survival training. He'll be missed. :beer: :beer:
  9. To be fair, it looks like the DIA report had a paragraph mislabeled as unclassified (U) when it shouldn't have been... ...stand by for Classification Markings CBTs and a 3-hour presentation/lecture by the CSAF via teleconference at every installation
  10. There are few things better than surprise morning sex ...unless you are in prison
  11. Gotta admit, this is PERFECT justification for keeping the B-52s. How else could WE fly such missions? Use a B-2? Not so much: use a stealth plane that can't be seen on radar to intimidate a country that won't see it? The B-1? Doesn't really have the legs...and isn't part of the nuclear triad. A Sub? see the B-2. An ICBM? That's one shot that isn't coming back.
  12. Just call Maxwell's housing office. They can usually help over the phone
  13. Big friggin' TWO on that one I got into an apartment when I was a 2LT and made the mistake of trying to be honest and say I will be breaking my lease due to a military move, but didn't yet know when. They tried to claim the apartment was destroyed; glad I had pictures. Lost my deposit, but they didn't come after me for the alleged $6K in damages either. Sadly, the same kind of thing happened again in Nav school except this time I was renting from a military family. No problems at ALL until I tried to move out and the owner claimed all of the carpet was irreparable and in an awful condition due to my alleged neglect. The carpet was 8 years old and needed to be replaced anyway, but she claimed I had done all the wear and tear and that the carpet was "like new" when I moved in. Truth is she promised the next tenants that she would put in new carpet and just wanted me to pay for uber-premium carpet (new, the carpet was worth ~$2.5K and she wanted $6K). I found out later that this same lady tried to pull the same scam on the next tenants too.
  14. diffuse enough of the responsibility to enough people and pretty soon no one is responsible. This is further evidence of piss-poor management in the Air Force that is so risk-averse that they can't even call a spade a spade another article on the subject http://news.yahoo.com/dod-air-force-wrong-blame-f-22-pilot-144413856--abc-news-topstories.html
  15. hell, when they are done, they'll be able to afford the new BMW: Seriously, BMW created this: http://cars.uk.msn.c...ur-year-old-boy My favorite features: the vanity plate, the toy trunk air vent, and the toy trunk in the back (sts)
  16. I'm suprised RIAA hasn't gotten in the act for copyright infringement (the music and the video clip)
  17. Lived there once as a dependant and once as AD. Shalimar does have nicer homes than FWB, but if you want newish homes, Navarre is your best bet. Don't write off the near side of Gulf Breeze. There's some nice housing there only 3-5 more minutes down 98 (when 98 isn't a parking lot) You may also want to consider base housing (likely not on Hurby, but on Eglin). I rarely had more than a 15 minute commute.
  18. It's on youtube. Posting a link to youtube doesn't spread it around more. It's not like I made a copy and showed my wife (like an unnamed aviator)
  19. It depends entirely on what you are trying to do
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