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Found 8 results

  1. http://www.abcaction...-knight-airport This can't end well...
  2. So I've heard that the C-17 has some of the best bases in the country for AD, ANG and AFRC squadrons. Which of these bases have you heard to be fantastic to work and live at? I'm curious to know about life on and off the base, like what the town/city is like, what there is to do and what the schools are like. Just a quick reminder of current C-17 bases for AD, ANG and AFRC: AD: Charleston AFB, SC JBER, AK Travis AFB, CA Dover AFB, DE JB McGuire-Six-Lakehurst, NJ Wright Pat AFB, OH Altus AFB, OK JBLM, WA ANG (Excluding any previously listed) Jackson Intl Airport, MS Eastern West Regional Airport, WV Charlotte, NC Memphis, TN New York Stewart Intl Airport, NY AFRC (Excluding any previously listed) Pittsburgh Intl Airport, PA March ARB, CA Thanks fellas
  3. I'm thinking of applying to the 446th AW at McChord as a C-17 pilot and want know how many times a week C-17 pilots drive to and from work. I'm thinking of living up by Seattle and the drive to McChord is roughly an hour, so if C-17 pilots are going into work almost every day then it may be too far. However on the other hand if you're driving in 2-3 times a week, that would be more doable perhaps. Thanks!
  4. I am a pilot looking to share my home with either another pilot. The place is about 15 mins from McChord North gate during hours of commute. Located on South Hill 98373. I attached a pdf with some pictures of the place and a better description. If you are at all interested my contact info is in the pdf. Regards, Brad
  5. A little bit about me. I have always wanted to join the Reserves or ANG as a pilot. Growing up i never thought it to be possible since i was trying to chase after a career in architecture. Well after some conversation with a friend of mine from high school who is a C-5 pilot and a flight instructor for the Air Force he told me i still have a chance. Currently i am in the process of taking may ARE exams to become a licensed architect while doing all necessary items to obtain a flying position with the Reserves or ANG as a C-17 or C-130 pilot. I would like advice on how to increase my chances for such a position in a competitive market even with a pilot shortage. I feel i am also at a huge disadvantage because i am going up against guys who are enlisted or comissioned and chasing after positions within their squadrons. I was told to try to rush squadrons but feel that it doesn't really work nor do i know best practices/where to start with that. I am 28 and will turn 29 during the summer, i have about 22 hours towards my PPL while trying to budget to finish it. Its just hard to spend so much money on a "possibility" thats not guaranteed and its also hard to explain that to the wife when finances are tight due to the recent move and purchase of a condo. I have heard of individuals being picked up of the street in my similar situation so i feel there is hope. I just need to know what to do to market myself as far as experience, leadership, work ethic and whatever else that's appealing to a pilot candidate for the Air Force. Also I will be retaking my AFOQT/TBAS tests within the next couple of months for better scores. I have had a whirlwind of a time dealing with recruiters and testing controllers. Recruiters tell me that they will not do anything to help me until i get my PPL, and how adornment they are about civilians not being picked up unless they have a ppl, and test controllers tell me i need to go through recruiters. Fortunately i found a test controller who is willing to help me achieve my dream. This guy has gone above and beyond to help me when others have not. I relocated to Nashville TN from columbus Ohio, and when i am ready to retake my test, i will make the 6 hour road trip to test with him seeing as how there are time frames of testing in the Nashville area for their cadets. All applications that i have submitted have been without a recruiter by my side guiding me on what to do. Any advice on how to increase my chances of trying to chase after a dream is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello all, I am new to the flying squadron community. I am a current army helo pilot, CH-47s with 1000 hrs (two deployments - Afghanistan). I am approaching the end of my contract with the army in a couple of months and I've been looking at going Air Force Guard/Reserve. Would love to be able to transition to a heavy/cargo squadron. Looking for advice, suggestions or if someone would like to share their experience on going the unsponsored route. Unfortunately for me, I am 29 years old. I've been looking into going unsponsored, but I don't really know much about it. I recently took the AFOQT and TBAS. PCSM of 77 with a 87 Pilot. I have the hours so I am guessing I must of done really bad in the TBAS for my score to decrease by 10 points. My college GPA was a 2.6 (Civil Engineering). I would hate to think my GPA is the reason why my PCSM score was low. My understanding is that squadrons like to see mid 80's for a sponsorship. My main concern now is that I am 29 years old and time is quickly ticking away. Should I retake both the AFOQT and TBAS or go ahead and apply as a unsponsored applicant? Am I gambling with what airframe I would get by going unsponsored? I would love to track C-17s or C130s. Any other suggestions or advice out there would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks!
  7. I realize I am sacrificing some anonymity here, but I feel it's worth it if it helps one person. I was the co-pilot on the C-17 4-engine flameout on 17 Sept 2010 in Pakistan. An SIB was conducted (anything privileged won't be discussed here), a CDI was ordered, and I went to an FEB. The board decided I should return to flying the C-17. AMC/CC non-concurred and disqualified me from aviation service. I then got a referral OPR D2 that decision, which limited the AFSCs I could crosstrain to (Acft mx). I applied for to get my SUPT ADSC waived...it was approved, and yesterday was my last day on active duty. I am disgusted by the way AMC shared any lessons learned from our incident. For example, my -17 buddy at CHS had no idea our nose was imploded, giving us erroneous airspeed and stall indications. Unsat. The whole story is quite long so I won't bother, but hopefully someone can learn something from this...ask away.
  8. Hi all, I'm headed to UPT in April, and want to buy my fiancée a new car to replace her 2004 Saturn Lemon as soon as it fits the budget. She'll be commissioning when she's out of law school in a year, and I want to give her something that will make her feel good and serve her well over our first few PCS's--probably a middle-of-the-market crossover. I hope to fly C-17s, and as a JAG, it's likely that she'll be stationed at the same bases as me. (The following question is assuming that everything goes according to plan and understands that nothing is guaranteed. Humor me.) She's from Texas, so she isn't experienced with driving in winter weather. (And, well, she isn't the best driver altogether, so I don't expect her to really go out of her way to master it.) So, for the bases we'll probably see over the next 10 years, is AWD a must? An appreciated luxury? A waste of fuel efficiency and maintenance costs? What are your thoughts?
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