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  1. Star Wars canyon is a popular spot for photogs to hike up and sit nearly every day of the week, oftentimes with only the hope of seeing something fly thru. Don’t underestimate the power of the aviation fanboy.
  2. AMA with Chang on the career benefits of volunteering for AFPAK Hands......... 🙂
  3. Considering it’s a requirement now for those said SNCO’s in order to be promoted to E-9, I’d say that’s a valid argument for its significance (to them). Stupid requirement on the part of the AF in my personal opinion, but it is what it is. I was actually surprised when I submitted my CCAF transcripts (along with my first bachelor’s transcript) and saw how much credit I was given with the CCAF versus my other degree by my university that I am currently attending. I’m a post-bacc student getting an EE degree. I like to joke that I’m probably the only case of someone actually getting a tangible benefit outside of the AF of having the prestigious CCAF degree. 😂
  4. Have a friend who did same- Delta/Guard fighter pilot plus law school. He would lock himself in his room and study while on alert. Plus, his wife was going to med school at same time. I'm doing a 2nd Bachelor's in EE right now while running my business and working nightshift (not a mil flyer) at Guard on temp orders. It can be done. My unit thankfully is letting me skip out on an upcoming deployment so I can stay enrolled full-time. YMMV, but I've also been with my unit 14 years and have taken my share of crappy TDYs to help out in the past. Plus, I have a very understanding wife and kids. Good luck!
  5. On today’s episode of Stupid Ukrainian Tricks...
  6. Hoser still flying w/ y’all? Or has age finally forced retirement? Great American, that man is.
  7. You have bigger problems to take care of if a chick staring at you BECAUSE ITS HER FUCKING JOB to try and take your money (she’s only interested in that, not you, dork) makes you want to cheat on your “hot AF” wife. Grow up, stare at some tits, help pay a lil towards someone’s college tuition, then go home and bang it out on your wife. Like the rest of us adults do. I swear, kids these days...
  8. YMMV then as with everything, I guess. NAS Jax has always had a good flying club with strong support from base leadership.
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