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  1. Home gym? Gimmie a break, I'm 14+ years into the "check of the month club". I want one of these....
  2. Put say... 6-9 T-6's at each MAF base like the old ACE program from YEARS ago. When I was a young maintainer at a SAC base in 1981 and we had something like 4-6 T-37s, for all the young Buff and -135 newbys to get some extra stick time. Why wouldn't such a program succeed today?
  3. Read it all the way to the end. Two points: A: Note the age difference and B: At least they kept it in the family....
  4. The RV series are badass and pretty good at a lot of things (speed, payload, fuel economy, etc...) river gravel bars might be asking a bit to much. Best to direct your question over at Vans Air Force dot net the the "General" or RV-14 thread. The VAF gang are a good group and would love to hep you with this question. If I had the money, I'd have an RV-8 done up as a P-51 (see my avatar picture) no questions asked.
  5. Cliff notes for those of us who can't access mypers.
  6. Visit the tool section of your local AMU. Grab a whole hand full just like the maintainers do. Reusable? Oh hell yeah, did it all the time, then again maybe that's why most maintainers have hearing loss, LOL. Only come (STS) in yellow, but hey, there "free".
  7. When my son was doing the ROTC thing he was the ONLY one who wanted a rated slot. All the other cadets thought he was nuts.
  8. Stitch

    Latest Movies

    Question: Isn't this the story of Boba Fett, a "bad guy"?
  9. So who's driving this suit, Chuck or his "new" wife young enough to be his grand-daughter? Just askin'
  10. Stitch

    Airlift stops

    Fat Leonard scandal? WTF? One paragraph executive summary please.
  11. I'll bet they were banking on all the Hogs going VFR direct to the boneyard way before the -46 came on line, so no big deal. But I agree, this whole this is a giant goat rope.
  12. Contact Mr Bruce Wayne, Gotham City; he may be able to help.
  13. What a total crock of bullshit. My son was only like 8 months old when we brought him home from overseas. Apply for citizenship GMAFB. Hope this gets shot down quickly.
  14. Badass right? Been on the factory tour; bunch of miscellaneous stuff goes in one door, flying airplane comes out the other. And the building, on an uncontrolled field (KSZT), isn't that big to start with. Put it on amphibious floats and you've got a real (expensive) fun machine there.
  15. Well I'm sure we'll see the light airlift platform mother blue buys sitting on the ramp next to the light attack (AT-6B/Super -T/whatever) at a deployed location someday soon.... (yeah, right)
  16. How bout these the Quest Kodiak 100; a ten-seat, PT-6 turboprop that is just a tad smaller than a Caravan built from the ground up as a back-country/bush (so-to-speak) airplane not a commuter pressed into back-country ops. Already in service flying off dirt strips supporting missionary operations worldwide. Even comes with an aft pallet sized door for easy cargo load/unload or parachute ops for small items/people. Shameless plug for a local company I have no personal stake in, details here: https://questaircraft.com/
  17. Trolling for a TODO job there Pro-Super? LOL Been there, done that; no thank you!
  18. And now a view from EOR at Oshkosh 2019. First up is the 80+ year old tri-motor, then our friend in the Bonanza...
  19. No... that's chapter 1 in the enlisted PFE study guide....
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