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  1. Herkbier

    Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    i Know this isn’t BRS related, but since medical was brought up.. if my friend leaves AD at the end of his ADSC and goes to the guard/reserve, how do his medical benefits change? Let’s assume he gets hired by a Legacy or SWA. And.. if he finishes his 20 in the guard/reserve, does he have any medical benefits between then and age 60?
  2. Herkbier

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Doubtful. Look at how brand new copilots get office jobs and tons of addl duties when they show to their squadrons
  3. My Wg/CC provided feedback to all the guys who had a PRF written on them.
  4. Herkbier

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I think you guys are saying the same thing.
  5. Herkbier


    I am a little confused, but here's what I used to do and was given the Finance stamp of approval. In DTS, book travel directly to/from LHR and ORD via the gov rate. Then, call the airline directly and work with them to modify your itinerary to whatever it is you want it to be and pay the difference out of pocket. This way the USAF only pays and sees a receipt for the original TDY only travel. You'll have to adjust your per diem on the days you are on leave to 0/0 as well
  6. I'm a 2009 USAFA grad with a UPT ADSC that expires in May 2021. In July of 2015 I transferred my benefits to my wife. Earlier this year, I transferred one month to my kids. I am considering getting out when my ADSC is up (will likely try to Palace Chase prior). I understand that I didn't actually start earning post 9/11 benefits until I completed my USAFA service commitment in 2014. According to the VA website, you have to six years of service before you can transfer. My question is, has anyone had a problem where the VA denied benefits because they were transferred only a year after the USAFA commitment is complete? The rule seems clear to me, but I have this feeling I'm missing something or the VA will interpret the rule differently when it comes time to use the benefits for my kids.
  7. Herkbier

    More SARC briefings soon.

    What if I'm a male who identifies as a female who identifies as a male?
  8. Herkbier

    Farewell, Old Girl

    Linda, olevelo, good info, thank you, that sheds more light on what I had been hearing. I guess I'll hope for the FY16 slots to drop during this next VML. My sq leadership knows I'm interested in going this route, I am unfortunately the impatient kid who has trouble watching the cookies bake..
  9. Herkbier

    Farewell, Old Girl

    Cool video, thanks for posting. When I was at corpus, I really wanted to get into the MC community. Now I'm a slick J guy, finishing up my first assignment and I'm being told the MC-130J schoolhouse doesn't have a short/transition course available for people like me (and I've also been told the long course isn't an option either..). A long shot, but would anyone here happen to know any more information on why they aren't taking slick J guys or alternative routes I could pursue?
  10. Herkbier

    Help the Iraqi C-130J crew

    I've always thought altering some programming code was pretty minor and easily accomplished. The stuff that needs to be changed isn't controlling the engines or flight controls or anything like that, it's essentially just making the calculator work correctly. Changing a + sign to a - sign shouldn't cost the AF anything, but I'm guessing the reason that it isn't fixed is because the AF refuses to pay Lockheed to fix a defective product because it's a minor and easily mitigated defect..
  11. Herkbier

    Help the Iraqi C-130J crew

    Perhaps the issue of the CNI-MU not being able to calculate TOLD accurately? Or some of those other programming type issues the safety supps address in the -1?
  12. Herkbier

    C130J (Herc) info

    Really? That's news to this FP. The "new normal" isn't really helping much though.
  13. Herkbier

    Low flying F-15

    Maybe it's his week to sit Ops Sup?
  14. Herkbier

    Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    From what I've seen of the VAT here in Germany, it's a flat 19% on everything. I'm thinking of something more like a state tax where different items are taxed at different rates or not at all. And, items in the same category are also taxed at different rates, cheap Walmart plates have a lower rate while the expensive Tiffany's china is not only more expensive but also has a higher rate. I think the VAT sucks because one, I am already paying an income tax, and two, I am not a resident of the country, so the tax revenue doesn't always directly benefit me. If we institute this in the US, number one is no longer a player and as for number too, I don't care if foreigners have to help pay for defense spending and public works. Plus, everyone gets to pay, even those who are payed under the table.. What am I missing Rainman?
  15. Herkbier

    Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    A national sales tax with a progressive scale. More expensive/luxury items would be taxed at a higher rate than "necessity" items. I know this wold be a hard sell at first, but it seems to me the most fair way to tax. The more you spend, the more you pay. I agree asocial safety net is a good thing, but the size and scope of the current net is getting to be ridiculous, we have a program to give every family a cell phone.. What's next, an Xbox? A car? A cellphone with a data plan..?