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  1. Which is also basically the same attitude our national leadership has regarding Afghanistan and our endless wars in the Middle East
  2. Why do you prefer bad elf to stratus?
  3. Same, thanks for sharing your experience
  4. Did this kid run over the 4-star’s dog and get his daughter pregnant?
  5. Also.. GPC limit is pretty high now, $20K? at LRAFB, we are supposed to be getting a “super GPC” (held by the Group RAs) that is supposed to have a crazy high limit.. $200+K. They say it’ll be here by FY20
  6. Checks, plan on submitting one year out from the requested separation date. Have a few more months to wait.
  7. How far prior to your requested separation date did you submit the PC app?
  8. Not a new transfer. You can add kids and swap months without incurring additional time
  9. Just a Herk driver with no clue in the world.. landing configuration at 6000 feet? No way, that seems crazy. Is that standard ops for a 767?
  10. Earliest you can submit a PC app is 12 months from your requested separation date?
  11. The revocation status of the smart card certificate used for authentication could not be determined. Thanks Comm.
  12. herkbier


    A good squadron buddy of mine went through this last year... if I could give you one piece of advice from the observer POV..even if you think you can do everything amicably, still get a lawyer.. his started out with her being reasonable and agreeing to things but devolved into some awful shit and ended up involving lawyers
  13. hopefully they don’t overpay for them and then ask for the extra to be wired back through western union
  14. I thought the AirBnB memo was rescinded. Just talk to your AO though, if you gave me a constructed travel worksheet I’d let it fly.
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