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  1. icohftb

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/19/west-point-grad-who-posed-with-communism-will-win-in-cap-discharged.html Wonder what kind of security clearance he received...
  2. icohftb

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Id go with this one.
  3. icohftb

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Last i checked actually get 4 form rides to fix the form they learned in upt
  4. Could you elaborate? Dont GS contract pilots fly for other govt agencies?
  5. icohftb

    Columbus T-38 down

    Not a single IP in my old sq would have wanted the 38A over the C. Except for BDUs. And the resettable G-meter rather than the plane narcing you out!
  6. icohftb

    Columbus T-38 down

    Huggy you'd rather fly with the parachute in the A model? Definitely not for IFF if you care about your back. Ill take the 38C's 0-0 seat any day.
  7. icohftb

    Columbus T-38 down

    Yep hated the leg straps at first. They really were the limfac to the 4 min grounds ops! 🙂
  8. icohftb

    Columbus T-38 down

    I was under the understanding that all the mb ejections had been successful until the laughlin incident... and that one was not due to the seat. See safety report.
  9. They already have the sabbatical option... which incurs an 3:2 adsc. Not sure how many people took it. Also they may not want to take separated folks since that would only encourage more people to get out early to seek airline jobs...
  10. icohftb

    TSgt John Chapman MoH saga

    Lots of embarrassing articles on SEALS recently.
  11. Before you calculate the "value added" to your pension you might want to consider that while the payout will increase 2.5% of your base pay for every year you stay in, you also have a limited time to receive it. Assuming the average person would be able to retire at 42 with a life expectancy of 82 years you have roughly 40 years to receive the retirement. Every year you delay it by staying on AD, you lose 2.5% off the total. There's a lot of assumptions. If you are older at retirement (or are in poor health and have a shorter life expectancy) the pension is worth less vs if you could retire at say 37 and expected to live to 100. If you look at buying an annuity. There's also a lot of assumptions in calculating the "present value" of a stream of future payouts so you can fudge the results in either direction by tweaking the numbers and then checking the actuarial tables to factor in life expectancy. Bottom line I dont value a 3k annual increase to my future retirement at 78k cash in hand.
  12. I think you're making it too complicated. You said if you went back you'd make 150k. Which would financially be the same as making 100k on the outside + retirement pay. For most retired pilots that's not an unreasonable salary with just 1 job. Then you can consider benefits and QOL.
  13. Don't work get 50k a year. Work get 150k. Am i missing something? There's a huge financial disincentive to stay past 20 years. The 2.5% per year increase to your pension doesn't make up for it.
  14. If you factor in the pension that you no longer receives... isnt that like working for 100k per year? And you can't take a bonus? This should solve the shortage.
  15. Got any "big" examples? Implementing the new CBT policy is good but not sure id consider it that impressive.