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  1. Reference the 11R community being left off of the bonus list this year. I wonder how long it will take HAF to fix that glitch for this year? Or maybe next year they will sneakily add them back on.
  2. Looks like Al Asad got hit again tonight with some rockets.
  3. The idiocy is not limited to just the AF, it has spread to the GCCs as well. I honestly feel bad for the planners on staff. Lord know how much time/effort they put in to putting these ops together to have PA fuvk away the messaging right off the bat.
  4. Ref: page 5 on the second link. Data is mostly still valid. Still no concrete words on getting a new airframe and dudes are seeing a lot more EUCOM/PACOM/others instead of the desert which is nice.
  5. Similar to the U-2 dudes. The 82d & 95th have 8-10 permanent party flyers on 3 year gigs plus MX in the squadron. Deployers rotate everyday 60-90 days.
  6. 1. Only one main operating base results in a lot of people staying on station for upwards of 7-8 years if you stay with your first MDS. At Offutt at least, they seem to try and move folks to staff or elsewhere no later than about the time you pin on O-4. Plenty of PCS opportunities exist earlier if you want to get out and see the world - whether to a different airframe, Pensacola or some people to the GSUs. 2. Totally depends and things this year are different than they were last year, etc. If you’re in a line flying squadron, expect to fly & deploy at the same rate whether you’re a newly qual’d dude or someone that’s been there for 5 years. If you go to a group/wing job, definitely don’t deploy as much, maybe one 60 day trip every 12-18 months? 3. RJ land seems to have slowed the deployment rates for a lot of folks recently. Dudes average 1-2 trips a year with many going to PACOM/EUCOM multiple times before they see the desert. In between deployments, there’s still Red Flag and Weapons School support but those are infrequent for a lot of people. At my busiest, I was gone maybe 200 days/year but then had slow years that had me gone only 60-75 days. The squadrons have had great leadership the last few years and everyone seemed very happy with where they were in life. Omaha is a great family-oriented city with KC/Chicago/Denver a short drive away if you want to get to a larger city.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/coronavirus-spring-break-075047804.html Goddamn kids these days.
  8. https://defence-blog.com/news/u-s-air-force-e-11a-aircraft-crashed-in-south-west-afghanistan.html "Noori said the body of two pilots was found at the crash site and that the plane was completely destroyed. He did not mention any other casualties."
  9. Iran plane crash: Ukrainian jet was 'unintentionally' shot down - state TV https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-51073621 Looks like the rare triple-crossover conspiracy theory is confirmed now. I’d wager that the SAM operator has already been... taken care of... and has been sent to a really nice farm in the country.
  10. What in the hell is wrong with these people? https://apple.news/AhuS8rvQaTEOCvTa076bCdA
  11. Hmm, apparently POTUS directed it as well? Interesting since most of the other articles are saying that it was a Katyusha rocket strike. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-50979463
  12. So the mysterious PDSM that everyone has been waiting on was released this afternoon. Looks like most of the '07 YG and all of the '08 YG are excluded from this board and the 5 year window begins with the 06 YG for the most part. OPBs should flow to SRs on 17 Dec and the board convenes 4 May 20. -APZ (which I thought we were doing away with this terminology...) begins for folks with a DOR of 31 Mar 16 and earlier -IPZ is folks with a DOR between 1 Apr 16 - 31 Dec 16
  13. Surprised this gem hasn’t been posted here yet. https://popularmilitary.com/usaf-officer-says-he-embraces-the-suck-does-his-own-laundry/
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