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  1. Prozac

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I’m all in for mandatory service. A little discipline and exposure to people from outside one’s core social network can only be good things. That’s another discussion though. Your second point is taken and I don’t doubt the enormity of the problems facing the AF right now.
  2. Prozac

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The military, like the government, works best when it’s made up of the people. Not just the predominantly Southern, conservative, white male people (though that’s what many seem to be most comfortable surrounding themselves with), but a true cross section of the American populace. That will help our communities begin reconnecting with their military. I absolutely agree with Chuck’s “grow diversity” sentiment. This doesn’t necessarily mean promoting based on ethnicity/race/gender (although I admit this does happen). But recruiting from a broader cross section is certainly a worthy goal.
  3. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    It sure seemed to matter a hell of a lot to the Republicans when they slammed the door on Merrick Garland. Setting aside the credibility of the accuser’s claims (a whole other discussion), no one on either side should be surprised at what’s happening. Not saying it’s right. Just sayin’.
  4. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    Well whadya know? I agree! Self determination os one of the many things that have always made this country great. I think it’s important, and entirely possible to preserve that trait while moving ahead with progressive ideas such as universal healthcare. Before you criticize those two things as being wholly incompatible, remember that there was a time in this country when having a standing army was considered radically progressive and even dangerous. Yet it was eventually determined that we could not exist in a modern world without one. We even lived with a draft, the antithesis of self determination for much of our history. I argue we were better for it. As time and the world move on, so should we. We should be constantly looking at ways to make this country better, rather than constantly retreating towards the past. If we are diligent, we can do so without undermining the principles that have always made us great.
  5. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    You’re correct. No educated person is arguing that college should be “free”. The question is: is college for anyone who wants it a worthwhile investment in the country’s future? For the record, I’m not sure it is, but I certainly think it’s a debate worth having. Of course many will dismiss the idea offhand because Socialism. Fact: every advanced western society, including ours, incorporates a mix of capitalist and socialist traits. Some lean more one way or another. We, of course, trend to the capitalist side of things, and overall, I think that’s a good thing. Pure, Adam Smith capitalism though? That would be as much a disaster as Soviet style socialism.
  6. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    I am not a socialist. I do not advocate for socialism. I would argue though that progressive policies such as anti child labor laws, women’s suffrage, clean air and water legislation, workplace safety, weekends, regulation of banks, etc, along with public works projects like the TVA, and the aforementioned interstate highway system have benefited all Americans immensely.
  7. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    Let me ask you this: Was the average American better off then? Was the country as a whole?
  8. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    So...public schools, the interstate highway system, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, the military, public water systems, electric systems, and utilities, NPR, PBS, etc, are all telltale signs of our steady march into socialist dystopia and should be abandoned immediately? Or just those things on the list you don’t agree with? If your ideal capitalist society is a completely “free hand” with no government involvement or oversight in anything, where everything is privately owned and operated and no one pays any taxes, well, you’re right that we are pretty far down the “socialism path”. Some of us like fire departments though.
  9. Prozac

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Stand by for their new “Yeast Infection Ale”. You may want to visit a gynecologist after consuming.
  10. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    Perjury is not the issue. Campaign finance laws are.
  11. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    Alex Jones much? Maybe talk to some actual Democrats/Independents/Centrists about what they believe and want for this country rather than depend on conservative media to tell you. Are there some people way out in left field? Absolutely. Does the average democrat support open borders, wholesale gun confiscation, or a new world order run by the Soros/Clinton/Obama triumvirate? I wouldn’t be so sure.
  12. Prozac

    The Next President is...

    I just don’t get the sentiment that it’s somehow better to have elected a criminal than (gasp) a member of the opposing party. Is that really where we are in our society? As to the argument that the special council has exceeded his mandate, the response is: do you really expect the criminal justice system to look the other way when evidence of a crime is uncovered, regardless of how that evidence came to light? Do the Republicans, who started investigating Bill Clinton’s real estate deals, and ended up impeaching him based on a stain on a blue dress, really expect Democrats to give them a break on this one? And Brick, I really don’t get your “how the constitution works” statement earlier. How is it supposed to work and how does it influence the criminal justice system in your opinion? Are you implying that somehow the POTUS is above the law? Certainly much of the country thinks along those lines at the moment, but legal precedent disagrees.
  13. Prozac

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    They can’t make you sign, but they certainly have signaled that they are more than willing to take advantage of those who don’t read the fine print. Many of us joined at a time when the core values could be reasonably expected to go both ways. You applied them and could expect them to be applied by the organization in return. No shit, it actually worked like that for a while. I think the post Vietnam generation of leaders truly internalized a lot of lessons from that conflict and the result benefited military members immensely for some time. Sadly, those guys are all retired now and we are left with an overwhelmingly self serving, careerist mentality. If you can operate effectively in that environment, great. For many of us, that’s not what we signed up for and it just happens to turn out that civilian hiring picked up just about the time the Air Force threw its integrity in the shitter.
  14. Prozac

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Sounded like maybe the guy was talking to ATC for a bit before the 15s arrived. He was well south of the city and attempts by ATC to affect his routing we’re having some degree of success. It sounded like they may be able to talk him down. They certainly hadn’t confirmed that he was the only one on board either. In that situation I’m sure there was discussion at NORAD as to whether a shoot down was warranted. If the guy stopped transmitting and made a run for downtown, I imagine the decision would’ve become instantly easier.
  15. Prozac

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Heard one of CNNs security “experts” this morning stating that this proves we need tighter security and mental screening for.......pilots. People are fucking stupid. Standing by with Vaseline.