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  1. I can't directly address your points, but I will say that AFRS is incredibly chaotic right now. There's backups on top of backups when it comes to training/selectees, and that's forcing them to slow down the intake of new people. You could just be hitting the system at the wrong time. Either way, keep pushing. MEPS is a fairly low hurdle, so with enough effort and timing... you should prevail.
  2. He’s dead on with the MEPS “owning your file” thing. I dealt with that a number of times. Though, the ANG/Reserves/AD seem to play nice with each other, just won’t be on a timely basis. Other services? Complete clusterfuck. I had a buddy who tried to apply both Navy and AF... and while possible, MEPS did not like that at all. Each service would “take back the file” and force him to write a letter saying why he needed it transferred back. I had my first FC1 done as a civilian without being selected by any board in 2015. That avenue was shut down about 6 months afterwards. With the way
  3. You can go to MEPS by talking to an AF recruiter. You won't be doing an FC1 until you're selected in some capacity, whether that's an Active Duty/Reserve board or an ANG unit sponsoring you. There's no "signing the dotted line" in the process until after you're selected/assigned dates to OTS.
  4. It’s bound to happen. When the market runs out of what it really wants, it’ll go for the next closest thing. Not to mention the “runny egg” headlights will be retro at some point. Which makes me feel old. As for the Tesla’s... I’d highly suggest checking out Rich Rebuilds on YouTube. The guy rebuilt a Model S, and the absolute bullshit Tesla put him through along the way is insane. Long story short, they have zero interest in user serviceability. Their customer service sucks, and you never truly own the software inside the car. Case and point, Tesla decided to disable Supercharging o
  5. I agree. He deserves the spears from the media for leaving, but some of the spears (comparing him to Chris Christie in the WaPo article for example) are a bit much. Touche on the last point. That's very true.
  6. There's two things at play here. 1. As far as I can tell, there isn't anything Ted Cruz can do in his capacity as a Federal officer to fix/mend this situation, due to Texas' unique regulatory situation and the fact that all levers of change/power are at the state level. The Federal government has already declared an emergency. Cruz can flex his influence, which it appears that he has, but for the Washington Post to compare him to the Governor of NJ leaving his state before a winter storm is unbelievable. Ted could have made phone calls from Cancun, and used a VPN to answer constituen
  7. I can't agree with this point entirely... because we simply don't have the renewable technology to handle a majority, much less 100%, of our energy needs. Not to mention, our continued technological breakthroughs in oil/gas technology are the exact reason the US beat all other nations in reducing CO2 in 2019 and 2020. Coal is the greatest CO2 emitter, bar none. Thanks to hydraulic fracturing, we're shutting down our coal-fired plants at a record pace, and are able to deliver a much cleaner energy product to the end customer. So in a really ironic way, we need to continue to develop oil/co
  8. Let's re-frame this discussion then. People see the George Floyd video, and that sparks protests about police killing black Americans. Those protests then devolve into riots in some major US cities. Key Point: Those riots and protests weren't just because of George Floyd, although his death likely elevated the issue. They were about the 'systemic killing of black people by police.' Which is a lie. Period. The Washington Post created a database to try and prove the theory... and they came up empty, along with other journalistic/academic outlets. That reality didn't dissuade prominent
  9. To echo above, look at it this way. Are you anxious about starting your dream job, so that’s causing you to decline in your current work? Or, are you just losing a consistent work ethic at your job because you hate it/feel tired/sick of BS? Your post reads like you’re stuck on the second one, but you’re hoping it’s actually the first one. COVID and life right now has everyone a bit down and struggling. It’s perfectly ok to slip up... but you need to get back on the horse. Workout. Meditate if that’s your thing. Get out and spend time with friends/or outdoors. You need a res
  10. I can't help but think this whole thing will end badly somehow, because the little man very very rarely wins. That said, I bought $AMC on the dip. Partially because they just used the short sell spike to pay off their debt (very wise business decision) and also because I do think we'll see a rebound of people going out and doing shit after the 'rona subsides. Relatively short term play, but a chance for decent gain. Couple that with this short squeeze and a chance to say f-you to the financial hedge fund bros? I had to. If I lose some/all? I sent a message, so it was worth it. A
  11. I don't see how this is a free market/capitalism issue, but I feel like we'll just talk in circles about that. Those high school kids/local folks were making a wage at the equilibrium of supply and demand in their area. What illegal immigration did is add in a ton of supply (workers) who are willing to work for incredibly low wages due to no overhead/taxation, while keeping the demand (# jobs available) around the same. That type of change forces the supply curve to shift hard, which in-turn reduces the price of labor across the board. Couple that with a cost of living that's about t
  12. I agree there are multiple options when it comes to actually choosing who stays and who goes. My point in that post you quoted was simply that we need to have a stable number of folks who are going to be in that gray area before we implement any decisions. If we start hashing out/implementing an amnesty plan without focusing on border security first, I promise you we'll see more visa overstays and more border crossings. We're already seeing a new caravan coming up from Central America, and they're reportedly doing so because they know Biden is favoring amnesty and increasing the number of
  13. No offense, but no... the Federal government can't. If we announce tomorrow that all illegal immigrants in the US will be given citizenship in 3-4 months, does that increase or decrease the incentive for people to enter the country illegally? It would increase it exponentially. With an already porous border system, you're going to add more folks who weren't here otherwise, but figure "why the hell shouldn't I try?" You really think Border Patrol is equipped/prepared for that? Also, do you think the incoming Administration has the guts to turn away anyone who is caught coming across in tha
  14. Point taken, but I disagree on a number of levels. My great-grandfather saved up for years to afford to come to the US by himself... where he worked his ass off to apply for citizenship for his wife and kids. He didn't send his pregnant wife into the US, or down to Mexico where she waddled across to have a kid in the US, thus granting him citizenship in the process. He paid for it in sweat and blood. Think about it. We sincerely value the things that we work the hardest to achieve. For the most part, legal immigrants back then (and some today) had skin in the game, because they worke
  15. How anyone can think this is a good idea without securing the border effectively first... blows my mind. Might as well give every living soul on the globe a US passport at this juncture.
  16. So, I'm not usually a fan of Glenn Beck. I'm also not huge on Eric Weinstein. But holy shit was this an awesome conversation between folks on opposite sides. I think it actually centers the issues and points out the path forward. Well worth the time. Also, this says it won't go live until today at 3pm, but the audio form of the podcast is available via Apple Podcasts or other providers.
  17. We might not agree completely with all of what the intro says, but damn if we don’t sympathize with his feelings.
  18. Amazon, Apple or Google can cancel or end whatever contract they like, in my opinion, as long as they’re doing so legally. Parler will have to find someone else, or make their own solution. Such is the cost of business.
  19. This is a really bad analogy. The inverse would have to be true then. Democrats who have been asking Twitter for months to ban Trump (ie. a business should be able to choose its customers)... therefore should have been ok with the bakery not baking that cake. The truth is a bakery makes an individualized product for customers, and is a contractor in that regard. They aren’t required to take every job. Twitter has a platform for everyone to use, and thanks to Section 230/the first amendment, is regulated as if they were a digital public park. They do have to accept every legal cu
  20. Same with the Ohio ANG I think.
  21. I can’t tell if you’re trying to provoke an answer or if this is a “Gotcha” attempt. Regardless, I’ll bite. The print/video media has a liberal bent. I feel like that’s obvious. To @Swamp Yankee’s point, yes Fox has a big viewer base. But they’re small fish in terms of sheer numbers. If you add up all of the major print and video media publications and then add together the WSJ and Fox, it’s not even a contest.
  22. I think you’re right about some of why Trump got elected, but a key piece is that he let the media have it. Republicans sat by in 2012 and watched as the media railroaded Mitt Romney, a man that by any account is one of the nicest, most moral human beings to run for office. Just think of the lies like “Binders full of women” and all those little stories that filled the NYT, WPost, CNN and MSNBC. Hell, Harry Reid claimed Romney didn’t pay his taxes, and the media ran with that. It didn’t matter that Reid later said he didn’t have info, just responding after the election with, “Well he didn’t wi
  23. I think you’re interpreting my post as saying the media is 100% to blame. Trust me, I definitely don’t. Trump’s a significant contributor to this problem, but I don’t think he’s the majority, and I definitely don’t think he’s the cause. I was posting to point out the frustration from those on the right looking at how the media and the left are treating this situation. It may come across more heated than I intended, so that’s on me. I try hard to engage on here in good faith, and I’ve posted before about how I’m not his biggest fan. I’m hardly over what happened the other day. It’s a
  24. I think you’re missing a long timeline of escalation to get to this point. Starting in 2010 while I was working in the state capital, we had leftists bussed in from all over the country every week to fight against the (then) new Republican majority. Cars were vandalized, staff members were harassed, and on more than one occasion they broke in and made the legislature stop their business. The media coverage of it all? They loved it. They would find a teacher or an old civil rights activist and just say that they were “showing their discontent.” I tried like hell to get a media outlet to a
  25. Who/where are you seeing this? Asking for two reasons. 1) Haven’t seen any myself, and 2) I need to avoid whoever is parroting that nonsense.
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