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  1. So we disagree a bit on the continued importance of NATO and the US role in it, but I agree with you here. In addition to adding complexity and uncertainty to the alliance, NATO’s rapid expansion East almost certainly provoked the Russians into taking kinetic action in Georgia and Ukraine, as well as shadier actions in the Baltics. And that gave Putin all the pretense he needed to declare himself de-facto dictator.
  2. I’ve been at the Airline thing for a few years now and here’s what I’ve learned on this subject. There are excellent aviators and sub par aviators that come from both military and civilian backgrounds. However, the military trains (for the most part) all of its pilots to a known standard. While there are a few who slip through the cracks, I think the range of skill levels of military trained people tends to be a fair bit tighter than for the group with purely civilian backgrounds. Of course “civilian background” encompasses a wide range and I’ve seen some absolutely shit hot pilots with backgrounds in aerobatics, firefighting, bush flying, and a wide range of truly impressive flying experience. But you can make fewer assumptions about a civ vs mil guy. I know I’m generalizing here but here’s a personal example: When I get paired with a person for training, if they are a prior mil aviator, I can generally expect them to show up prepared, practice good CRM, competently execute a V1 cut, and generally have my back in the sim. When paired with civ only guys, I’ve seen the gamut of skill levels, and significantly, a much larger percentage seem to approach training with trepidation rather than as an opportunity to learn and receive feedback. Like I said, I’ve seen some downright stellar aviators with pure civilian backgrounds and not trying to knock that group. My own experience tells me that the military puts out a more consistent product though.
  3. nsplayer, I usually expect thoughtful, well thought out responses from you here. Which is why you need to do a self check on the old sarcasm detector my brother. 🤨😜
  4. Kind of sounds to me like you’d like the Republican Party to offer up a better candidate. Democrats are never going to float your boat and that’s fine. BUT the Republicans offered up several candidates who would’ve been much better than Trump four years ago. But they let him hijack and forever change the face of the GOP. While this certainly allowed them to make gains with some traditionally blue voters, my guess is the last three and a half years have pushed away far more middle of the road voters as well as erase many of the gains in minority segments that more moderate and traditional Republicans rightly hoped to gain. I’m honestly saddened by this shift in the party because even a left leaning person like me could see that there was much to admire and even items I outright agreed with in the platform. The new platform is basically “fuck you lib”. Ok then. Guess who’s voting party line for the first time ever?
  5. Good luck getting any work done in Italy. Don’t get me wrong. I had many great TDYs to Aviano and anyone who has the opportunity to be stationed there should absolutely jump on it. That said, ever try getting dip clearances or even filing a flight plan with the Italians? “A-sorry a-sir. The route-a you file-a.....it not-a available on-a Tuesdays after 1600 when there’s a full-a moon. Come-a back a-tomorrow.”
  6. Wasn’t my first choice by a long shot. BUT he’s currently beating the incumbent from his basement. My (unsolicited and worth every penny you paid for it) opinion is that a LOT will hinge on his choice of running mate who will likely be the Dem nominee in 2024. A potential Biden Admin will face the massive economic downturn wrought by coronavirus and a bad choice could turn into a successful Tucker Carlson campaign next cycle. God help us all.
  7. It is considered safe to mail passports, prescription drugs, driver’s licenses, and a litany of other sensitive documents. States like Washington and Oregon have been successfully 100% vote by mail for years. I’d reckon a vast majority of the posters on this board have voted by mail at one point or another. Is it a perfect process? Of course not. But voting in person can also be a clusterfuck a la Florida 2000. Trump’s claims are, as usual, baseless. He knows the higher the turnout, the worse the results will be for him. Voter suppression and/or postponing the election are just pathetic attempts to keep his campaign hopes alive.
  8. I’ll just leave this here.
  9. And herein lies the rub. It seems to be turning into an us vs. them world, bit the “them” is always more nuanced than the talking heads would have us believe. The two party system is far from perfect but it’s worked for a long time. It does depend though on the fundamental assumption that our fellow Americans, regardless of party affiliation, are NOT the enemy.
  10. Whatever your politics, America. Fuck yeah.
  11. Gripen maybe (still in production?). Low cost, buying from another neutral country, keeps production in Europe, has some NATO commonality.
  12. Thanks FLEA. Assuming you meant to say Ian Bremmer (vice Brenner). I’ve read some of his work and tend to respect his positions even if I may not agree with all of them. I’ll look into his book.
  13. Appreciate the discussion on the Nordic model but my intent wasn’t to derail the thread. Rather, I wanted to present an example of how flawed the debate process is in our society as of late. Media, whether “liberal” or “conservative” tends to present extreme examples of the other side as representative of what that side is advocating. The BLM protests are a great example. Liberal media seems to focus on and present long standing deficiencies in police departments as representative of all police, all the time. Conservative media seems to want to present all protesters as a highly organized ANTIFA mob bent on systemically burning down the suburbs now that they’ve gutted downtown Seattle and Minneapolis. Of course, neither narrative is true. Media is shaping the debate based on its own interest: increasing viewership through sensationalism. We are all being played here and in the process we are losing the ability to have an effective debate and worse, losing the ability to be civil and treat each other with respect. I may lean to the liberal side of the spectrum, but I don’t see my conservative friends as the enemy. Just like me, they want this country to be In a better place. We just happen to disagree at times on how to get there.
  14. Fair enough Clark, but while you make a valid point about laying the blame for fascism/world conflict on the Western allies, the fact remains that we willingly vacated our seat at the table. When you do that, you don’t get to have a say in the conversation anymore. I see a similar trend recently. We’ve removed ourselves from international conversations about climate change, Iranian disarmament, and coronavirus response amongst others. We’ve pulled out of long-standing arms treaties, and we’re beginning to treat old allies more like adversaries. Not saying we might not have valid reasons for all of these things, but I’m afraid that the “I’m taking my ball and going home” attitude means we’re giving up on American influence all around the world. I also think we’ve simultaneously de emphasized “soft power”. I agree that it’s prohibitively expensive and morally problematic to deal with all the world’s problems With the American military. Yet the military budget continues to increase, while the state department’s is slashed. Less American engagement in the world is antithetical to American exceptionalism. Continued American influence doesn’t always have to be prohibitively expensive. We need to start being more creative in how we engage.
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