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  1. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    Well you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, as is the President. It would appear however that the current congressional climate is not conducive to making a wall deal (nor was it when republicans held both houses). Here’s the part that really has me scratching my head—Trump had a deal (last year I think) where Schumer agreed to wall money in exchange for a dreamer deal but the hardliners in the admin weren’t having any of that. He had agreed to a deal keeping the government open in December as well but Ann Coulter called him a pussy and now here we are. I can only imagine the outcry from the right if the tables were turned and it was a Democrat throwing temper tantrums, constantly tweeting incoherently, apologizing for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc. The man took an oath to represent all Americans yet he seems to have convinced himself that his base is all that matters and the rest of us can go fuck ourselves. And people wonder where the “not my president” attitude comes from? How wonderful for America.
  2. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    ‘Cause they don’t want to pay for it either. The President’s ego is apparently blocking his brain’s view of the bleak outlook of funding the wall. The democratic house majority was elected precisely not to give into Trump. Pro tip: They ain’t caving. If he had any advisers worth a shit left in his circle, they’d be telling him that. Instead he listens to Hannity and Limbaugh. Hamberders for all! Covfefe!
  3. Prozac

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    That’s not what your mom said.
  4. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    Wait, I thought Mexico was paying. That was the campaign promise right? How’d we end up at a government shutdown over a wall that was promised to be paid for by funds that didn’t involve American tax dollars? I’m confused. Are we taking the president literally or figuratively this week?
  5. Prozac

    KC-46A Info

    Stories of the MD-11s demise are greatly exaggerated. It is getting harder to support internationally but is still a very viable domestic freighter, especially on higher density routes (think SDF-DFW). It’s also really tough right now to get 767 or 777 production slots so even if brown and purple decide to replace the MDs tomorrow, it will be a while before they can be phased out. It’ll be around at least another decade. Probably longer if oil prices remain low.
  6. Prozac

    The new airline thread

    I think I work pretty hard already. I’m not really willing to be more productive just so my company (which makes a BILLION dollars a quarter in PROFITS) can be that much more efficient. I’ll concede that PBS may be workable, and even preferable to some at many airlines. I don’t work for an airline though. I work for a trucking company that happens to run an airline and tends to view me as an overpaid hourly that should be frisked every time I leave the property just in case I’m stealing toilet paper from the lav. Our lines are constructed with many night hub turns and often have us flipping between those and second day air (day flying) over the course of a trip. Better schedules are a non starter during negotiations with this company which fought hard to keep us out of Part 117 because apparently freight pilots are unaffected by scientifically proven rest and circadian requirements. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great job. One of the best in the industry. But it’s great because of the many benefits that our union has negotiated and protected, one of which is is the ability to turn vacation or training events into much needed additional opportunities to rest.
  7. Prozac

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This. Again, leaders need to step up and make decisions. If the AFI is getting in the way, commanders need to have the balls to say “Ok, ignore a, b, and c for now and let’s get the mission done”. Their next phone call should be to their boss: “Sir regulation X is preventing my people from doing their jobs efficiently. I’ve directed them to ignore certain provisions. Here is my supporting documentation. Don’t like it? Feel free to replace me with a yes man. Delta is still hiring.”
  8. Prozac

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This is a leadership problem. OSS/CC: We can no longer do our job. OG/CC: Are you too lazy or are you lacking resources? If too lazy, you’re fired. If lacking resources, tell me what you need and I’ll get it for you. These are the fights Colonels should be fighting but many seemingly would rather not. Instead they tend to focus on stupid shit like whether the spaces in the parking lot should be perpendicular or diagonal. No shit. I’ve seen that one.
  9. Prozac

    The new airline thread

    PBS = more productivity = fewer pilots required = longer upgrade times. Period. It may lead to some more flexibility in your own schedule planning, but you’re gonna have trouble convincing me that it’s good for any pilot group as a whole. As with anything, it’ll fit better with certain applications than with others. Right now things are good at the majors and there is good movement on the seniority lists. I think PBS will be a big liability the next time the economy turns south and airlines start tightening belts again. Admittedly that looks to be quite a ways off though.
  10. Prozac

    KC-46A Info

    Wow. Good to know. Still, can’t help but think that the established KC-767 already in use by the Japanese & Italians would’ve been a perfectly functional and safe bet.
  11. Prozac

    KC-46A Info

    So what’s the deal. Boeing fucking it up by the numbers? USAF induced mission creep? Both? I was kind of up on things a couple years ago and knew of some of the problems with the program but they didn’t sound insurmountable and I would’ve expected a fix by now. Somehow Boeing managed to get the Navy their P-8s, which is a much more complex weapons system. Why can’t they manage to deliver tankers? Something tells me the USAF shoulders most of the blame here.
  12. Prozac

    KC-46A Info

    Are there any operational -46s yet?
  13. Prozac

    The new airline thread

    Ditto what JW said for UPS. PBS would be a disaster at this place. Conflict bidding is one of the few ways guys have to recover from some of our more grueling night freight schedules.
  14. Prozac

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Seems to also be Big Blue’s strategy for the pilot shortage. Come to think of it, this the apparent de facto mentality for any number of problems facing the AF.
  15. Prozac

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Jesus. We’re going to drop this ordinance on you that is designed to rip you and everything around you apart in an extremely violent and unpleasant manner, but we’ll be sure to be culturally sensitive about it, so you’ve at least got that going for you. Also, rest assured, we won’t be drawing ANY dicks while in the process of killing you and breaking your shit. Good to see that we’re finally starting to get our priorities straight.