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  1. Perhaps. But Trump did as much or more than any Democrat or pundit to sow distrust in his own executive branch and its institutions. I think we will look back at four years of Trump as entirely self defeating for the Republican Party. Both parties should now concentrate on effective governance and restoration of people’s faith in the democratic process.
  2. A functional society requires some level of trust and buy in from its citizenry. Public trust in the United States has been on the downswing for some time now. Some of the reasons for this are valid. Some aren’t. However, a growing faction on the Right has been actively sowing distrust in recent years because it has meant political gain for them. They have been frighteningly successful. Problem is, it’s far easier to break down trust than it is to build it. Any governing body, regardless of which party is in power, depends on public trust in order to do its job. We are reaching a point where t
  3. https://landing.coolermaster.com/kfconsole/ So my 13 year old son showed me this today. The KFC gaming console with a built in “chicken chamber” to keep your greasy fast food warm. Please, please someone explain to me that this is a joke. If not, I fear we are truly fucked as a species.
  4. As impressive as these videos are, I find these robots truly creepy. I say kill them with fire.
  5. The republic has hit rock bottom because you have to live under a (gasp) democratic administration for the next four years? Yep, you’re right. It’s definitely the end of the United States as we know it. Better get out while you can.....dude.
  6. Really dude? I hear a lot of people with sentiment like this lately. If you think China has surpassed us in anything, or that we are a corrupt as Brazil or as frozen by bureaucracy as India, you’ve obviously never travelled. Is China a potential threat to be taken seriously? Absolutely. But they still have a hard time landing airplanes with less than 15 miles of spacing in Shanghai. They need the Germans to engineer their civil projects and the Russians to build anything approaching a reliable jet engine. And while the CCP has largely consolidated power lately, there are growing cracks in thei
  7. Fuckin’ zipper suit sun god pilots! 😜🍻
  8. Wish we had audio of it becoming unstuck. I feel like there would be a great BQZip’s mom joke in there somewhere.
  9. For all the folks complaining that Trump has been muzzled, ya know, there’s a way for him to get his message out: When’s the last time this podium was used? Seemed to work fine for every president preceding Trump. Sorry, but I always thought Twitter was an inappropriate place for presidential messaging anyway. Let’s see the man show his face and explain himself.
  10. He was in Washington State as well in the 80s. I remember his commercials well. When I was a kid, my dad actually bought a car from one of his dealerships. Cal actually happened to be on the property at the time and stopped by to shake hands after the deal was done. I remember being disappointed that he wasn’t nearly as animated in real life as he was in his commercials.
  11. So your fellow Americans are your enemy? Because they espouse a different viewpoint? Isn’t this this the same position that you criticize radical leftists for taking? Is the answer to the radical left an even more radical tack from the right? That seems to be the position of a lot of my countrymen at the moment and it’s what concerns me most for the future of our republic.
  12. Correct me if I’m mistaken but it sounds to me like you are arguing that conservative America should complete its isolation from the rest of our society by sealing themselves into an alternate world that ensures they never have to consider opposing views again. Is that right? Sounds like the most extreme argument for “alternate reality” yet. GLWT.
  13. It’s a pretty well known fact that sites like Parler and BitChute have become repositories for people and groups that have been kicked off more mainstream social media. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/11/right-wing-social-media-finalizes-its-divorce-reality/617177/ From the article: “A different type of influencer, however, was active on Parler: accounts that had been kicked off mainstream social communities because of assorted forms of bad behavior and terms-of-service violations. These included Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and leading QAnon ac
  14. It’s one thing to use something like Twitter to spout your agenda, bullshit ridden as it may be. It’s quite another to use it to incite riots, violence, and insurrection. From a business/market standpoint, I can absolutely understand why Twitter wants nothing to do with it. From a free speech standpoint, what the president did was literally analogous to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Sorry. He doesn’t get a pass on either count.
  15. Go spend some time down there. Then come back and tell me we’re the same. No contest brother.
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