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  1. Aren’t the same principles of a fix to fix used when quickly building SA when using a bullseye?
  2. AirGuardian, as others have posted, thanks for your candid and balanced posts on Atlas. Good info! I've got a phone interview with them tomorrow; while the 17 days (really it's 19 right?) on the road might be a tough pill to swallow, I think it'd be a blast to fly a 747 for a bit. I am Palace Chase-ing and will owe some time as a Traditional Reservist.. how has that traditionally worked out with an Atlas schedule? Since it's one big block of time, I assume dropping MilLeave for a few days knocks out the entire trip, meaning my only real option is to do my mil job during the 13/14 days at home?
  3. Great video, one of my few regrets is that I never put in a U-2 app.
  4. Just rent for a bit til you start flying again?
  5. Not really, if you had a plan to take a long vacation or family reunion it may take a while to reschedule. It’s pretty awesome for anyone separating prior to December 2023–potentially 120 days and some change of terminal if you save it correctly.
  6. Limited to 60 on terminal..? That’s new to me
  7. herkbier


    Jazz dude has it right.
  8. herkbier


    Army does not send everyone to school btw
  9. Yep they are finite, but our system is staffed and equipped for the likely amount of use that occurs each year. If we increase from that just in case, we’ll have a lot of expensive waste that will increase costs. Healthcare is already expensive. It’s not just “muh economy”. It’s easy for us with a steady paycheck to say that. Go checkout how many people are at the Food-banks this week; I read that something like 15K families in San Antonio alone. 15,000 families in one city need food assistance. People die from mal-nourishment too, or become weak and vulnerable to a disease they otherwise could have fought. Isolate the vulnerable and get the less vulnerable doing something productive. Also, let’s take a look at incentives to get people out of the vulnerable camp. Can’t do much about age and some pre-existing conditions.. but a population of people with poor health due to lack of preventative care and poor choices is pretty dumb. It’s also America though, so freedom.
  10. And that’s just the thing.. resources are finite. We can’t shut down the economy for every virus or disease that emerges in the world. We need to find ways to continue to live and operate as safely as possible... and that probably involves isolating the most vulnerable and getting the least vulnerable back to work ASAP.
  11. So April 30 is the new date.. I feel like we are setting ourselves up for failure and/or disappointment. I learned once upon a time that event/phased based operations are more effective than time based operations.. I’m relatively certain there are more than a few DLOs to that effect.. so.. What is the event based trigger (expected to occur on April 30th) Trump/Fauci/whoever is looking for so we can ease restrictions? And.. what do those eased restrictions/guidelines look like? I assume they have a plan, right? 😉
  12. Anyone have a specific link on mypers? I did a cursory look and couldn’t find anything that specifically referenced covid 19 and delaying separation. I did find a Separations PDG from Aug 2019 that talks about cancelling a DOS, but didn’t have specifics about changing an established DOS.
  13. Shaft, thanks for posting, I’ve been interested in CalFire since we had that other thread a while back. Are you guys still 6 on, 1 off? I think I read there was some thought of changing that up? It seems like fire season is getting longer each year.. is that changing operations any? Can you post some more info on the pay? I know it’s not a $350k wide body airline job.. just looking for a planning factor? And lastly.. what’s it like on family life? It seems pretty good, home most nights right? But I’m sure there’s more to it. Thanks!
  14. I’ve got a 17z takeoff, we’ll make a call at level off
  15. Agreed, I think I may pursue that angle some more.
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