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  1. You’d be surprised at how little aerodynamic/CG thought goes into load plans at freight operators. It’s usually based on what needs to come off the airplane first. I’ve seen some seriously eyebrow raising stab trim settings as a result. Never seen anything blatantly out of CG but fuel savings is pretty much a joke the way the airplanes are often loaded.
  2. 747 freighters have a main cargo door on the left side, aft of the wing. In my experience, nose loading/unloading was a rare event used mostly for outsized cargo. Might be more prevalent at different operators though.
  3. Prozac

    Latest Movies

    Just watched this and might need a little “me time” now. Some of the best air to air footage I’ve seen. The sound is great as well. I watched wearing a decent set of headphones and the Merlin/Griffon recordings made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Best thing I’ve watched in a while.
  4. Pencil method bros. Don’t forget to correct for winds. Also TIM. Forget TIM=clean kill.
  5. Instead of sir or ma’am, how about “batshit crazy motherfucker”? Direct, to the point, and totally gender neutral. I really don’t think this gu....ahem.....individual could argue with that description.
  6. Interesting article. Everyone serving should read Boyd. As to the Be vs Do choice, I think it’s simple. Be a “Do”er and let the chips fall where they may. If your career doesn’t take the trajectory you wanted, well at least you can look at yourself in the mirror. I’ve seen too many people compromise their character using the justification that if they can just move up the ranks they can affect real change. The moment you start down that rabbit hole is the moment your lobotomy begins. Next thing you know you’re pulling people out of scheduled training events to attend your mandatory all call where you stand around in ABUs (even though you’re a rated officer) where you pat yourself on the back repeatedly and insist on spending over an hour handing out awards to everyone on the base except for those who directly accomplish the mission.
  7. This. When the other party does it it’s the evil imperial presidency. When your guy does it.......well it seems perfectly reasonable/ there is plenty of precedent/ extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, etc. THIS is exactly the kind of thinking that erodes the constitution. I’m FLOORED by the number of Republican lawmakers that seem perfectly fine with abdicating their power to the executive.
  8. Cool mini doc featuring an American photo recce Spitfire pilot.
  9. As a guy who leans Democrat, I’m inclined to agree with you. There is some great commentary lately from the likes of David Frum and James Carville basically arguing exactly this. If the dems loose in 2020 it will be because they are continuing to ignore exactly those Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. voters who handed Trump the win in 2016. It seems both parties these days are totally beholden to their bases and the centrists (whom I believe are the real silent majority in this country) will be perpetually left out in the cold.
  10. Cause most of the bad shit/illegal aliens come through legal ports of entry. Determined people tend to find ways over, under, or through walls. Berlin Wall? What a great reference proving that walls have a tendency to be seen as oppressive.
  11. Ahhhh, wuuuuuut? The guy who compulsively lies through his teeth on a daily basis is honest? The guy who shits on gold toilets, rides gold elevators, and writes his name in gold letters 50 feet tall on all his buildings is a pragmatist? Uh.......okie dokie.
  12. Well you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, as is the President. It would appear however that the current congressional climate is not conducive to making a wall deal (nor was it when republicans held both houses). Here’s the part that really has me scratching my head—Trump had a deal (last year I think) where Schumer agreed to wall money in exchange for a dreamer deal but the hardliners in the admin weren’t having any of that. He had agreed to a deal keeping the government open in December as well but Ann Coulter called him a pussy and now here we are. I can only imagine the outcry from the right if the tables were turned and it was a Democrat throwing temper tantrums, constantly tweeting incoherently, apologizing for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc. The man took an oath to represent all Americans yet he seems to have convinced himself that his base is all that matters and the rest of us can go fuck ourselves. And people wonder where the “not my president” attitude comes from? How wonderful for America.
  13. ‘Cause they don’t want to pay for it either. The President’s ego is apparently blocking his brain’s view of the bleak outlook of funding the wall. The democratic house majority was elected precisely not to give into Trump. Pro tip: They ain’t caving. If he had any advisers worth a shit left in his circle, they’d be telling him that. Instead he listens to Hannity and Limbaugh. Hamberders for all! Covfefe!
  14. That’s not what your mom said.
  15. Wait, I thought Mexico was paying. That was the campaign promise right? How’d we end up at a government shutdown over a wall that was promised to be paid for by funds that didn’t involve American tax dollars? I’m confused. Are we taking the president literally or figuratively this week?
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