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  1. Maybe when it comes to combat capability we as a country can just not look at sex or ethnicity (whatever the hell that means these days) and try a meritocracy. Which would mean just eliminating both from any application. You're not doing anyone any favors if someone gets into a position they shouldn't be in due to race or sex.
  2. Yeah I get that. 2009 4S. Probably close to that 325hp at the wheels.. it feels like it's just getting into its element around 90mph.. much like a fighter accelerating through 400kcas.. my friend says the 911 turbo (996) is similar but happens around 130mph.. I ride sport bikes too, and they are for sure more fun - but the 911 comes pretty close.
  3. Love those riffs... Being a leftist wealth distribution spokesman has yielded Tom Morello a net worth of $30M (according to a quick search of the interwebs) thanks to capitalism and free speech. Let the irony flow through you.
  4. Nice!!! That V8 sounds like America. Every time I hear a car like that I wish it was a bit louder. I just picked up a used 911. Wanted one since I was like 10 years old - less torque than a 60's vette but it's a ton of fun.. Finally makes me understand the MX-5 and S2000 mafia. Sad thing is that new manual, normally aspirated sports cars are becoming exceedingly rare - especially something with no electronic supervision like that old school vette. It's a shame. Its unfortunate but the emissions laws and automation are going to make great drivers cars a thing of the past.
  5. Season 3 is out on Netflix of their formula one show..
  6. The solution is to make the FNG Lt the snacko AND the WG/EO officer.
  7. Okay that's a sampling (n 916) of the 150M or so voters. I understand how stats work a little and I don't know if you can just post a poll from NPR to put this to rest. My personal opinion is that the alleged rampant fraud wasn't in every state but the ones that it was in was enough to overturn the will of the people in those states. A lot of Americans feel the same way. The coordinated radio silence and censorship on the MSM and social media platforms along with big tech (Google, big tech) should be cause for alarm for ALL Americans. Regardless of ideology or background or politics.
  8. 100% disagree.. they are dead serious.
  9. Not to armchair quarterback but it looks like a shit hot job from the C-130 crew getting it down safe in a field. Good work!! 800mg of Motrin should work for shoulder pain if there are too many high fives.
  10. Jet pack guy: https://www.foxnews.com/us/los-angeles-american-airlines-pilot-jetpack-near-lax
  11. I disagree on any emphasis on race or gender or any discriminator. It's divisive. The individual is the ultimate minority.
  12. Watching these videos you can see the shockwave traveling outward. I would think that it would travel at the Mach. Is this true? Can a shockwave travel faster than the speed of sound if there is enough energy? Or do they travel faster than the speed of sound? What happens (if anything) when it slows to the Mach and below?
  13. If you fly a jet to the boneyard you should get to keep something from the aircraft.
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