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  1. also, something to keep in mind (and perhaps verify with a middie) is that over their summers between college years, they are required to do cruises(for how long I don't know). The AF summer programs are all voluntary (and competitive) except field training (between soph and jr year for 4 weeks). If you really really wanted to go to that one college, and got a full ride, I don't see where the problem is. Grass is always greener...write that down.
  2. My Det never did, but am kind of suprised so many others have. I haven't been in one yet...so I have to ask a stupid question...whats the big deal about going in one? I have seen them, and been in one, just never when it was being used.
  3. What about behind enemy lines? Talk about plausibility... hey but at least we have Stargate!
  4. in the infamous words of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz: "We train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won't allow them to write "!@#$" on their airplanes because it's obscene!" sad but true...
  5. Where can I read up on this? My old det PAS worked at personnel and told me that it was 2(or 2.5) years after pinning on nav wings before you could start UPT (or something to that fashion) and so despite what they tell me, I can apply early, as long as my class starts after that deadline. I am just curious as to where he got his information, if perhaps he misread it...much thanks!
  6. I hear the window at the academy is pretty small. I know of at least 3 at our det that got selected. First one almost got DQ'd for missing the window on his second jump. Second one got DQd before he even got there for being allergic to peanuts. Third one got sent back home after one (or two) jump(s) because he missed the window I think. Probably not as easy as most think...
  7. I did the 4 year route, but know a few that did the 2 year program. FT isn't a problem, as you will be taught in a 6 week program where they will try to get you up to speed. As far as jumping right into a POC position, the wingstaff should put you in a position where you will be able to learn the ropes and still show your worth. Don't worry if you don't know anything about your job, you should have someone helping you or a binder telling you what and how to do your job. From what I have seen, the 2 year cadets often do a better job then most and care about ROTC more b/c they are on their first year, whereas other cadets are on their 3rd, and are in some stage of burnout. Good luck.
  8. A guy at my det got accepted into the AAT program, but was jipped out of it once he got there. Rumor has it the army had way more people slated for the program than they could accomodate. The army guys there pulled some shady stuff and ended up getting the cadet DQd from the program saying he failed the PFT when he hadn't, and was subsequently sent home. He was in good shape, and a high speed cadet (he did get picked up for AAT) so I find it hard to believe he didn't meet the fitness requirements when he got there, but who knows. Anyone else hear of this happening? Illini52 you might have to verify my story, at least thats the version I remember...
  9. drewpey


    the loan in question is actually something that came out within the past few weeks. Had some USAA guys come to our det and handed it out to a ton of guys. He made it quite clear it was unsecured, and if I wanted to (and he strongly discouraged) I could take it to vegas and gamble it away... Prior to that though, it was 20k secured, 5k unsecured...combined for those who took the 25k loan. I don't think it's on the website as they said it was relatively new, but would be probably within a few weeks...
  10. is it possible to go from EWO or NAV to WSO? If so, how difficult? By the sounds of the whole CSO thing, it might go that direction, but there is still so little information compared to the pilot stuff out there. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. The saying I always heard was something like "at the academy, they discipline you, in ROTC, you discipline yourself" Different strokes for different folks... personally I would just smile and nod...with an attitude like that someone will eventually straighten him out...
  12. Hello, I did a search for pet information while in the military, and it pretty much came up dry for what I'm looking for. I was wondering how easy it is to have a pet while in the military, especially within the flying community. I am pretty much looking for any advice, as to when would be best in your career to deal with a new pet, how easy it is to PCS/TDY with pets, etc. Anything would be helpful. Also, please share what(if any) type of pet you have, and how well it works out for you, and any problems you have run into while on active duty. I am really wanting to buy a puppy right now, but don't want to regret it a few months from now when it becomes a headache...thanks in advance!
  13. You don't fix a problem for the long term by jamming the schools full of comm officers, it should be a gradual process. The military is based around quick fixes...there are too many people in charge who want things fixed now...and those who are "fixing" it are the ones wanting it to be on their OPR. Its a cycle of over-reaction to problems. Thats why we are overmanned right now, and in 3 years we will be throwing money at people to come into the AF, and 4 years after that we will be kicking them out by the handfull again.
  14. Physics major, asked for space and missiles, got communications. Aero engineer, asked for engineering aquisitions, got communications. I realize the needs of the air force are #1, but why keep whining about an engineering shortage when you just assign them to other career fields? Plus rumor has it that they are overpacked with Comm assigned cadets, and are looking to switch their AFSC. I realize the AF might have needed comm officers, but I just find it hard to believe that they ran out of majors that would apply to Comms a lot more than physics and aero engineering.
  15. I don't know if this is the way it goes, or even if it applies to the cadets at your det, but rumor has it that only the top 50% of cadets in ROTC actually have someone at AFROTC HQ look at their papers and assign them a job. The bottom 50% basically fill in the holes. Have seen a lot of horribly assigned AFSCs in only my 4 years of ROTC. Wouldn't suprise me. Sometimes the good cadets get pushed to the bottom though, b/c they don't want to be pilot/nav...and sometimes rankings will be altered to help those trying to categorize, while hurting others. Who knows...
  16. Typically it all depends on the cadet's merits, and the PAS. If you are a good cadet, and you are really interested in ### career field, then typically the PAS can work things out to where you can get it. Although, I have seen good cadets get passed up for AFSCs because their majors were more attractive to the critically manned career fields. You need to be selected Pilot/Nav before you get selected to go to different tracks to specific jets and such. One hurdle after another really...the first is getting selected for initial training.
  17. You will probably be at a disadvantage though. If you were to join a 2 year program, you would be categorized within a year of entering the program. You would really need to work hard to get your scores up, mainly the commanders rating. It's not impossible though, seen it happen. One time a cadet joined the two year program, but talked to the det early...the cadre pushed him through a 1 week crash course on AFROTC and somehow he got bumped into a 6 week FT slot the summer before he even started ROTC. He ended up graduating DG. Didn't go pilot route, didn't want to...but he did get AFIT right out of ROTC which isn't easy so i hear. Don't get your hopes up though, with the way they are screening people before getting FT slots, I doubt they will do this any more. Talk to the det though, who knows. This past categorization there was a pretty high percentage of people who wanted rated get it. Our det we had like 13/14 people get pilot nav that wanted it. It was a good year for ROTC, and I think I read somewhere that ROTC was getting more NAV slots for the next few years, thanks to the academy. IMO go ROTC, enjoy yourself. If you want it bad enough, you should get it. If you don't end up getting one, you can always try after going active. In reference to c17wannabe: I was always told ROTC was the easiest way, even above academy...mainly because while they get more slots, typically more (% wise) want pilot slots...and then you add on the large cadet body, which I assume would affect commanders rating. Who knows though, just heresay. Any thoughts?
  18. USAA is the greatest. You can do anything and everything from their site. Lots of benefits to take advantage of...check it out though, you won't regret it! (I know I sound like a salesman now)
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