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  1. Did you read the ruling? It was largely procedural. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  2. I got a set of powerblock dumbbells from 5-90lbs off craigslist when things first kicked off. That along with an adjustable bench covers 90% of it as long as you aren't going for huge gains. Highly recommend the dumbbells though, take up little room but gives you quite a range of weight.
  3. A very interesting perspective I wasn't expecting to read today. Thank you.
  4. Q2 for lack of effort You seem to be a bit confused...go meet some over at stormfront and ask them their political associations yourself...they are very outspoken about their views and willing to share them. For some context into who these people are when they aren't behind a keyboard, check out https://www.reddit.com/r/beholdthemasterrace/ for additional entertainment
  5. I like the part where he says his COS wasn't in his inner circle. Did I say victim? I have no issue with people exercising their first amendment rights as long as it isn't harmful to someone. In fact I think more people should...telling people for decades it isn't polite to discuss politics has led people to be really bad at...discussing politics. Have an opinion and own it. I never said she was. I'm saying that for a period of time she had a huge following of white supremacists because they thought she supported them. Yes, they are dumb and the whole thing was dumb, but to be honest we aren't talking about the deep end of the gene pool here.
  6. Agreed...she had tried to avoid most the fray and just support general causes, but was kind of dragged into it. They go over it in her recent documentary. Basically everyone in her circle was telling her to STFU and not become the next dixie chicks, but she did anyways and somehow not to the detriment to her career.
  7. She tried to stay apolitical, but the white supremacists of the alt-right made her their Aryan darling. It's literally their fault she was forced into the political spotlight because they had projected it onto her. That's why I think it would be karmic justice if she were to actually mobilize her millions of young followers to vote in a sort of karmic loop. His tweets are him unfiltered, so to not like his tweets do you really like Trump himself? Firing up your base is good, ultimately the return on investment is less for the right since they vote regularly in all elections. We saw this in 2018 when trump was beating the drums over the migrant caravan that everyone forgot about after election day, and it didn't really pay off for them. "Orange man bad" is the equivalent for the left, and it works because any time trump has a chance to score an easy win he passes it up to benefit his base. Trump had several opportunities to draw in the middle...for example scuttling McCain's legacy...He could have buried the hatchet and wooed the republicans who liked McCain, or the middle who voted for him in 2008, but instead he doubled down in Trumpian fashion and alienated the handful of folks who really liked McCain, and looked petty feuding with a corpse. Yes it is possible, and historically likely Trump will win...but I think he may just shoot himself in the foot enough times in the next 6 months to lose. Being from rural flyover america I have friends and family who were diehard republicans turned off by trump by one thing or another over the last 3 years. It was never one specific event, but slowly he would attack something they held dear and they would stop and rethink things. Will they vote? Probably but the margins are slim and I think the left is still gathering momentum we saw in 2018. We'll see what happens.
  8. I'm not sure anyone every considered Republicans to be silent, let alone a majority. We have seen that higher voter turnout generally benefits democrats, but most democrats don't give enough shits to actually vote, and just enjoy losing so they can keep whining about things not going their way. This is particularly seen in the younger vote, which has always been unreliable come election day, despite leaning heavily left. Republican voters will vote come hell or high water on election day, and are generally much more reliable. The battle isn't about the decided voters...people like me who think Trump is unintelligible, or people like you who think Biden is incoherent...it's about those in the middle gray largely deciding the race. That's where you see trolls trying to alienate Berniebros from the Democratic party, pushing people towards the green party, etc. all to whittle the left-leaning undecideds away from the primary democratic candidate until we get more widespread ranked choice voting to allow people to truly vote with their hearts without throwing their vote away. Incumbents typically strategize to expand their base to be more appealing to the middle, but Trump being Trump, never passes an opportunity to double down on a bad decision, and has slowly whittled away at those on his fringe to feed his core base. Will it pay off? Who the fuck knows, but in traditional politics it doesn't seem like he is doing himself any favors trying to win on hardmode. I'm personally waiting for Taylor Swift to save the democratic party by getting the youth out to vote. Come on Tay Tay!
  9. No need to force the decision...this is 'murica! Grab your picket sign!
  10. Ok, so we are all in agreement for more robust social safety nets and a baseline of healthcare to keep people alive and out of bankruptcy? Lots of pearl clutching here. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...regardless of which political party you are part of. Luckily these people are a very small group of folks and most have enough sense to social distance to help end it faster. I saw this on twitter...I enjoyed it.
  11. The days you seek are long gone, and now there is little political cost to enacting measures that later may or may not get struck down in court. It's Gretzky's Law...you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
  12. Wow you really pissed off the "imaginary guy in the sky" crowd! Have my upvote. It's true though...you can't claim to be a shepherd for you folks if you are herding them towards danger. Don't worry, this dude has us all covered. I ain't skeered. To all the people pearl clutching about government overreach of the constitution...where have you been the last few years? It's like with the quarantine they finally were able to read past the second half of the second amendment. Welcome to the party.
  13. The crews do pretty well despite our best efforts...particularly since the planes are designed to be fairly easy to operate and the dudes are motivated. Long pole in the tent is and always will be the MX and supply side of things. Advising is fun and rewarding, but I would highly recommend finding a different place to slam your head into a wall repeatedly. The USAF isn't sending their best leaders to run that effort, and it can be fairly frustrating at the operator level as those organizations have grown to simply season dudes for their next job vs train the host nation. Things may be different in AFSOC, but generally AVFID was always seen as the red headed stepchild and there were multiple attempts on killing it, so I can't imagine life being that much better over there. Still fun though.
  14. just a normal flu folks...lets open things back up!
  15. Healthcare resources are finite as well. The reason the death toll is relatively low is because most hospitals are not overwhelmed like what you see in the developing world...which is the point of flattening the curve. Our healthcare system sucks as it is...you can't just take a punch from something like this and expect things to be fine just because "muh economy".
  16. The report that produced that 500M number wasn't doing so to advocate for opening up the economies. It's largely focused on developing countries, which are generally unaffected by our virus responses. It also goes on to advocate universal healthcare and social safety nets that would undoubtedly ease much of the suffering we see today. link
  17. 2 March Article I wonder if the abnormal communication procedures were due to political sensitivities. Seems like there was a bit of micromanagement going on in order to control the message.
  18. get double the use out of the shirts before the phase out date!
  19. O-7 by 24 years bro! Can't fall behind in the joint rat race!
  20. ok so you are admitting that the benefit of wearing a mask may be small, but is nonzero. So why are you advocating not wearing one, particularly when there are many who are asymptomatic? I get it that it looks dumb, but as someone said above...spend some time in asia and it's fairly common and considered courteous to wear masks if you aren't feeling 100% so you aren't spreading whatever you have everywhere. Now is the time to be extra careful with you and your family's health...you don't want to have to go to a hospital for any reason. It's not a hill worth dying on.
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