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  1. I know a guy who is 39 and got picked up for an AFRC squadron (granted it was an unusual case but still). That is a load of bull.
  2. They hate them but also ask for them. Stack the evidence against them. If you can afford to see another couple of doctors who can all attest that you obviously don't have any of the aforementioned issues. This seems like a textbook case of misunderstanding at all levels.
  3. 100% this. Just keep applying everywhere. There are people in their 30s who have gotten picked up for fighters/bombers so their justification is nonsense. You've still got plenty of time keep applying everywhere. I mean applying AD simultaneously won't hurt but keep trying for the Guard/Reserve. If active duty stuff isn't out of what you want could consider, the Navy/USMC aviation side is something you should look into as well.
  4. As someone who is also stuck working a less than ideal job to support myself while I chase this dream you need to look at your work differently. I try to look at it a necessary step to support myself and I MUST do it well even if I dislike it. People have endured far worse than you to get to this point. As the others have said the type of mundane boring stuff doesn't stop during UPT and being a pilot. You are still going to have paperwork to do, hours of briefs/debriefs to sit through, teaching and learning to do forever, etc. It's not all going to be flying and roses. Parts of it are going to suck a ton if not worse than your daily engineering gig. Find happiness and contentment now with what you are doing because getting your dream job isn't going to fix that. Look at all the super successful people who have achieved their wildest dreams and are still bummed out and turn to alcohol/drugs. "Ask: What is so unbearable about this situation? Why can’t you endure it? You will be embarrassed to answer." -Marcus Aurelius p.s. sorry for the cheesy instagram level BS motivational quote but stoicism would be a helpful philosophy for you to learn more about
  5. https://www.trijicon.com/products/subcategory/trijicon-hd Trijicon's iron night sights are pretty good or are you talking about the reflex/red dot type ones (no experience with those yet)?
  6. If you're going to try the AD route prepare for delays, frustrations, switching to different recruiters (50% won't even push your application) and perhaps them offering you a non-pilot job even if you get through it. I spent 2.5 years beating on that line officer recruiting door only to get a CSO offer which I had to decline. Like Brabus said apply everywhere. Until you sign on the dotted line it's just an offer not a commitment. Also if you're willing to entertain the Navy side consider them. There recruiters seem to do a better job getting an answers quickly.
  7. After a year and airline hiring picks up again they'll probably bring it back. Their manning exodus was temporarily halted by Covid but they did not catch up on their pilot training needs in 2020 to fill existing gaps.
  8. This x100. I disclosed something years ago that almost grenaded my chances. Don't be stupid and lie about something they'll find (see surgery scar example above) but don't disclose anything that doesn't need to be said. I eventually got a waiver that shouldn't have even been necessary but it costed me years of lost time (no joke).
  9. Not sure how it works when you already were picked up but I had PRK a long time ago and can't emphasize enough just finding a good doctor, sticking with the eye drop regimen religiously. If you're hired do you have to go to a USAF physician to get it done or is it still on your dime to find a surgeon yourself?
  10. You absolutely have to call anywhere that interests you. I've had 2 interviews at boards that were never listed on BogiDope. Purely anecdotal but it seems the Reserve squadrons advertise less than the Guard ones.
  11. Can attest to a similar experience. My old MEPS physical is over 2 years old so I am having to get another. Getting an appointment right now is Lord of Flies and taking months. DM for details but it sounds like we are in the same boat.
  12. PCSM 92/AFOQT Pilot 98. I am exclusively doing the Reserve/Guard track now as the AD application process is just too slow. I also took the ASTB and those are solid scores (DM me for details on the Navy track). Also if you're interested at all in the Navy or Marines, Airwarriors is pretty much their version of this forum and there is better gouge there. I'll respectfully disagree that your chances for Strike Fighter would be lower than going the fighter/bomber track with the Air Force. If you do the active duty process with either branch, no airframe is guaranteed. It's still a combination of your performance in flight school and what's available during your drop. The Navy still has a major strike fighter aviator shortage just like the AD Air Force has a fighter pilot shortage but there never is a shortage of people who want to do those jobs. If you want a guaranteed 100% fighter slot you have to secure a spot with a Guard/Reserve squadron that flies them. Other than that it's always going to be a risk.
  13. Only 1.5 years? That's a good one. Took almost 3 years for me. But all joking aside and to echo what Kilo said get those scores up. I had stellar scores (90+ across the board), great letters of rec, and was still non-select for pilot for an AD board (like you I'm a bit on the older side so that might have had something to do with it). I'd try Guard/Reserve simultaneously and also consider the Navy. The Navy recruiters seem to get folks before a board really quickly something I cannot say about any Air Force ones.
  14. Seems it used to be if you were sponsored and cleared medically the Reserve board was just a formality. Now it seems they have severely cut the number of UPT slots for the Reserve so they are prioritizing the most undermanned squadrons.
  15. Second what Marco said. BogiDope prepped me really well for my interviews. Identified a ton of bad stuff I didn't even realize I was doing. Its not cheap but its worth the money.
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